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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Cape Fear Skyway is closer to getting off the ground. Brunswick County commissioners passed a resolution supporting the northern corridor route for the proposed Cape Fear Skyway.

The proposed Skyway bridge is dividing Brunswick County residents and Brunswick County commissioners. Commissioners voted four to one Monday night supporting the preservation of the Northern Corridor for the Skyway.

“The people in that area and in Brunswick County have to be brought on board,” said Brunswick County Commissioner Charles Warren.

Warren voted against the preservation saying he’s heard too much negative feedback from residents about the Northern Corridor.

“Number one they say the cost is too much and first of all it’s going to be coming directly through their town, which they are not in favor of,” said Warren.

Monday night’s resolution is a small step in a big process. It simply means commissioners support the chosen Northern Alignment.

“The river is a barrier,” said Brunswick County Commissioner Bill Sue. “The only way we have over it now is interrupted from time to time by a bridge raising and there is one help insight and that’s I-140.”

Sue is a strong supporter of the Skyway. He says he’s heard the concerns of many Brunswick County residents but feels in the end the Skyway’s pro’s outweigh the cons.

“The Skyway bridge is for the future and if we don’t have as many ways as possible to cross that river it’s going to stymie economic development and growth in the future,” said Sue.

The next step in this long process is a public hearing. The county has not set a date for that yet.

The route could affect 36 parcels in Brunswick County.

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  • Guest

    I agree completely.

  • Leland Resident

    Why is the local media not covering the proposed Toll Fee of $7.00?

  • Guest7658

    Very well stated, you are exactly right.

  • This boondoggle will cost about $1 million a WEEK for FORTY (40) YEARS!!!! People like Bill Saffo have a personal financial stake in this and will stop at nothing to score big. This bridge is a boondoggle that we can’t afford and sure as hell don’t need. Quit being a mouthpiece for the corrupt machine trying to profit off of this.

  • Guest 49 for 40

    Everyone complains about the congestion on the roads. The Skyway Bridge is needed for “economic development and growth” according to Mr. Sue. With economic development and growth, we get more traffic. Where is the money to make the improvements to deal with all the new traffic going to come from? We can’t get any money now to improve what is already broke, but we have a group of people trying to build something big, new and shiny that will solve all our problems….Seriously??? Say we get the 49 million a year for 40 years as gap funding and it doesn’t cover the cost of the bridge. Keep in mind, the cost seems to go up every few months. Where does the money come from to improve everything else to go along with the bridge? Traffic crossing the rivers has slowly shifted north over the last 5 years. Comparatively, very few people are crossing the Memorial Bridge and heading south in New Hanover County. If the bridge is built, it will never carry more than 15 to 20 thousand vehicles a day. And we want to spend over a billion dollars for this? The completed I-140 will carry more traffic than the Skyway. I-140 gives us an alternative crossing over the rivers. As Brunswick County becomes more self sufficient, through development, fewer trips across the bridge will be necessary. New Hanover County doesn’t have much room left to grow. It’s not going to attract that many more people. 49 million dollars a year for even 20 years would go along way to solving most of our current traffic issues. 49 million a year for 40 years for 1 bridge isn’t going to do much of anything for our local traffic issues.

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