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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The plot thickens in a Brunswick County trial in which a former Holden Beach cop says she was discriminated against and fired because she’s a woman.

Terri Oxford says she could smell alcohol on Chief Wally Layne’s breath when he responded to a scene back in 2004. Much of day four of the trial was centered around that incident. Before court adjourned for the week, another drinking incident came to light.

Brunswick County Det. Anthony Caison took the stand and said former Sheriff Ron Hewett was intoxicated when he drove his wife, Chief Layne and Layne’s wife to look for a canoe T.J. Cheney was using to break in to Holden Beach Homes. Caison said Hewett threatened him with his job if he told anyone they had been drinking and said Hewett would deny it to his grave.

“We hardly ever knew what the motivation was at Sheriff Hewett at the time when he was in stages of his intoxication,” Caison said. “You never knew what he meant when he said things, basically is what I’m saying. You’d never know. He may be coming out of left field with something.”

Another Brunswick County deputy, Capt. Charlie Wilson, testified his job was also on the line. Wilson said Hewett forced him to write and sign a letter bashing Oxford. The day after Hewett left office, Wilson says he apologized to Oxford and claimed the letter was Hewett’s opinion.

Oxford says she worked on a lot of cases she didn’t get any credit for. She says “Hollywood Hewett”, as they called the sheriff, took the credit instead. Oxford was the only woman on the Holden Beach Police force at the time.

Court will not be session tomorrow, but will resume Monday.

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  • Guest

    Sounds like everyone of the witnesses from the Sheriff’s department are all singing from the same songbook.

  • Guest

    maybe theres is a reason for that….hmmm.
    Oh yes, everyone else is lying except the chief (term used loosely)….got it. All of Bruswick County is behind Terri, with very few excpetions, but they are all wrong too. Check. Its a good thing he has one person to back him up, but u gotta get some new lines, Underhandblah, incompeblahblah, bad nameblah blahblah, scornedblah. Yes we know she is all bad and no basis, along with everyone else and he is….nope cant even say it as a joke!

  • Guest

    Why didn’t Terry Oxford ever report that the Chief of police responded to a scene with alcohol on his breath back in 2004? Assuming the incident happened, which seems questionable, why didn’t she go through the proper chain of command to report the matter and have it investigated properly? If Chief Layne felt threatened by her “knowledge” of said incident, why would he wait four years to fire her? If he was so concerned, if what she said was true, wouldn’t Chief Layne have found a more appropriate way to terminate Terry Oxford, rather than “because she was a woman”? Before Chief Layne became the Chief, he worked for 24 years in the Lynchburg Police Department, with more than one female on the force. During that time, he never had one single issue with any female employees. What suddenly changed? What changed was that Terry Oxford is an incompetent, underhanded, sneaky employee who is giving women everywhere a bad name by claiming to be fired because she is a woman.

  • Holden Beacher

    Speaking of incompetent, u obviously have no clue what u are talking about, u cant even spell her name right! Gee u have such an insight to the chief, personal even, guess u r the ONE person who sits on his side. If u had to go through a fraction of what she did u would not be so underhanded yourself. Did u ever think that the reason she didnt turn him in in 2004 was to give him that chance. Oh right, she was written up right after that to get her fired then; until it looked too suspicious. If you were listening to the MANY witnesses on her side they obviously show she was not incompetent.

  • Beachbum

    Boo-hoo! No, no relation to the chief or have a personal stake in the game. All of you sympathizers out there that think the sun rises and sets on Terri Oxford are sadly mistaken. Because someone that is educated actually thinks outside the box and frightens you because I do not drink the KOOL-AID you all drink should not be bashed. I guess this is your only true defense is that when someone does not agree with your thinking or mentality let’s start bashing and making accusations that are utterly rediculous.

    Maybe, you should educate yourself to what the truth really is instead of assuming Terri is the truth and the light. The problem with ignorance is that ignorant people have no clue that they are ignorant. Maybe you should investigate before speaking or in this case writing your pitiful “We Love Terri” garbage and dig a little deeper into this instead of believing everything that you are told from one side. Has it ever occured to you that there two sides to every story and that not all that is told from one side may not be the exact way it happens or is it to difficult for you to open your minds up to actually determine that?

    It is easy to blame and much more difficult to actually put personal feelings aside and investigate what truly has happened. I just pray that if I ever am in court none of you are on my jury. In your minds everyone but Terri is guilty. What happened to innocent until proven guilty in this country? Seems that the Chief is guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt and there is no need in continuing the trial.

    Oh yeah, U is spelled YOU. Please do not comment on incompetence until you can spell your own words correctly.

    And FYI…..there is more than just one that sits on anyone’s side. How about you worry about you and the rest of the world can worry about themselves.

  • Guest

    Are all attorneys in Brunswick County required to wear white suits as pictured above? I know this is the beach, but come on guys…..


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