New Hanover Co. Commission Candidate’s son indicted on federal charge

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Submitted: Thu, 08/12/2010 - 3:51am
Updated: Wed, 09/11/2013 - 4:29pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)– Brian Causey, the son of former Sheriff and current Commissioner Candidate Sid Causey, is indicted on fraud charges. According to federal court documents, U.S. attorneys charged Brian Causey with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud between 1998 and 2002.

According to the indictment, Brian Causey and three accomplices were involved in a money making property scheme. Causey and his alleged accomplices were served with a forfeiture notice. He will have to return 250-thousand dollars he obtained during the alleged criminal activity.

Causey was not home when we went to his house to try and speak with him and he did not return our phone calls. Neighbors declined to talk on camera but said they were shocked by the indictment.

We also tried to talk with Brian’s father and Sid Causey, but he did not return our phone calls and was not home when we went to his house for comment.

Brian Causey was charged in June and is scheduled to appear in federal court in Greenville Thursday.


  • Brian Wasfat says:

    I agree with the man or woman that posted the comment titled, “Causey Politics…” I’ve known this guy for a couple decades and most of our peers agree that he was/is a arrogant kinda guy. He has a history of manipulation, deviant activities, and eating a lot of burgers and fries. He also has a history of his dad manipulating situations to his advantage. OF COURSE he thought he could get away with it, because he knew that his pops would get him out of it.

  • Beach says:

    I know I’ll still be VOTEING for him….because I don’t vote for anyone that is not born and raised in New Hanover County.If you run for office in a county that you live in, you should be from that county. He was an AWESOME sheriff for New Hanover. Every one I have talked to is still voteing for him!!!

  • Guestlocal says:

    I agree, LOCALS in office have far more respect for and a
    sense of true community obligation when in office, they will be here and have to live with all consequences of all their actions.
    I just don’t buy all this, if
    Sid was as other comments suggest, how has he been able to keep his cool and put up with all of the decade plus years of
    harassment by that blueline hot air showbiz
    ex 80’s cop???

  • Guest says:

    he isn’t responsible for anyone but himself—and that’s why he would be a disaster. He is a relic of failed past–we need a future–he is wrong person at wrong time–we can do a lot better.
    He has and he would go along to get along–bad now–even worse in future-he is just another tax and spend guy–your money-his interests.
    Just listen to him—

  • Gueststrickland says:

    Why should he be treated any different than Peyton Strickland? A thief is a thief. Peyton didn’t get his day in court.

  • Vicky says:

    This is a family matter for the Causeys. Sid Causey is a father first and I’m sure that’s what he’s doing at this time. Leave them alone and let the family work through this. His son is a grown man and responsible for his own actions but at a time like this family needs to be together and support each other. Give them space. It’s basically none of our business what he has done or what will happen.

  • Guest 4545 says:

    Crook begats Crook! Causey is a public figure and guess what if one wants to stick his bare face into the public then he gets what he wants!

  • Wanting Justice says:

    I agree with you they are in “The Good Ole Boy network. Nothing will happen to him he will make a deal and get out of all of the charges. As far as Sid Causey goes I didn’t think he was a good Sheriff and certainly will not vote for him.. These are the kind of people we need to get out of office and keep them out!!!!

  • Guest says:

    You ignorant Duck. We all make mistakes. Sometimes you have to fall before you get up. I’ve known BC all my life and consider him one of the most upstanding individuals I know. Yes he did make a mistake, however I’m sure that he will do the right thing in order to make sure clear his name and move on. He was not raised as a bad individual, nor is his father a bad person. I’m sure that if I was to look in your closet, a bone or two would come flying out. It just so happens that he is the son of the former Sheriff, otherwise you wouldn’t even have know about it. Let the man pay his dues and move on. Go wright something about someone you know!

  • Guest says:

    Last I checked Sid was voted into office. So are only the “good ‘ol boys” allowed to vote? Sounds like a personale aggenda you have against either Sid, the GOB network, or whatever political party Sid was affiliated with. Last I checked, BC was the one in court not Sid. Just so you know, there is NO SUCH THING as a “good ole boy” network when it comes to the Feds.

  • radar says:

    I have no confidence in Sid Causey in representing New Hanover County residents. This man was a very poor communicator and lacked transparency during his tenure as Sheriff. He is definitely a member of the ” Good Ole Boy Network “. I am sure he was encouraged by the political machine to run to fill the void of Caster and Greer. The power brokers in this community want a puppet that they can pull the strings on.

    As for his son’ plight , it just tarnishes the family’s name even more in my eyes. If the son shows up to federal court without the 250 K , incarceration is a very good possibility . He may have to forfeit his assets in order secure his freedom. WWAY do not expect a statement from Sid because he ran from the media during his tenure as Sheriff.

  • lady justice says:

    so you are saying that since everyone else does it its ok for causey to do it? No wonder there are so many crooks in this county.

    on one hand you got fools who think they can get away with stuff on the other you have people saying everyone does it, or wait, like with the new sheriff saying jesus loves you go sin no more i got you a job working with computers in the county IT department.

    oh lady justice is weeping.

  • Guest says:

    Then tell the whole world, or at least us locals, what Sid has done that was illegal. Give us the felonies. Give us the injustices. Back up what you are accussing. Please oh genius, fill us ALL in. Maybe your insight will tip the feds off on his wrong doings. If you’re scared, just say you’re scared.

  • Guest democrat says:

    BC did what he did (scamming banks in mortgage loans) because he believed he could get away with it. Why would he think that? Why did it take ten years for someone to finally get up the nerve to charge him? You think any local official would charge him? The DA? Local FBI? No it took the IRS, same way they got Capone. Why did he do it? BECAUSE HE COULD GET AWAY WITH IT!

    Sid Causey did away with a couple of Brian’s DWI tickets, dont believe me ask a cop.

    If BC doesnt go to prison there is no justice. This IRS charge is serious, the FBI needs to step in now.

    And I know how BC was raised, I used to date him. He is arrogant and cocky and KNOWS he can get away with anything, just like his dad.

    This is not about politics, this is about a criminal who basically robbed a bank. Next time you think about justice, imagine if Brian Causey was a black man. Yes Brian Causey didnt use a gun, but who cares, he still robbed a bank.

    Ten years in prison should do the trick, if not, let every prisoner out that wrote a bad check or used someone else’s credit card. Let them all go.

  • TopThis says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, KS4. The critics here just need to mind their own business. What have ALL OF YOU done in YOUR lives and just happened to NOT get caught?? Get over yourselves.

  • KS4Real says:

    “Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…” Proves several things by saying that. A) you don’t know Sid, B) you don’t know BC, C) you don’t know how he was raised and D) you are caught up in some political BS because someone you know wasn’t Sheriff or he was a different party then how you vote. Sid is use to be low key because of his job before he was Sheriff. If you don’t know that, look it up. Politics of one man have ZERO to do with another mans decisions in life

    BC caused what happened. When the FEDS are in it, something happened. Ask Michael Vick about that. I know Brian and grew up with him. Don’t talk about the apple and the tree if you know neither. If Sid wasn’t his father NOBODY would know abou this.

  • Guestduh says:

    HE PLEAD GUILTY, so whats that tell ya? SO he gives the money back?? Go rob a bank and try and give the money back, too late sucka.

  • Guest1022 says:

    Did he plead guilty because he was innocent?

  • Informed says:

    This is absurd….. Brian was targeted purely because of a investigator trying to make a name for himself by taking down the sherrif’s son.
    What Brian did is actually some thing that happens day in day out in the business world and no body does or says anything about it! If this investigator would take this same approach to prosecuting the criminals on wall street that ruined our banking industry we would run out of space in all of our prisons.

  • Guest says:

    I think this is great,and could not happen to better people. They scam people and float around the city like they own the place and can get away with anything they want, well not this time pal! I hope Sid loses his candidacy and brian loses everything he has.

  • Guest says:

    So many things to comment on from your post.

    I asked a cop about the alleged DWI charges and he said, “how would I know?” So that really did not help much. When were these charges? Dates? Arresting officers names? Without these details or any details for that matter this is just talk. I would like to find out more about how to make DWI paperwork disapear. You would need to involve at least one clerk and that does not seem like a good idea.

    I’m not frieds with BC but he has always been nice to me. He seems more quiet and reserved than arrogant and cocky. I do know he has dated some nut jobs so I’m not surprised you two went out. Your attitude makes me believe he may have hurt your feelings when you two split. I’m sure it hurts now but time will heal your wounds.

    Why bring race into this? What does “imagine BC was a black man” have to do with anything? BC will pay the full restitution in the hundreds of thousands. Do you think the feds would have set restitution higher for a black man? You are RACIST to bring this up.

    Armed robery is very different than fraud.

    I imagine Brian has been saving for years to be able to pay what ever fines are imposed on him. I know he has lived a very modest lifestyle for many years. Does this pattern of behavior sould like a raving criminal?

    Finnally, ADA’s hardly ever put people in jail for using someones credit card or writing bad checks, but why would you like them all released? Are your friends in jail for writing bad checks?

  • Native of ILM says:

    This is from a native Wilmingtonian. Not sure where all you other Democrats are from but I know where I’m from and it’s Wilmington. If you are from here and went to Hoggard anywhere from ’87-’94 ish you would know Brian. We all know he did something wrong and we know his personality.
    What I’d like to remind all the stone throwers is that you have made mistakes also. Take a good look in the mirror, we’ve all done something wrong. The difference is everyone will not hit rock bottom like Brian did. It is also the truth that parents cannot control their children and Brian was not a child at age 37 so blaming his father is a bad argument.
    Brian will pay, he will serve time. He will understand he is wrong and I’m sure life will never be the same for him so LAY OFF!
    Tiger Woods did something wrong and he was also quickly judged. Funny how quickly people are to jump on someone and not realize that there is one moment in time where it would be warranted to help, not criticize others. Get a freakin clue.

  • Dean says:

    I feel sorry for the Causey family. Granted, not as sorry as I felt for Peyton Strickland’s family, but sorry nonetheless.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    “…He will have to return 250-Thousand Dollars…”

    He will plead in Greenville today. In addition to forfeiture and a fine, it is unlikely he will do much if any active jail time. No doubt probation and perhaps community service.

  • Guest something says:

    Im surprised that no one heard of the arrest when it happened in June. Was there a media blackout?

    Im sure he is as nice of a guy as his father is and just got caught up in temptation. You think there is a New Hanover County jail mug shot? If not, why not? What was his bond? How was that bond posted? Who are the others, particularly the ones with prior prison histories? What was the scam? Why did it take so long to charge him?

  • Time to Wipe Old and Bring in the New says:

    Time to cut the strings to the puppets. Son like Father. I think they should start investigating Our EX-Sheriff now. I’m sure there is a long list of things that they could put together on Ex Sheriff. Just find one of the good old boys and pay him he will talk. Why in the world would Ex Sheriff Retire from Power and the run for County Commissioner.He must of not like some of the things that had been put in place by the new Sheriff that he picked. The new Sheriff is bucking the Good old boys. Also take note that the new Sheriff was probably given the job on the understanding that he would up hold Ex Sheriff wish list until election. New Hanover County Motto should be ” I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine”. This is just a reflection on what’s to come for our future. The Good old boy’s have children but as you can tell they are not that smart! They must have not pay attention to there fathers. The only people that understand what going on are the ones in control. The people of New Hanover County nothing will change unless you open your mouths and start asking questions. Take that the people that are posting comments about Ex Sheriff or his Family are 1) Related to him 2) are some how surrounded by him. This just plain and simple “ORGANIZED CRIME”. The money seized from drug bust under Ex Sheriff.I’m sure he is not hurting for money. What does it take to be a Drug officer fo New Hanover County Sheriff Department? Never question anyone you work with,Best secret is the one never told and last I will scatch your back if you scratch mine.HMMMM!Please don’t take this that I’m againist LAW ENFORCEMENT. I’m all for a officer that realise that him or her Eat,Sleeps & Breaths like everyone else and doesn’t hide behind a badge.New Hanover County has some of the best Officer serving at the department today but they are serving in the wrong areas and guess what you will probably never get to meet them!!! We had Rupublican officer that had to switch his party to Democrat to become Sheriff. Why is that?? Why doesn’t the PUBLIC hear this kind of stuff.Well, what you don’t know won’t hurt you! I hope some of you chew on this and don’t spit out. I from Wilmington and lived hear all my life. I never have been in trouble with the law so please keep those comments if any to your self. I beleive if you do a crime you should do the time. I’m from a Family of Law Enforcement and I’m just speaking from the heart. I remember the time that when I was a kid going up to NCSHP troop in a store and saying Sir I won’t to be just like you!! Looking back to that day that is something I do not regret but wish I still had the same filling today. People are not born as a criminal but are tought by watching others. So I’m signing off & for Ex Sheriff you have already have done your time so sit back & teach others not to follow in you FOOT STEPS!!

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