Accused bank robber says he needs help; Dad agrees

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Submitted: Mon, 08/30/2010 - 8:40pm
Updated: Thu, 09/13/2012 - 12:59pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Just days out of prison, a man is back behind bars accused of robbing two banks in Wilmington. Now he’s talking to WWAY from jail. So is the man’s father, who contacted us over the weekend about his son’s problems. He also called the police to report his son.

Days after he was released from prison, Reggie Beckton is back behind bars on breaking and entering and robbery charges, but he says committing crimes is not his fault.

“I’m sorry that I’m not here with my daughter. I’m sorry that I missed her first day of school. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to be the father that she needed in her life,” Beckton said.

Wilmington Police say Beckton robbed the RBC on Market Street and the NewBridge Bank on South College Road in the last two weeks. His father called police when he saw his son’s picture on the news.

“I said, ‘Wow. That looked like me 20 or 30 years ago,’ ’cause he had a beard,” Robert Beckton said. “And I got to thinking, I got to looking and I said, ‘That’s my son. That’s Reggie.’ And then my heart went wild.”

Robert Beckton says his son started having mental problems at a young age. Reggie repeatedly refused help from his father and started committing crimes in his teens. Reggie says voices in his head tell him to do wrong.

“You’re out there on the streets with nowhere to go, no food to eat, at 3:30 in the morning, just walking, up and down the streets,” Reggie said, “and the whole time your mind is telling you, ‘Go do this. Go do that. Break into this. Go open these doors.’ The economy is down. Who’s hiring ex-felons? People with college degrees are getting laid off.”

Robert says he’s done everything he can for his son. Once again he’s trying to help set Reggie’s life straight.

“I’m not doing this interview to set him free. I’m doing this interview to get him some help,” Robert said. “If his bond was $5 today, I would not get him out, because Reggie needs help. He needs professional help.”

Reggie agrees.

“I think that I need to get inside a mental institution and re-program my thoughts,” he said.

Reggie Beckton said he is seeing a psychiatrist at the jail. He said us he does not have a good relationship with his father and does not want his help. For now he’s in the jail under $410,000 bond.

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7 Comments on "Accused bank robber says he needs help; Dad agrees"

2015 years 8 months ago

I have to call BS. The man gets caught so now he and his family are going to claim he has a mental dissability and that is why he does what he does. He is pathetic and so is his family

2015 years 8 months ago

all of yall want to talk about my big brother get ya facts straight my big bruh tryna survive. keep ya heap up bruh two guns up diablo

2015 years 8 months ago

Please try posting again once you sober up.

2015 years 8 months ago

This is why the state should look into there policy on inmate release. Inmates actions inside prison should play a role on when they are released, not just the time the judge gave them. If a man or woman can’t obey the rules in prison then why should we turn them back into the general public. Inmate Beckton was released from “Intensive Control” straight into the world. I’m sorry but wake up DOC!!! If the man hasn’t been reabilitated then why set him free.

2015 years 8 months ago

I was an alternate juror and the prosecution had MANY holes in their case. It was their job to prove he was guilty of BOTH. I was dismissed the day of deliberation. I’m not saying Mr. Beckton is perfect and neither is he but with no fingerprints as evidence and contradicting witness testimony, he needs to get good counsel and appeal. When I left the courtroom, I was emotional and told Mr. Beckton, ‘God Bless You’.

2015 years 8 months ago

My brother has a mental illness too. But he doesn’t go around robbing banks and blaming it on the illness.

If Reggie is well enough to know he needs help, he’s well enough to know right from wrong.

2015 years 8 months ago

Why is it that so many people claim that when they break the law it isn’t their fault? I don’t understand what goes through their minds to come to that conclusion. Yea, you feel bad cause you got caught and now your family has to suffer for it as well. Man up and own it, you did the crime on your own volition, nobody forced you to rob two banks just days after leaving prison. Perhaps you didn’t spend enough time there to understand how much you hate it, or perhaps you want to go back because it is essentially a free ride. There is so much more to it than “It’s not my fault.”