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WILMINGTON, NC (WPD) — A few minutes before 9 p.m. Thursday, the Wilmington Police Department responded to the 800 block of Haymarket Lane for reports of shots fired. When WPD officers arrived at the scene, they could see a man inside the garage of his house at 824 Haymarket Lane. He was pacing back and forth, and officers knew that he was armed with a rifle. Officers began ordering the man to exit the garage and surrender, but he refused, barricading himself inside the residence. Negotiators and SWAT members responded to the scene.

Negotiators were unable to make direct contact with the man, although he was on the phone with the 911 center. He came out of the house at 9:58 p.m., threatening officers in the backyard as he brandished the rifle. Then he walked around to the front of the house. He leveled the rifle and began walking down the driveway toward perimeter officers. A SWAT member fired a single shot, striking the man in the shoulder. The suspect, age 46, was taken into custody and transported to NHRMC for treatment.

Police Chief Ralph Evangelous and the District Attorney Ben David jointly requested that the SBI conduct an investigation. It is standard policy and practice to request the assistance of an outside agency for an officer-involved shooting.

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    Let the “Monday morning quaterbacking” begin.

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    You know it is common practice that the SBI is to be notified and investigate ANY officer involved shooting. I think that its a good idea and fair to the victims family, the officer, the department, and the community…. I dont understand though why the media is posting that the District Attorney is requesting SBI…It makes it sound like the officer was doing something wrong or a bad cop… The District Attorney should have no involvement or making statements untill AFTER the agency and SBI have conducted there investigation…. Then if the officer is at fault, or in the wrong….then the DA can properly prosecute…. It just looks and sounds like to me that Ben David is just gunning at the chance to prosecute some law enforcement officer….just saying !!


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