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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — House Republicans have chosen Rep. Thom Tillis as their nominee to become the next speaker of the North Carolina House.

The House GOP caucus meeting Saturday afternoon in Raleigh chose the Mecklenburg County lawmaker by secret ballot during a closed-door meeting. The vote results weren’t immediately released, but House member Mitchell Setzer confirmed Tillis’ victory.

Since Republicans are in the clear majority, Tillis is all but assured to win election when the Legislature reconvenes in January.

Current Minority Leader Paul Stam of Apex and Reps. Ric Killian of Charlotte and Mitch Gillespie of Marion also were running.

Tillis is a former business consultant who was elected this month to his third term in the House.

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  • Marcia Larson

    Please tell me this is not so…..Finially the GOP makes it into the house as the majority after almost 100 years… The GOP will LOOSE if U pass this raise….GIVING ANY KIND OF RAISE AT THIS CRITICAL TIME IN THE HISTORY OF OUR ECONOMY IS A DEATH WISH FOR THE GOP….If the GOP does this, they are no better than the Democrats and will probably loose the election next time around…..Take examples from Cris Cristy and Gov. Walker of Wisconsin PLEASE!…Fiscal responsibility….As regular citizens of this wonderful state, we have to tow the line with our day to day budget and this is what YOU were voted into office for….DO NOT THINK FOR A MOMENT THAT THE GOP JUST GOT LUCKY…..Think about it!!…Common sese tells me not to spend when I want to CUT THE BUDGET…..

  • Marvin Holland

    Are you a Democrat Plant? Crazy to give your staff a raise at this time. Our entire party will be criticized. Crazy!


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