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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — This morning Wilmington City Council found out about a bill in the state legislature to lift the cap on the state’s tax incentives for film projects. Council asked the Wilmington Film Commission for a briefing so council could see what the commission has accomplished in the past year.

Commission director Johnny Griffin says it’s asking for the caps to be removed so that production companies can get the most bang for their buck in the Tar Heel State.

“Essentially, the 25 percent incentive was passed last year, but because of some caps that were on it the companies have just not been able to fully utilize it,” Griffin said. “So essentially what we’re asking for these caps to be removed so the companies can fully utilize what was attended for them to utilize in the first place.”

Griffin said if the incentive is passed, then the movie business will pick up here in Hollywood East.

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5 Comments on "Wilmington Council meets with Film Commission"

2015 years 10 months ago

of course Mr. Griffin would like the City Council to believe movie making will pick up in the area. Last year, the City Council put up $100,000 of support which nearly equaled his compensation.

How can Mr, Griffin act so surprised concerning the ineffective film incentives? If one person in the state should have known, it was he.

Here’s a question the Council should ask him: “Did the Governor include you in her entoruage during her recent foray to Hollywood? If she did not, they should then have a more clear understanding of how he is perceived in Raleigh.

In the private sector, you’re paid for success and replaced when repeated failure occurs.

City Council has to wonder what the impact will be with the new facility being built in Atlanta.

At a time when the city faces some tough budget decisions, they have to rethink continuing support for the Commission.

2015 years 10 months ago


May I kindly call your attention to this article on the “Last Song”, the Miley Cyrus film that “got away”…


The article cites the creation of 500 summer jobs, $8million to local business and $17.5 million to state businesses… ALL IN GEORGIA.

You will see Griffin’s name cited in this write up too.

Our area has the talent and infrastructure to make television and film production viable. All we need is the ability to be competetive with other production locales.

2015 years 10 months ago

100 grand? The county puts in the same amount?

This is a private nonprofit, this is not a government agency and we are funding it. Time to move on. Lets put money in a real economic stimulator, how about schools? Lets educate our kids.

Anna konda
2015 years 10 months ago

So we increase our incentives, then Georgia does, then West Virginia does, then Canada does, and pretty soon we’re hearing you people scream for greater incentives.

Where does it stop? When production companies get a totally free ride? When they pay no taxes?

I think it’s time for the studio people to get REAL jobs that last all year, and allow them to be contributing memebers of society rather than part time workers, part time unemployed bums.

2015 years 10 months ago

what is your point? I missed it.

I know all about the talent in this area. I saw Richard Gere pass through Surf City when they filmed a portion of “Nights in Rodanthe” on Topsail.

My point was, and remains, the man charged with, and paid for, bringing opportunities to the area failed. Failed as in did not succeed.

The city kicked in $100,000 during the current fiscal year to help fund the Commission. He was paid approximately $120,000.

Effectively, the City paid him for a job at which he did not succeed.

Where was he when SCreen Gems was cutting a deal in Atlanta? Was he even aware?

Is his profile high enough in Raleigh that the Governor included him as one of the 23 members of her entourage when she made her much vaunted trip to Hollywood?

I’ve asked these 2 questions repeatedly in this media, and to date he does not answer either question.

What do you not understand about this?

In real world business, when you fail repeatedly, you are replaced.

With a significant budget shortfall, and the Council proposing a 3.75 cent increase in property tax rates, the City has to look at every expenditure.

Were I a City resident, I would be challenging the continuation of support for this guy’s salary.

You note one movie.

What happens now that Screen Gems has struck a deal in Atlanta?

But then maybe you are Mr. Griffin and maybe your post is a thin attempt to keep your job funded.

Why do people continue to see a fact filled post and try to cloud the issue with trivia or irrelevant dribble?


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