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PINEHURST, NC (AP) – Gov. Bev Perdue is ready to explain how she wants North Carolina state government reorganized in the second half of her four-year term. Perdue plans to announce her proposals to Sandhills business leaders Thursday afternoon in Pinehurst.

The Democratic governor has been talking for months about how to make government more efficient and eliminate waste and duplicative functions.

The last state government reorganization occurred in 1996. The last significant attempt to consolidate government departments failed in 1995 when Republicans balked at Gov. Jim Hunt’s proposal to eliminate the Department of Crime Control and Public Safety.

A governor can make some changes without legislative approval.

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  • Guest7969

    A DEMOCRAT wanting to be efficient and eliminate waste…that’s like a lion saying they don’t want to eat meat….I have an idea…why doesn’t she just disappear from politics for the next couple of years and let the newly elected Republican legislature handle things from here. Even the Republicans need to be on their toes…I didn’t stop watching after the election! They need to do their jobs!

  • Guest

    Political affiliation is not a born trait, some people are just brought up in the wrong climate with the wrong mentors. Sometimes those who have chosen the wrong path can right the coarse, lets hope this is one of those rare political examples…


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