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The collaborative efforts between the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, N.C. State Bureau of Investigation, Wilmington Police Department, New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, New Hanover Regional Medical Center Special Police, North Carolina Medical Board and the New Hanover County District Attorney’s Office have led to the arrest of a Wilmington physician.

A task force was organized to investigate the Wilmington Pain Clinic PLLC, a chronic pain management practice owned and operated by Guy David Dyer, MD, at 800 Shipyard Boulevard. The investigation, which began in January, was initiated after officials received concerns from local pharmacy staff, medical practices and concerned citizens. The concerns identified a frequency and volume of written prescriptions for narcotic pain relievers, issued by Dr. Dyer.

The investigation revealed that Dyer operated a cash-only practice and was prescribing narcotic pain medication without establishing a medical purpose. Throughout the investigation Dyer would see on average thirty to fifty patients per eight-hour day; all who paid a one-hundred dollar office visit and were never requested to provide photo identification.

Earlier this morning the investigation culminated as investigators arrested Dyer and executed search warrants at his business, residence and financial institutions. Investigators have seized patient charts and other items of investigative interest, which further documents the illegal medical practices.

Sheriff Ed McMahon commends all those involved with bringing this situation to light. “This investigation was successful due to the collaborative efforts from all agencies but also the involvement of our local citizens who are proud of their community and wish to eliminate illegal activities involving drugs.”

Guy David Dyer, 66, of Wilmington has been charged with prescription forgery and fraud. Dyer remains in custody at the New Hanover County Detention Facility under a $15,000 secured bond.


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15 Comments on "Wilmington doctor arrested for prescription forgery and fraud"

2015 years 9 months ago

The Doctor’s staff called in the scripts by phone to the pharmacists. He didn’t even know nor does he even understand what all has happened to him. How can an elderly senior 65+ year old doctor who incidentally suffered a brain aneurism in the recent years; who is licensed by the NC State Medical Board to dispense to patients who already take these medicines — given to them previously from other physicians –be railroaded in this manner? Please post the name here if you know of any other doctor who has been arrested for this anywhere in this area. Does the medical board even require any routine or annual in-person reviews or even visit doctor’s offices before handing out licenses? Does the citizens of New Hanover County agree to and want tax dollars paid to have the elderly doc put in prison for this? Was there possibly a warning system that could have been in place without such drastic measures against the elderly doc?

2015 years 9 months ago

Try $1,015,000 bond!

david davis
2015 years 9 months ago

Man this is a sad day for people in my and many others situation cronic pain.I was injured in 1992 and have had to live with sevier pain since that day not to mintune as a teenager i was hit by a car while on my motorcycle and in 2 bad car accadents as a teenager neather of them my fault.I am not a patient of Dr.Dyer but do depend on a pain Dr.to get threw each day i wake up.Befor finally being refured to a pain specialest i put a .38 special smith & wesson in my mouth one day hammer cocked crying thumb on the trigger when i looked at my front door and had the thought that when my wife and son come home and open that door what they would see my brains all over the wall and that thought kept me from following through thank God for putting the thought in my head that stopped me.Sevier cronic non stop pain is NO JOKE its real and at times is overwelming at times and there are not no where near enough Dr.’s to treat the people that need them.I didn’t know anything about this insadent til i went to my appointment today, follow up with my pain specialist i was piss tested questioned and almost treated as a criminal for needing there services.The DEA needs to find real drug dealers to horass and leave the few Dr;s helping us alone its redickuless why dont they go south and patrol our borders and catch the drug dealers coming into our country illegally with sacks of coke,pot,heron ect. but i know there is not enough money in that to peek there interest and there probably worried they will get shot at by real drug dealers as they have nothing to loose.I feel sorry for Dr. Dyers patients as they are worried to death whats to come when they take there last dose on pain control meds.

Guest John
2015 years 9 months ago

Why is this man still in jail? If they have confiscated everything, I assume that his monetary accounts have been frozen pending further investigation. It strikes me as wierd, since drug dealers know better than to keep all thier finances in one place. If his action were intentionally illegal where’s his emergency fund in case he got caught?
Why hasn’t his patients objected to the exposure of thier medical records to whoever has them? There is a privacy act, I think. Somethings not right. There is more to this than what is being told.
Just saying.

2015 years 9 months ago

This man was questioned about the amount of drugs he had prescribed to the mother of a child being investigated by DSS, his responce, “it’s my job to keep the addicts off the streets and in the pharmacies.”
He is a drug dealer who had some legitimate clients who needed medication and he had a HUGE number of drug addicts as his clients. He was seeing 30 to 50 patients a day. What Dr could see that many people in a day and really examine their current condition. If he saw each patient for 15 minutes he would have worked ten hour a day at the minimum with no break! This is a joke. He was a drug dealer.

2015 years 9 months ago

methadone IS NOT heroin, sure they are both opiod type drugs with the same main concerns, addiction, respritory failure, death. When you look at methadone next to heroin try and think of it this way.

The “half-life” or how long the drugs works in the body for methadone is an extremely long one. That means that an addicts time span between needs for dosing is longer. The methadone also has a slow onset, there isnt a big rush its onset is slow (which has caused a lot of overdoses in addicts and even patients in pain waiting for it to work thinking nothing is going to happen). Also because of the slow onset using hypodermics and “snorting” the pill is not much of a concern with methadone. I will not argue that addicts do not replace methadone for the heroin, sure they do just like an alcoholic that prefers vodka would drink beer if that is all they can get, with no intentions of stopping the vodka.

Heroin, aka diamorphine, is one of the shorter acting opiods. Heroin gives addicts that fix in seconds as compared to methadone when injected, and minutes when “snorted” or taken by mouth. The overdosing risk is very high because one day the heroin could contain 5% and the next day or next bag could contain 75% or more. Risk of contracting HIV and Hepatitis are totally in the odds with anyone who shares syringes. Heroin contains many “cuts” to make the drug weigh more or to make the bags look bigger, this could be anything under the sun. The “need for a fix” is always increasing in frequency and higher dosing. In the United stated heroin is not sold here most likely because we dont need it, although there are a lot of Rx drugs are very comparable to the effects of heroin, and are more sought after rather than methadone for the body cannot se much difference in drugs like : vicodin, oxycodone, morphine, fentanyl (which is a lot more potent than heroin on a weight by weight basis” There are many countries that still use diamorphine (heroin) for moderate to severe pain. Another drug that has been known for decades to replace heroin is hydroMORPHONE (dialudid is the name brand) and has about the same properties as heroin and morphine. Its is FDA approved for moderate to severe pain and is widely used in long term chronic pain clinics, post operative, and cancer pain, its more effective with the lower side effects, and is generally more preferably by addicts than morphine, about the same deal with oxycondone/OxyContin.

Methadone is a better way of detoxing a patient from heroin or other short acting narcotics like heroin, dilaudid, oxycodoe, or fentanyl.Its once a day dosing allows a patient to go down to the clinic and follow a program if they really want to stop using, the titration period is easier given the long acting and once a day dosing and there. Most feel that a methadone alternative can have some social benefits to a community and crime.

I just think its time we sit down and educate ourselves on methadone used for detoxification and pain management when we shoot out words like “liquid heroin” or “legal heroin. There is a difference

Terri Barbee
2015 years 9 months ago

I have been in chronic pain for 2 years and was released from my Doctor to a pain clinic.. I suffer from RA and thought I had finally found someone not scared to treat me! I had only gone 3 times and finally had my life back.. Does our Gov. really give a damn about who is taking pills or is it just a MONEY ISSUE like everything else… to me this just proves we as US citizens live under DICTATION!!! Now I find myself on another search for someone to help me! As a Police officer told me along time ago ” they will NEVER stop the drug world as you see it is economics” …. Not that I considered Dr. Dyer a drug dealer! But this is for all the concerned people who think they can make a difference!! I do hope that I can find someone who will listen to me about the pain I live in, there are people who truly need medication to give them their lives back!AS for the ones dope seeking there are PLENTY of places besides a Dr. office where they will go! I see it as the the mistake Dr. dyer made was NOT CHARGING TAX!! Our Gov. has figured out a way to Tax METHADONE and distribute it legally. Eleven dollars a day and you can get dosed with a legal form of heroin.. How’s that for CONCERN!!!!

2015 years 9 months ago

I also am a patient of Dr. Dyer and thought I had finally found a doctor who treated my disease as it should be treated. With no cure, Dr. Dyer prescribed the drugs that other doctors in Wilmington are too scared to prescribe knowing I needed this medication to function. I was in a wheelchair unable to walk but with my medications I am finally able to move around with less discomfort and live a somewhat “normal” life. I am not sure about the charges he is being accused of – I only know my story – but this doctor is a caring individual who always took the time to discuss my condition and ways we could improve my quality of life. He is not a drug dealer. I was referred to him by a physician to get my medications on a monthly basis when the doctor I was seeing could no longer treat my pain due to it being out of his field of practice. It is a shame to me that this man is being treated like a criminal and the sheriff is speaking to the media like he is some sort of crack dealer without having been given his day in court. This seems to be a fishing expedition since this doctor is treating patients like myself who have legitimate medical conditions and medical records that I had to have before he would even see me.

2015 years 9 months ago

Ok, so yes there is a need for treatment for chronic pain. I work for a pain management facility, and we do prescribe a bit of pain medicaiton. But, pain medication is NOT always the answer. We also treat other ways too, and by NO means do we accept CASH only!!! That is the 1st clue that something was wrong. Trust me he was quite the talk of the medical profession for a few months. He didn’t have a good track record, and for those of you who really NEED the pain medicine, and have probable cause for your pain, can get the treatment you need at a well established, good faith, and TRUE caring physicians office, not a quick fix cash depot. If your physician referred you there to get your monthly prescriptions, then maybe you should re-think your other physicians as well. In fact, even if the “chronic pain” is out of their speicialty, they have dea prescribing license just like any other prescribing MD, they may have started you on medication, gotten you addicted to it, and decided they are prescribing too much, and it is getting out of hand, that’s when they pass you on. Yes, some people truley need pain management, and we help a lot of people, but there is a right way and a wrong way, and the right patient, and the wrong patient. Good docs and Bad, thank god for the GOOD ones!

Legit Pain Patient
2015 years 9 months ago

OH Yeah? Where? Over the last 6 or more years many Dr.s approved meds for me. Been through YEARS of physical therapy,too many ortho surgeries, too many plates, screws, rods, pins. One place took care of me for years with physical therapy 3 days a week, their own x-ray rooms, and Dr.’s that followed your meds carefully, random blood and urine tests also. Well they went out of business which left me in the cold. I had different Dr.’s on temp. take care of me till I was recomended to Dr.’s Dyer about7 or 8 mo. ago. My primary Dr. doesn’t like to do it because pain mgmt. isn’t his specialty. So all I hear is no no no, I’m a legit patient, I follow all the rules. Again the whole med.comm.SHORT on me,can’t wait for the bathroom campout if you know what I mean,wdl.

J. Slade
2015 years 9 months ago

Sounds like the DEA and other “law enforcement”types have once again over stepped their bounds. “Convicted” without adequate representation and hearsay evidence alone, being as how they “lost” any documentation they may have had.

G. David Dyer, MD
2015 years 9 months ago

As many know, I practiced Internal Medicine in New Hanover Co. for roughly thirty years. During that time, I had a policy of not prescribing pain medication except for very short periods; at most ten days to two weeks.

After leaving my Internal Medicine practice, I took a series of temporary assignments where the usual physician was temporarily away or in emergency Departments, etc. I quickly learned that my conservative view on prescribing pain medication was not widely held among other physicians.

In 2009, a lady that I had worked with on a previous, temporary assignment, asked me to work in her pain clinic. I took several months to give her an answer. I reflected on the various aspects of treating chronic pain patients and finally agreed to try it. I worked with her for a year without pay. I learned that, while there were certainly patients who abuse pain medicines, there were also many who had a legitimate need. Patients who had several operations to alleviate the cause and yet still suffered with daily pain. Prescribing pain medication long term, has become accepted practice in the view of physicians across the country. There is a new specialty board to train and certify physicians in the treatment of pain. Wilmington had several “pain clinics” already and they were opening across the country. I always kept an eye out for persons willing to abuse pain medicines for recreational reasons and declined to prescribe for them. After a year, the clinic owner left the practice and I opened my own practice.

I placed a large sign over my office door announcing that we were specializing in pain management. We contacted local physicians and informed them what we offered. We attracted a number of appropriate patients. Patients coming to our office were required to produce documents from other physicians who specialized in their problem and had prescribed for them. Customarily, they came with a letter from that specialist, stating that they had thoroughly investigated the problem and could do nothing else to remedy the pain. Many times, patients were referred for Physical Therapy, given steroid injections or other modalities for relief of their pain. When we saw a patient that could not document the source of the pain with xrays, ect. we referred them to another specialist for further investigation.

One exception arose when a man that I knew personally came and asked for a small supply of pain medicine that he had used previously with success. After thoroughly exploring alternatives, I gave him a small quantity, that I felt should meet his needs. While he was there he asked for a favor. He said that his cousin, who had arrived in Wilmington for her annual summer visit, had forgotten her usual medication and asked if I would prescribe a months supply for the duration of her visit. I insisted that she come to see me in person but did ultimately prescribe them for her. It later turned out that they had concocted a lie. She was not his cousin and was an SBI agent.

I also had a problem with secretaries, who I am told were calling in medications for patients without permission, taking prescriptions from my office and filling them out and several other things. I discharged each in turn, immediately.

On May 6th, 2010, the Wilmington Police were waiting at my office when I arrived, to arrest me. After interrogating me, I was sent to the county jail. My bond was initially set at $15,000.00 but before I could act, I was informed that the District Attorney’s office had called and asked that it be raised to one million and fifteen thousand. I stayed in the county jail 5 months before a visiting judge lowered it to one hundred and fifty thousand. Before I could post that, it was raised to three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. My son posted the bond and I was released. All of this, in spite of the fact, that I had no prior record, had been a physician in this county for more than 30 years, owned real estate here but most of all……..was not guilty. In my opinion, I was not aflight risk. I believe that they were just trying to make me confess to something that I felt I was not guilty. After 5 months in jail, in September 2010, I was released from jail on house arrest, but not allowed to live in my own home. Instead, I was required to live with my son. I could go to court and to attorney visits only. No grocery, physician appointments, or any other liberties. After more than a year on house arrest, I went to court unscheduled and told the judge that I wished to be tried or released. My attorney, withdrew from the case and a new attorney was appointed. The new attorney, continued my house arrest pending his review of my case. He said that would require 6 mos. However he only met with me twice. He said that he felt I should make an Alford plea. That’s when you make no plea at all. I refused to plead guilty to anything. I had’t done anything illegal or immoral. In return, I would receive no active sentence. I was told that otherwise, I would probably be found guilty as charged and sentenced to 15-20 years, in prison. I am 68 years old. That’s a life sentence. My attorney never got the medical records from the District Attorney “who claimed that she lost them”???. My seized property was not released to me or my son in spite of several calls requesting it. Seeing no acceptable alternatives, I reluctantly agreed.

I feel that this case is a travesty of justice. I feel that I was railroaded. Assumed guilty and jailed without sufficient cause. The newspaper had a feeding frenzy. Today, I believe that I am an innocent man who is the victim of the district attorney and the legal system. In the closing days of my career, I was trying to be of service to my community and fellow man. I worked in the drug clinic for only 5 months. My office charge was less than half that of other providers. I tried on every visit to reduce the amount of pain medication given. Accepting cash only was intended to reduce the bad checks etc. and continue the lower charge. We required a photo ID from patients. We required documentation from all new patients.

G. David Dyer, MD

2015 years 9 months ago

If Dr. Dyer is guilty of these charges Thank God authorities were alerted. My brother lives in FL. He has found a doctor that will prescribe all kinds of pills to him, and is now a walking DEAD MAN! These doctors make me sick!

Terri Barbee
2015 years 9 months ago

I forgot to touch on the issue that maybe they need to worry about things Like my son, who is in the US Air Force and awaits deployment to afghanistan than people who are trying to live a normal life without chronic pain hmmmm… This to me and I am sure to many others seems to be a much more important issue. Someone Please step up to the Plate and Help the ones who need it!!!!!!!!!!

2015 years 9 months ago

TO: (You have got to be kidding)- and others of the same unfounded opinion. You are stating your opinions which are not fact based, but only on what you “THINK” you know…I have known Dr. Dyer better than anyone on this thread or any others in Wilmington. I can assure you he is not even close to a so called “PILL PUSHER”! The raw truth here is that he tried to turn in a real “DRUG DEALER” and the “POWERS THAT BE” refused to do anything about the situation. (KINDA MAKES YA WONDER WHY THEY WOULD NOT ACT AND ASK WHAT BENEFIT THEY WERE RECEIVING BY NOT ACTING)???? Dr. Dyer then wrote a letter to the “POWERS THAT BE” repremanding the office for allowing this activity to continue and taking advantage of honest people who really did need professional Medical Care to manage their pain on a lawful basis. These “POWERS THAT BE” in conjunction with other “POWERS THAT BE” then, in short order had his office raided and set Dr.Dyer up for the fall using a plant and a “SNITCH” who lied about everything. This was nothing more than a vendata by the “POWERS THAT BE” and “OTHER POWERS THAT BE” due to Dr. Dyer trying to utilize the law as it should have been utilized. Want proof??? Dr. Dyer is “STILL” under arrest and has yet to experience his day in court which he has requested many times. They have denied his right to a speedy and fair trial for over two years now and pretty close to three years. How about that for justice in your good, little, law abiding, town of “WILMINGTON”?? So clean and law abiding that you allow a one or two man self appointed “Judge and Jury” to run herd over the law as they see fit to do as they please without regard for what is right or wrong. This is not to mention what else is alive and well in your rightous little town with all you do gooders who have not a clue as to what is really taking place. They have ruined him, broken him financially, left him destitute, and living only on Social Security. They raided his savings, he has lost his home, his auto, and every tangible item he ever owned. He is now living like a destitute broke individual, on social security only, and has nothing to show for years of profound work helping others both as a General Doctor and saving many lives in the Operating Rooms all over the country on hundreds of occasions. He was a well known and well respected Physician by the Medical Community all up and down the Eastern Section of the U.S. from Florida to New York State. His research and work is still remembered at more than one University Medical Center in the Eastern U.S. to this very day. This was nothing, but a vendictive assination by “POWERS THAT BE” along with Wilmington Politics at it’s dirty worst. BELIEVE ME–I KNOW!!!…Signed (A Law Enforcement Agent who worked on this case)


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