Brunswick Co. Commissioners pass resolution for proposed Cape Fear Skyway

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Submitted: Tue, 11/02/2010 - 1:21pm
Updated: Fri, 04/26/2013 - 1:38am

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Cape Fear Skyway is closer to getting off the ground. Brunswick County commissioners passed a resolution supporting the northern corridor route for the proposed Cape Fear Skyway.

The proposed Skyway bridge is dividing Brunswick County residents and Brunswick County commissioners. Commissioners voted four to one Monday night supporting the preservation of the Northern Corridor for the Skyway.

“The people in that area and in Brunswick County have to be brought on board,” said Brunswick County Commissioner Charles Warren.

Warren voted against the preservation saying he’s heard too much negative feedback from residents about the Northern Corridor.

“Number one they say the cost is too much and first of all it’s going to be coming directly through their town, which they are not in favor of,” said Warren.

Monday night’s resolution is a small step in a big process. It simply means commissioners support the chosen Northern Alignment.

“The river is a barrier,” said Brunswick County Commissioner Bill Sue. “The only way we have over it now is interrupted from time to time by a bridge raising and there is one help insight and that’s I-140.”

Sue is a strong supporter of the Skyway. He says he’s heard the concerns of many Brunswick County residents but feels in the end the Skyway’s pro’s outweigh the cons.

“The Skyway bridge is for the future and if we don’t have as many ways as possible to cross that river it’s going to stymie economic development and growth in the future,” said Sue.

The next step in this long process is a public hearing. The county has not set a date for that yet.

The route could affect 36 parcels in Brunswick County.


  • Guest 49 for 40 says:

    Everyone complains about the congestion on the roads. The Skyway Bridge is needed for “economic development and growth” according to Mr. Sue. With economic development and growth, we get more traffic. Where is the money to make the improvements to deal with all the new traffic going to come from? We can’t get any money now to improve what is already broke, but we have a group of people trying to build something big, new and shiny that will solve all our problems….Seriously??? Say we get the 49 million a year for 40 years as gap funding and it doesn’t cover the cost of the bridge. Keep in mind, the cost seems to go up every few months. Where does the money come from to improve everything else to go along with the bridge? Traffic crossing the rivers has slowly shifted north over the last 5 years. Comparatively, very few people are crossing the Memorial Bridge and heading south in New Hanover County. If the bridge is built, it will never carry more than 15 to 20 thousand vehicles a day. And we want to spend over a billion dollars for this? The completed I-140 will carry more traffic than the Skyway. I-140 gives us an alternative crossing over the rivers. As Brunswick County becomes more self sufficient, through development, fewer trips across the bridge will be necessary. New Hanover County doesn’t have much room left to grow. It’s not going to attract that many more people. 49 million dollars a year for even 20 years would go along way to solving most of our current traffic issues. 49 million a year for 40 years for 1 bridge isn’t going to do much of anything for our local traffic issues.

  • Leland Resident says:

    Why is the local media not covering the proposed Toll Fee of $7.00?

  • Guest says:

    I agree completely.

  • WilmWatcher says:

    This boondoggle will cost about $1 million a WEEK for FORTY (40) YEARS!!!! People like Bill Saffo have a personal financial stake in this and will stop at nothing to score big. This bridge is a boondoggle that we can’t afford and sure as hell don’t need. Quit being a mouthpiece for the corrupt machine trying to profit off of this.

  • Guest7658 says:

    Very well stated, you are exactly right.

  • Guest123456789 says:

    Is it still through Stoney Creek and Snee Farms subdivisions? If so, Scott Phillips is the district county commissioner and he needs to have a hearing to explain how can he vote yes when it will upset hundreds of people who helped get him elected in the first place.

    Provide a link to the latest map of the “northern corridor”

  • Guest says:


  • Lucy, I'm home........... says:

    Count me in too. Bill Sue is one of the most condescending, arrogant, self important persons I have ever encountered. He treats people as inferiors and has no problem crossing his arms and snickering when giving his logical explanation as to why our commissioners had been siphoning off the taxpayers dollars for quite some time. I know the issues re: the monies are over but I still abhor the video I have just described. It goes a long way in showing this man’s character. People, you have a choice. Make sure you vote. His time isn’t up but hopefully it is his last time.

  • Guest says:

    and I agree with Commissioner Sue that we need this bridge and all the new roads that have been proposed. I will also make my vote count when the mayors race comes around. I find it interesting that the poster above whent on a rant, but dosen’t even know how the bridge will aafect him. You should educate yourself, then make a decision. Otherwise you the same as the sheep refered to in your post.

  • Guest5876 says:

    How nice of Mr. Sue to ignore the concerns of the citizens who elected him.

    Mr. Sue appears to be a typical politician who thinks of his electorate as uninformed sheep. He seems to think that he knows more about what we need or want than we do, and that his duty is to vote according to his ‘superior intellect’.

    I for one will do my part to ensure that he is out of a job the next time his name shows up on a ballot. I hope others will join me.

    So, since I live in northern Brunswick County, where can I go to see an accurate map of how this bridge would affect me?

    WWAY, please provide a link to the ‘latest greatest’ map or list of affected parcels. There have been so many revisions and changes that I no longer know which one is current.

  • Guest says:

    Yes, I agree. I, too, will make my vote count…when it comes time for the commissioners race. I will vote AGAINST Sue and hope that everyone else will help vote him out. He’s been in office for way too many years and it’s time for a change! The “good old boy” days are over with. Speaking of back bones, he doesn’t have one. Otherwise he’d support Futch and the people of Leland, the ones who voted him into office.

  • Guest says:

    Who will pay for this bridge?? Who is willing to pay a toll of $ 2.00 one way to use this bridge to be redirected to the opposite side of town. Please conduct a poll on who would actually use this bridge in the am to help solve the traffic into town. Does Commisioner Sue own property that will benefit from this bridge like the Saffo family.?

  • Guest7658 says:

    Dear Resident of Leland:

    You make a valid point but would be more credible if your spelling and grammar were better.

    I’m not just voting against Bill Sue because we disagree on this bridge. I am also voting against Bill Sue because he finds it so easy to spend 2 billion dollars that we don’t have. He is ready to spend it now and figure out how to pay for it later, before we have explored more affordable and reasonable options.

    I don’t feel that we need this bridge until we have completed I140 on the Brunswick County side of the river. As it is now we are just dumping all of this traffic into Leland. A lot of that would go away if I140 connected with US74. After that, if the problem still exists, THEN we can discuss building this two billion dollar bridge.

    There are many other fiscally responsible people who feel the same way, including Mayor Futch (who will be getting my vote in his next election).

    Until we explore this alternative we just have a lot of people wanting to spend tons of money on a project that former Governor Easley put into motion. That alone should make us suspicious. There must be long lines of connected people waiting to get their hands on some of the money that will be spent on this project.

    I previously knew exactly how the bridge affected me, but the plans have changed so many times that I simply want to verify which plan is current. I work for a living and don’t have time to attend all these meetings.

  • Guest says:

    Wouldn’t it make better since to finish a project that has already been started? Who is going to fight traffic down College Rd to take a right on Shipyard to go over this new bridge. Why not finish the I-140 loop that will take the majority of the traffic that Wilmington has sent around it’s city and put it across the river and then tie into Hwy 17 and Hwy 74/76.

  • Town of Leland Resident says:

    The Mayor of Leland is not in favor of the Sky Way Bridge. I would like to know if any of the County Commissioners stand to benefit financially from this project.

  • GRR says:

    I don’t know for sure but I think that the mayor of Wilmington, and Leland has family that owns land on both side of the proposed site where the bridge is to go. As for Mr. Sue he owns land on Village Road in Leland and would stand to gain quite a bit finacially if the bridge comes here. Maybe this is why the three of them are pushing so strongly for this project.

  • Robert says:

    Most will not argue another bridge is needed, and has been for years. But I would like to see who owns the property affected by the bridge, and if any of our elected officials stand to gain personally by supporting the route for the bridge. Perhaps WWAY can do a study of this.

  • Guest3130 says:

    The only people against an alternative way across “that river” are those who rarely need to cross it. Those of us who must cross the bridge every day see the increase in traffic & congestion – EVERY DAY. I hope that care is taken in the planning so that the least amount of harm is done – but to think that we can retain the rural atmosphere of North Brunswick County is foolish, that ship has surely sailed. We need additional access across the river, regardless of what shape it takes. If you don’t like the Skyway, then come up with some alternatives to propose to the Commissioners, the Mayors, and the residents. But we need SOMETHING to relieve the traffic – it will only get worse – EVERY DAY.

  • Guest says:

    Well stated in the above post. As a Brunswick County resident for 20 years, I believe we need some healthy & sustainable progress such as good jobs (port) & good infrastructure (bridges & roads). Mr. Sue appears to me to be a visionary with leadership skills & insights we seldom see with local politicians. Plus, he apparently has a back bone that doesn’t shrink to the likes of Mr. Futch.

  • Guest for the day says:

    So if they build it you will use it instead?

  • Guest says:

    Will you pay the $7 toll to cross this bridge? I can’t see how that’s a viable alternative to regular Wilmington commuters. It is the regular everyday traffic that certainly does need relief. The summer traffic doesn’t cause the 1.5 mile backups on Monday mornings.

  • Guesttoo says:

    Alternatives to the (pie in the)Skyway Bridge are very few and far between. Why? Because the Wilmington TAC wants the (pie in the)Skyway Bridage and they are determined to shove it down our throat whether we like it or not. They won’t offer alternatives because they don’t want any considered. Is anyone willing to pony up the (estimated) $7 toll to use the (pie in the)Skyway Bridge on a daily basis? I’m not, nor am I crazy about being on the hook for the $49 million dollars per year that the state is going to kick in for 40 YEARS to bridge the shortfall between the tolls and the cost of construction of the (pie in the)Skyway Bridge. I don’t think my children’s children will be too happy to help pay for this folly either.

    Quicker to construct and more cost effective than the (pie in the)Skyway Bridge would be additional lanes along the causeway. An additional lane each way would be a tremendous help, would not need additional property purchased and would buy time until the missing link of I-140 is built.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Sue’s backbone did not allow him to stay until the end of the Leland town council meeting Saturday and answer any of the questions his constituents may have had. He managed to say his piece and left immediately afterwards. If we’re still paying the commisioners $50/”meeting”, we didn’t get our money’s worth. He also managed to ignore the voices of the many constituents that were there and voted to support a corridor that divides the very town he lives in. To his credit though, at least he was there. More than could be said for the rest of the TAC, the Turnpike Authority or NCDOT.

    This (pie in the)Skyway Bridge is a distraction that is taking away from real, cost-effective and practical measures that can be built far sooner.

  • BL says:

    Sue says “there is one help insight and that’s I-140.” I agree. Finish I-140 from Hwy 421 to Hwy 74/76, then on to Hwy 17. But we don’t need and we can’t afford the Skyway!

  • Guest31415 says:

    Does anyone know of a site where we can see the plans for the skyway?

  • Guest says:

    Would it make more sense to build a second bridge next to the Cape Fear Bridge?The causway is going to be widened,Dawson St in Wilmington is a ( 4 ) lane road With a little road realignment Wooster St. and the Cape Fear Bridge would be for outbound traffic.The new bridge linking the Causway to Dawson St.would accomadate inbound traffic.Really how often is traffic stopped for the bridge to open? This way there are no toll roads or Thruway Authority which will cause more government pork.The Skyway Bridge is not going to be a money maker as the State is going to heavily subsidize it every year.No doubt some politician or politician’s are going to do very well financially if the Skyway is built as proposed.

  • Guest says:

    I wonder what type of “growth” will occur? One, for sure is taxes. Yes, “the river is a barrier” and it is a barrier that we who live in Brunswick County like. Once you cross the river into this County, it is a different way of life – one that we enjoy and one that we want to keep as much as reasonable possible.

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