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WASHINGTON, DC (WWAY) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she will try to keep her Democratic leadership post despite massive election losses that cost her party the House majority.

Pelosi made the announcement in a statement Friday. She said “our work is far from finished.”

If Pelosi wants to be Minority Leader, she apparently will not have Rep. Mike McIntyre’s support.

The Democrat from Lumberton told us last month he did not expect Pelosi to run for Speaker again if Democrats kept control of the House. He said if she did, he’d support her opposition.

We asked McIntyre today if he would support Pelosi as Minority Leader. In a statement he said:

“The Democratic Party needs a moderate to conservative Leader that can bring people together and help move Southeastern North Carolina and our nation forward. I will not be supporting Speaker Pelosi’s bid to become Minority Leader. I will strongly support and vote for an alternative. It is time to move forward in a different direction.”

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  • SurfCityTom

    for Republicans. With her abrasive, Pit Bull demeanor, she should highlight the failings in Government and ensure the Annointed One will be a One Termer.

  • Guest7969

    see if ole McIntyre throws her a vote…THAT will say loads about the guy…

  • Guest3130

    Really, Tom?? You’re STILL lip-synching The Big Talkers’ “Pit Bull demeanor” and “Annointed One?” With all your MANY, MANY postings on this site, you’d really think you could come up with some original phrases, instead of roboting your favorite DJ’s.

    In the interest of being less polarizing, though I am a Democrat, I’m with McIntyre & believe that because Nancy Pelosi has lost whatever leadership influence she had, we need someone new for Minority Leader, someone who can reach across the aisle as well as within the party.

  • Guest

    Thanks Mike.


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