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John Fields has decided to transfer again. He transferred to UNCW from East Carolina. Now he’s leaving UNCW in order to play elsewhere. He’s already visited Rutgers and Xavier. He will visit Miami ( ACC Miami ) tomorrow. Fields told WWAY that he looking for a winning situation. “The last chapter is for me to win. I’m checking things out, taking my time making visits, making sure that I get with a winning team and a winning coach.”

At UNCW last season John Fields led the Seahawks in rebounds and blocked shots. He was second on the team in scoring. He completed all his graduation requirements earlier this month which makes him eligible to play college basketball this winter without sitting out. He says he loves UNCW fans. He says he’s still a Seahawk, but the decision to leave UNCW was a career decision. As a result he won’t be playing for new UNCW head coach Buzz Peterson who replaced interim coach Brooks Lee who replaced Benny Moss this past January.

Peterson told WWAY ” It’s unfortunate because we were counting on him. The only thing we wish is we wanted him to tell us up front because his decision has affected our recruiting. I want people who want to be at UNCW.”

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  • SurfCityTom

    are rather ironic given the manner in which he dumped on Appalachian twice.

    For that matter, are we certain, even with his contract buy-out provisions, he really wants to be a long term Seahawk or a Seahawk only until a better gig comes along.

    Mr. Fields made a career decision. He wants to play for a winner. He has one year of eligibility remaining. If he aspires to play on a pro level, he needs to play for a contender or at a school where he will be a team leader in a competitive environment. Not likely, in Coach Peterson’s first year he would have had that opportunity. Perhaps Mr. Fields knew his playing time would be down as Coach Peterson gave others an opportunity to shine.

  • radar

    UNCW is a mid-major stepping stone with an overpaid head coach who has never shown loyalty or been transparent during his coaching career. His nomadic resume’ reveals my point. The athletic director is a clown who will have to finagle their finances to pay Buzz , while he laughs all the way to the bank.UNCW has one of the lowest budgets in Division I athletics.There has been many empty seats in Trask Coliseum over the last several years. Empty seats equal zero dollars. UNCW has champagne taste on a beer budget. It is a program in chaos. The Chancellor has no practical experience in running a successful Division I athletic program prior to coming to UNCW. The program has been on the decline since her arrival on campus. She is best at indoctrinating young minds with this NEW SOCIALIST order implemented by liberal professors on campus ( Maurice Martinez, PhD , subject, Black English ). John Fields has every right to shop around given the instability and incompetence shown by administrators.

  • Guest

    I think Mr. Fields is in the drivers seat when it comes to his career. Kudos to the young man who saw the writing on the wall and decided it was time to move on, unlike the AD and those involved at UNCW who seemed bent on having a superb athlete to squander his talent on a losing team. I hope John finds a great team fit and finishes his collegiate career with flair.I personally would love to see him at Xavier with a quality Coach and a quality team.

  • Guest227

    Thats his choice alone to make and we have to respect that..though we have great local talent here that UNCW overlooks..look at Hanover, they had two seniors graduate from the basketball team and look how far that team went to the state playoffs but no recruitment from UNCW..and trust me, in the next upcoming years, all the area high schools will have great players that can easily play Div 1 level..stop leaving on the 4A Mideastern Conference and Pender and Brunswick County schools and start recruiting kids from the area!

  • Guest

    I am from Fayetteville. John Fields played for 3 different high schools here and now he will have played for 3 different colleges. He is arrogant, selfish, and a terrible team-mate. He is a loser who will never be satisfied. I hope Tennessee has a terrible year because he doesn’t deserve to be a part of a winning team. He sucks.

  • SurfCityTom

    he’ll be playing at Tennessee next season. He wants to play for a winner.

    He also stated, in an interview with another media outlet, the search for a new head coach, which took nearly 80 days, factored into his decision. He noted all of that wasted time could have been spent, by a recruited coach, seeking some top flight recruits to play. He indicated had the search for a replacement coach not become such a drawn out process, his decision likely would have been different.

    Oh well, Coach Peterson, when you feel frustration, look at the AD who should be the focal point of your frustration. How long before her next hose up?


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