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FIRST ON 3: New Hanover deputy under investigation

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: New Hanover deputy under investigation

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- The future of a New Hanover County deputy is up in the air tonight. The lieutenant who's also the Sheriff's Office helicopter pilot is the subject of an internal investigation. The alleged incident happened at the Inlet Point Harbor community off Carolina Beach Road, but as of right now the Sheriff's Office and the alleged victim are not saying much.

Lt. Scott Gerow has been the New Hanover County Sheriff's helicopter pilot since 2008. But this past weekend something happened that has him on paid administrative leave. The Sheriff's Office won't say much about what happened. All it will confirm is that an internal investigation is underway stemming from the incident. A Sheriff's Office spokesperson says no criminal charges were filed and that the internal investigation is to see if any policies were broken.

As for the alleged victim, he spoke to us off camera, saying that he wants nothing to do with Lt. Gerow. He also said he didn't want to comment on a situation he has no control over, and even he refused to explain what happened.

We obtained a written report from county dispatch regarding this incident. It doesn't say much, except that the initial call was about an assault.

We were told there was a call placed to 911 regarding Lt. Gerow. We have put in a request for a copy of that tape, but are still waiting for a response.

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Scott Gerow a great guy??????

Wow, for sure this is Scott making this comment to defend himself.
SELFISH GREEDY person. Couldnt make Scott happy for the world,
the guy thinks he is god. Nuf said

It seems like Sids Causeys

It seems like Sids Causeys Buddy is under investigation. Maybe he could call Sid and ask him to get him out this. I believe that Sid bailed him out before when he was flying part time with the Sheriff Dept using his own helicopter which he was about to loose. Then Sid created a full time position for and somehow was able to come up with the money to buy a new Helicopter for Mr.Gerow. If you can't see this is CROOKED YOU ARE BLIND!!! I feel sorry for anyone that would even bother to defend the guys. Please don't waste your breaths or bother to tell anymore lies.

Concern Citizen

To The So Called Concern Citizen

There was no bail out the first time! Scott was volunteering his services to the sheriff department with use of the helicopter that he "owned" in no way fashion or form was he about to "loose" his helicopter. I enjoy people like you who have no idea what you are talking about. Scott is by far one of the great guys out there. There is nothing Crooked about this, just some no nothing 21 year old that is trying to start drama, the charges have been droped and there is no case. Charges were droped beause he did nothing wrong!

If this comment wasn't

If this comment wasn't written by Scott I'll kiss your a**. I've had the unfortunate opportunity to meet this jerk at a helicopter show & tell and he is as illiterate as this sounds - not too mention I don't know anyone who would say "Scott is by far one of the great guys out there" but himself.

This isn't the first altercation he's been involved with, what about the complaint filed against him by the Wilmington Police Department when he blew up at another pilot at the airport. Oh wait, McMahon probably doesn't remember that.


This is the SECOND time a LIEUTENANT with the NHCDS has been under investigation within the "Internal Affairs Department" within a short period of time..... The public should be allowed to know what is going on as these individuals are "protecting the citizens of NH County"

McMahon's cover-up ...again

So this seems to be more of the way Sid Causey ran the shop. Maybe McMahon will cry and hug Gerow when he sends him out the door with a recommendation and job somewhere else in county government.

This Helicopter thing was a joke, a waste of money. It should have never gotten off the ground in the first place. This should be the end of it.