Sheriff doesn’t know where rescued dogs are

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Submitted: Thu, 04/15/2010 - 8:21pm
Updated: Thu, 08/04/2011 - 2:32pm

DUPLIN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — We talked with Duplin County Sheriff Blake Wallace by phone this morning. He said his department got the original tip that Harry Hargrove was running the dog fighting ring busted Tuesday.

Wallace said he had never investigated something of this magnitude, so he called the Wilson County Sheriff’s Department for advice, and they led him to the Atlanta Humane Society and Norred & Associates, a private investigating firm in Atlanta. He also said Hargrove only lived in Duplin County the last year or so and was shipping many of his dogs to other owners. That, Wallace said, is why his department was not aware of what was going on there.

Wallace said he cannot confirm Hargrove was running one of the top 5 dog-fighting rings in the country, which is what the Humane Society told us. He said he also does not know where the rescued dogs are, but that they’re still in the Humane Society’s care.


  • RonJeremy says:

    The dogs are in a safer place? Yeah right! If the HSUS has ANYTHING to say about it, the dogs are dead, or getting ready to be. And I didn’t see ANY malnourished dogs on the news video, I doubt there were any. Stop being a blind follower people, think for yourself please!

  • Pitbullfancier says:

    Chances are the HSUS probably murdered them all by now. Don’t believe everything you see on TV folks. There is still due process in this country. They have to prove this man did this not just make false allegations that is defamation. The HSUS has a history of bringing forth allegations of dog fighting without proof. Example the cases of two pretty well known individuals one in LA and the other in AZ. They confiscated about 300 dogs between the two euthanized them and both men were later acquitted of all the charges. The media is also guilty of feeding into this frenzy by finding innocent folks guilty in the court of public opinion!!

  • buddyhubb says:

    you make this sound like the sheriff fdoesn’t know what is going on here with your headlines. do u have to resort to “”catchy”” type headliners to make it sound like sheriff wallace hasn’t a clue?? he does have a clue to what is important in the case, it is not like they are lost or no one knows where the dogs are.. why don’t you quit twisting it [ the stroy] and just tell what a good job they have done. i am sure the dogs are in a safer place than they were. if he din’t do anything , you would be complaining. i thought u could report better than this. c’mon. give em a break.

  • Truth seeker says:

    They charged him with 59 counts of animal cruelty, but they don’t know where the dogs are. That is a little fishy, because the dogs are the evidence how can you charge someone without evidence. Are they just taking the animal rights fanatics word for it. I hope not because they will lie and do whatever it takes for a conviction. How did they present this to the DA without the dogs. Know they can generate what ever pictures they please. This whole thing seems like a fabrication.

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