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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The mud slinging in this race started months ago with a video made by Michael Lee’s committee. According to Lee, the knock-off political Jib Jab video puts humor into Thom Goolsby’s campaign video in which Goolsby claims he’s not a politician. But the tables seem to have turned.

Now Lee claims Goolsby supporters are marking up Republican sample ballots, putting a “D” for democrat by Lee’s name and handing them out at early voting sites. Lee is actually a Republican.

Goolsby wouldn’t address the sample ballot specifically, but he did tell us Lee’s news release comes as they near the end of the campaign trail.

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  • djewel

    Lee in fact is the one behind the fake ballot in an attempt to smear a long standing and well respected PAC in New Hanover County. Hes pulling the old dirty trick on myself so it looks like my opponents supporters are behind it which smacks of despiration. The proper sample ballot was put out at the debate last night which looks nothing like what Lee claims was put out by them..

  • Guestpolitco

    Unreal how Lee is trashing Goolsby. And what a cry baby, moaning about missing signs and nut cases handing out fake ballots.

    Here’s what I got to say, WHERE WAS HE WHEN JULIA BOSEMAN was running against him?

    Boseman had a HUGE target on her and Lee failed to toss one single barb her way. Goolsby, a fellow republican, a fellow conservative, is being beaten like a red headed step child.

    Lee is making sure Leutse wins by a landslide.

    Where are the issues?

  • Guestiest yet

    Goolsby has a good personality, but lets face it he is a lawyer and he does what lawyers do best, put their best face forward.

    Leutze on the other hand, has a history background, has taught history at some fine NC institutions. Leutze has a better grip on the background and situation in NC. Leutze is also against Titan Cement setting up their toxic facility next to Wilmington.

    I also think Leutze sees a more clear picture of what most of the residents would like to have in their future here in Wilmington, that being a safe and clean environment and more medium to high paying jobs.

    I have also met James Leutze a couple of times, once at a grocery store when I asked and he instructed me on how he cooks artichokes and another time out fishing Masonboro inlet, when he was as friendly as can be. He will stay true to Wilmington and represent her well.


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