Bladen Commissioner fills in a few blanks about sheriff controversy

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Submitted: Tue, 07/13/2010 - 3:11am
Updated: Sun, 01/08/2012 - 3:25am

ELIZABETHTOWN, NC (WWAY) – After nominating Sheriff Earl Storms for the position we tried to catch up with Commissioner Delilah Blanks to ask her about her decision. Blanks says she hasn’t spoken with Storms since nominating him for the position.

Blanks, the mother-in-law of Prentis Benston, says she doesn’t believe Storms fired five Bladen County deputies so Benston could be promoted to Chief Deputy. Blanks would not say much more.

We invite Commissioner Blanks to sit down with us to have a serious conversation about the ongoing situation with the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office.


  • Guest says:

    This interview was a disgrace to the citizens of Bladen County. Ms. Blanks would not look at the camera and did not have the decency to even stop moving while the reporter tried to talk to her. The bottom line is that she is an elected official and should have enough backbone to stand up answer some questions about this controversial issue. I hope everyone who votes saw this and she will be shown the door the next time she runs for office. If you actually look at the way she acts during the “interview” and can still vote for her then you are seriously misguided. She and Earl Storms both need to resign in my opinion.

  • Joyce Geddings says:

    Is freedom of speech still allowed???
    Blindman can see what is going on here in Bladen County,Need I say more,well it would never be printed anyways.

  • G. Eugene says:

    Dr. Blanks has served the people of Bladen county faithfully for over 40 years. Look at her entire career and the lives she has touched. What is occuring in Bladen County and the false accusations made against her is reflective of the treatment received by the White House. It is the response to change. She has been a county commissioner for over 20 years and her relationship to Printis Benston was known when he joined the force. This was never an issue when he was getting promoted. So why is it an issue now?


  • Guest says:

    Joe Mauceri should come back in November. The Regional Enquirer has about run out of people to interview and then twist it his way. Wait! Joe should talk to all the Eric Bryan supporters who are still hired, there should be at least 20 or 30.

    And since the Sheriff stopped the radar cops from vehicle traffic,, I heard over 100 warrants and civil papers got served this past weekend on one shift alone. GOOD JOB GUYS!! And the bailiffs look very nice in their long sleeves and ties now.

    Rumor has it that Community Watch groups may be just on the horizon.

    The county’s vehicles are cleaner it appears. WOW!! Change is a GOOD THING!!!

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