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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — State Rep. Carolyn Justice says voters have been cheated. Justice says she received a called from Rep. Danny McComas (R-New Hanover) saying that the 16th District House candidates were completely left off the ballots at the Northeast Library in Wilmington.

Justice is trying to defend her 16th District seat against Pender County Commissioner F.D. Rivenbark.

Justice says it is not only disappointing to her and her campaign but to the voters.

“The American citizens have been cheated,” Justice said. “There’s no way for this to be corrected.”

Justice says she asked to speak with New Hanover County Elections Director Bonnie Williams about being left off the ballot, but has yet to get a call back from any officials about the situation.

Justice says new ballots were delivered to the Northeast Library polls this morning.

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  • Guest

    So lets see if the Political entity that is the Board of Elections DOES THEIR JOB and gets rid of this women, who, from what I understand, only got her job because she sued Brunswick county for sexual discrimination when they passed her over for that job there. Apparently they knew something that New Hanover County didn’t… SHE IS INCOMPENTENT!!! Board members, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure our elections are being run by a qualified individual, your move…

  • SurfCityTom

    you won the election. What more do you want?

    How about this:

    Get off your duff; if you think there were irregularities, then get the State folks down here to do a full blown investigation. Let them handle it. See that it does not happen again.

    Meanwhile, you need to begin working on leadership. The Republicans will control the House. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Take a leadership role. Do some pro-active work to begin the process of dealing with a THREE BILLION DOLLAR shortfall in the budget next term.

    Don’t wait. Get on it now. Poll your constituents to see where we think budget cuts need to be made.

    Why not start with that joke of a Social Services Department which overpaid recipients $28 MIllion and now Bev thinks it’s unfair for the people who were paid too much to be called upon to account for the overpayments they were not entitled to. Why wait. Put the pressure on Bev to get a new Department Head and some computer geeks who know how to program systems and can catch errors before millions of state dollars go down the drain.

    Listen to us Carolyn.

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