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UPDATE – 2/26

We would like to clarify – that we requested the accident “investigation” report from the Shallotte Police Department Thursday – and they told there wasn’t one. In a news release from the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office earlier this week it said SPD was conducting an investigatioon of the accident.

There was also an “accident report” that we did get a copy of earlier this week. It showed where the accident happened, who was involved, and how fast she was going.

Our question for SPD is – if the department is conducting an investigation into the accident – why isn’t there documentation to show what it found?

Scott Pickey
News Director


New information about the Brunswick County Sheriff’s deputy who wrecked her car going 100 miles per hour on US 17 in Shallotte last week.

Today we learned that not only was Samantha Lewis doing 100 where the speed limit was 60, but she was also talking on her cell phone to one of the deputies she was trying to pass. At some point the off-duty deputy lost control of her new Mustang, ran into a ditch and flipped her car for more than 400 feet.

A lot of you have written in on-line asking why Lewis hasn’t been charged yet. Shallotte Police Chief Rodney Gause explained why.

“I’ve been doing this for 27 years. I wouldn’t write nobody a citation while they’re on life support or got oxygen,” Gause said. “My heart goes out to her. My prayer goes out to her. And we’re going to treat her like anybody else. She’s not getting any special treatment. When the time’s right, that’s when we’ll do the citation.”

Gause says Shallotte Police will likely charge Lewis with careless and reckless driving, which could mean she’ll lose her licence for at least 60 days.

Lewis had to go back into surgery today. Right now her fellow officers in Brunswick County are focusing on her recovery.

The case apparently remains under investigation. We will stay on it and bring you additional details as we get them.

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40 Comments on "Police waiting to charge speeding deputy"

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2016 years 2 months ago

“…I hope that she is treated the same way you or I would by the court and DMV…”

2016 years 2 months ago

“and risking your life for complete strangers–even the ones on this message board.”

You have got to be joking. SHE risked ALL OUR lives by driving 100 mph on a public highway and we are suppose to THANK HER? I am just glad that no one else was injured except her. She could have killed someone, yeah then how would all you supporters react?

I am willing to BET this was not the first time she drove at excessive speeds while OFF duty either.

I Thank police officers that obey the laws they are suppose to uphold, NOT the ones that abuse… Read more »

2016 years 2 months ago

she deserves some time off without pay, maybe a demotion and transfer….but getting fired is a little extreme

2016 years 2 months ago

Ms.Lewis is a great Dep. She has done nothing wrong but get in to an accident. Everyone is worried about charging her but no one is worried about her well being. She needs prayers not criticism, and about the speed no one was with her and no one has heard it come out of anyones mouth about how fast she was going except speculations that Shallotte Police made of how fast she was going. Here say is a big factor in this accident! Im going to keep praying for Samantha, and her family. Please get better!

2016 years 2 months ago

Yes, I am thanking her. Not for using poor judgment in this incident, but for having the courage to choose a profession that puts her at constant risk, in order to protect others. Someone has to show her that not everyone believes she is the scum of the earth. Read some of the other stories on this site. She’s speeding, gets in a single car accident, and you’d think she raped a child. Wait, there was an officer accused of that, but no one paid attention. Make sense to you? How would you… Read more »

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