ONLY ON 3: Former Bladen deputy talks about dismissal

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Submitted: Thu, 07/08/2010 - 9:08pm
Updated: Tue, 10/09/2012 - 1:04am

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — One of the deputies interim Bladen County Sheriff Earl Storms chose not to swear in is finally speaking out about what happened. In a story you’ll see ONLY ON 3, former Sheriff’s Sgt. Scott Pait, the nephew of County Commission Chair Bill Ray Pait, says he was surprised to learn he was out of a job Tuesday.

Pait worked for the Sheriff’s Office for 11 years. He was adamant that he was never asked to fill out an application to reapply for his position.

“As I am preparing to walk in to the superior courtroom, I am approached by the now Capt. Herman Dunn of the Bladen County Sheriff’s Department who informed me that he did not understand why, but Sheriff Earl Storms had chosen not to swear me back in as a deputy,” Pait said.

Dunn happens to be the campaign manager for Prentis Benston, the Democratic nominee for Sheriff. In an off-camera interview, Debra Nelson, another of the deputies not sworn in, also said she was never asked to fill out an application for her job either.


  • Guest says:

    Did any one mention in the report that the only reason the Bladen County Board Of Commissioner’s Chairman voiced his thoughts on this was because the Former Deputy Mr. Pait was a family Member. Sounds like a conflict of interest to me.

    Way to go Mr. Storms, Stir it all up and start over. But you could have a little more tac in how you stir it up. GO FOR IT.

  • Guest says:

    Glad you people in Bladen County are waking up. Prentis Benston is committing political suicide and Mr. Ward is sitting back with a big grin on his face and not having to do a thing but run a clean campaign without any negative comments being made to the media. Bob Meeker is on the horse, Earl Storms is holding the rope and the noose is around the neck of Prentis Benston. More people are joining the Ward Camp every minute because they see what the future holds if Mr. Benston is elected. Storms is his puppet and doing the dirty work early so Benston would not take the heat for it. But, that will never happen and Mr. Ward will make sure of that and give these good employees their jobs back and get rid of the right ones, if need be. Vote for Mr. Benston is you want the molesters, drug dealers, and thugs running the Sheriff’s Dept. Vote Billy Ward for Sheriff if you want a department you can be proud of and a safe Bladen County.

  • Guest2020 says:

    Storms didn’t even have the backbone to tell the deputies himself. I feel sorry for the people in Bladen County. A yellow sheriff is never a good thing.

  • Guest says:

    He had the backbone to do what the commishioners asked him to do and that was to come in and get the department where it needed to be.

  • Guest says:

    Get rid of the right ones if need be? Well there you go. Earl got rid of the right ones if need be too.
    If Billy Ward does win the election and fires the right ones, will Commishioner Billy Ray PAIT, go to bat for the ones Billy fires? Will WWAY, WECT and all the other Witch Hunting Media Ogers come to the office and ask why? I THINK NOT.

    Eric Bryan quit the night he lost the run-off and cleaned his office out. Then when Phillip Little thinks he’s going to be appointed, Eric comes back to work. Closed door meetings leading up to the appointment, made me think Phillip Little knew something was fixing to happen. Those meetings included Steve Lesane as well.

  • Guest says:

    What’s legal isn’t always morally correct, or right in general. For a long time, it was perfectly legal to own black people as slaves, for black people and white people not to marry, and it was still even more NOT legal for a white person to teach a black person to read. All of these things were considered NOT legal for a long time. Until the mid 1950’s, it was not legal for a black person to vote in many places, so just because Storms did something that was considered “legal”, does not mean that it was right.

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