Former management group worker charged with stealing from St. James POA

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Submitted: Mon, 07/12/2010 - 9:05pm
Updated: Fri, 10/05/2012 - 11:57am

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a woman for allegedly stealing money from the St. James Property Owners Association. Investigators arrested 59-year-old Linda Dodson July 6.

Dodson is charged with one count of embezzlement. She worked for a management company called CAMS, which says Dodson’s last day on the job was July 1.


  • Guest28451 says:

    We had CAMS as a HOA management company.Not a good experience.
    We fired CAMS as soon as we could!
    The developer of our neighborhood, Robert Exum, set up CAMS as his new neighborhood HOA management company in the Arbors at West gate.

  • Nadine Maeser says:

    Nadine A. Maeser

    I am working on this story today and trying to get more details. Could you email me the letter you got from the POA and maybe give me your contact information?

    I can send you some information.

    My email:

  • Beth says:

    Does anyone have additional info on this story? We are St James property owners, but live outside the state. We received an email from the POA without much detail.

  • Guest86753097 says:

    The CAMS Vision Statement is “To provide the highest level of professional leadership and management services in the Community Association Industry.”

    The employees at CAMS understand that Community Association Management is far more than collecting monthly fees, property inspections, and maintenance agreements. We are not just managing property. We provide Association management services to people. That’s an important distinction! As long as we remember that we serve people, we will be successful, which will help your community to be successful.

    In order to achieve our vision we have established the following business philosophy:

    v Maintain the highest level of customer service for our Stakeholders.

    v Ensure knowledge of the most current industry trends.

    v Assure consistent application of standard business fundamentals such as accounting services, administration services and executive services.

    v Provide clients with Community Managers who are strong in all Association Management disciplines, highly ethical and dedicated.

  • Guest1234567890 says:

    Their philosophy is not worth the paper /disk space it’s written on!!!

    They try to run your HOA and then send any business (repairs, maintenance, improvements, etc…) to companies owned by one of their employee’s or a spouse…

    There’s nothing ethical about that — it’s called crony-ism!!!!

    Why would you want them to manage all your HOA affairs? They should be asking if bills should be paid and ensuring that all regulatory documents and fillings are kept up-to-date.

    My experience with them is thumbs down!!!!

  • debbie999999999 says:

    I am a homeowner at Mallory Creek Plantation, our HOA is managed by CAMS and until recently Linda Dodson was our manager. We were not told why she was replaced or when. This does not surprise me, ask CAMS for a financial statement, well you must make several requests and then the reports are 2 months old. Ask for proof of expenses, i.e., copies of paid invoices and you will get nothing. Not only did I ask Linda, but also Mike her supervisor, still no copies of expenses. So I don’t believe GUEST8675309 post about CAMS professionalism. Ask a condo association located on Wrightsville Ave, those homeowners will tell you about CAMS professionalism….their lack of.

  • Guest says:

    CAMS currently manages Oak Island Beach Villas. We have been fraught with problems. Had to hold 2 special elections to remove the President of the Board of Directors who was best buds with Linda Dodson. Did that about 3 months ago. That same former President is now suing the association. As a homeowner there, I had NEVER been pleased with CAMS mangement services. They are anything but professional. Linda got too involved with personalities, politics and being friends with certain homeowners. I advise any association that Linda had anything to do with to have a full audit at the expense of CAMS. The previous poster was correct about them failing to give owner’s information. I agree with Virgo……….SCAMS is a more suitable name!

  • SCAMS says:

    On behalf of a little subdivision tucked away in Navassa, Lena Springs, we WONDER where our quarterly dues are being spent on, serioulsy ! You want specifics ??? We ask that any reader take a trip to our subdivision and take a look for themselves…’Nuff said.

  • Guest2020 says:

    I will limit my comment to one simple phrase–I am not surprised.

  • Guest says:

    Has Linda Dodson been found guilty?

  • VIRGO64 says:

    So the management companys name is CAMS? Maybe they should re-name it: SCAMS.

  • Guest says:

    People living in communities run by CAMS who over the years questioned the finances but ran into a brick wall have every reason to believe Linda could be very guilty and there is no doubt she had help IE: the members of the Boards in these communities are just as responsible and may even be in on the game. Winding River Plantation owners have been asking for several years for a line item report of expenditures since the buildng of a 2.5 million dollar commuinty center that should have cost half as much was built. I hope that the Winding River Board steps up to prove me wrong……more then concerned in WR

  • Guest says:

    To All writing about CAMS!!! It is ok not to like a certain business but until Linda Dodson is proven guilty then I think in this world she is presummed innocent..There was more then 1 person that could have done this and maybe the 1 that did it is making Linda look guilty. Ever think of that?????????????????? There isn’t this much talk about the black widow that stole money or even better then that what about the poor women that was murdered in Southport?? Everyone should just stop and think before they say anything they really know nothing about

  • Guest says:

    I too am a homeowner in a CAMS managed community association and we have NEVER seen a real financial statement. When you ask for financials, if you get them, it is a one page snapshot of expenses. I have never seen a Statement of Financial Position (or Balance Sheet), a Statement of Operations (Expense Statement), or a Reconciliation of Reserves (Equity Statement), let alone comparative statements.

    Also, the information received with the annual board packet for voting, budget and annual assessment is a TOTAL JOKE. I get more information from my timeshare property owners association where I have 1/30th the amount invested.

    Just once it would be nice to see what is REALLY done with our $1 million per year and forbid that you undertake a capital improvement project. We did, and the board borrowed $700,000, only told us about $500,000, didn’t have property owner approval, and this was ALL under the direction of CAMS. No wonder the NC lawmakers are investigating homeowner association boards.

    To make things worse, if you ask too many questions or try to establish an open forum for questions, the homeowner group SNUGGLED UP TO THE ONSITE MANAGER begin to slander and bully. We have had people move out of the community because of the poor treatment and bullying, which is all condoned by the CAMS onsite manager.

    Oh, and yes, Linda Dodson was also assigned to our association at one time, when there were even less controls in place than there are today! Did I mention how concerned I am about this?

  • Guest says:

    You seem like a good honorable person. I’m happy that you are on an HOA Board. Unfortunately, all board directors are not like you. There is a group of at least 50 households in our community who are all in bed with CAMS. Whatever their reasons, rest assured when they act, it is not in the best interest of the association at-large, but in their own personal interests.

  • cl from cb says:

    As president of an HOA, I watch everything on our monthly financials. If anything is out of line or I see questionable charges, I call our management company immediately. HOA members need to be more actively involved in the financial aspects of their association. This can happen anywhere, anytime. It happened at Pleasure Island last week. People, watch where your money flows. Do not depend on a management company to catch everything. It may be too late if you don’t stay on top of it.

  • Guest says:

    Please look into the Lena Springs (Leland) subdivision as well…Just where in the world is all of our quarterly dues being spent on, seriously ?

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