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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Customers filled the Lowe’s Home Improvement store on New Centre Drive.
Why? They’re getting prepared for what Hurricane Earl may bring. Management at Lowe’s says they have seen that spike in business.

“We have just definitely seen an increase in customer traffic it started yesterday a little bit but over today they’ve been moving with the batteries and tarps and flashlights and things like that,” said store manager Robert Evans.

Customers say they are overstocking on supplies because its much better to be safe than sorry.
“You know you just gotta be careful and just kind of over do it and make sure you have all the essentials and stuff you need,” said William Jones.

Seems like shoppers are gunning for one thing in particular. “Basically it’s been a lot of the batteries like I said the flashlights and we’ve seen more than average of the tarps and people getting prepared for after the storm in case it does hit,” Evans said.

Lowe’s saw this coming and made sure to be prepared so that all the increased traffic did not catch the retail giant off guard.

“Lowe’s has always been pretty good about looking in advance and making sure we have plenty of product for the upcoming hurricane season and anybody that’s been in has noticed that we have had our stuff out in the center aisle for a few weeks in preparation for this,” Evans said.

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