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WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — How do you make Wrightsville Beach safer? The mayor of the resort town wants to protect people from others who may have had too much to drink.

David Cignotti started a discussion at last night’s Board of Aldermen meeting. The mayor suggests Wilmington and other beach towns join forces to enforce alcohol laws. Before that happens, the ABC Board would have to give the green light. Cignotti says he wants Wrightsville Beach to be fun, but also safe.

“We’re a resort community, and we realize that bars have always been a part of our history and New Hanover County’s,” Cignotti said. “We just want people to drink responsibly and respect the neighborhoods that surround the downtown areas. So that’s the main goal. It’s not to put bars out of business. It’s to work together.”

Cignotti hopes to eliminate the large crowds and over-intoxication.

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  • Guest7969

    until something DRASTIC happens to individuals getting DUI’s…NOTHING will change…I mean DRASTIC as in..FIRST TIME driving under the influence over the limit…YOUR CAR IS CONFISCATED and sold at auction for schools! Second time your car is confiscated and you go to prison for a year MANDATORY….NO GAMES!

  • Guest

    “Cignotti hopes to eliminate the large crowds and over-intoxication.”

    is this a joke ?

    wrightsville beach has what 3-4 bars?

    no the real statement is …

    “Cignotti hopes all the college kids will go drink in downtown Wilmington instead because the rich people around here are complaining and we need to keep them happy or they will move to myrtle beach instead …if they did that where would i get my bribes?.”


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