NC GOP: McIntyre requests $218 million in earmarks for 2011

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Submitted: Wed, 12/15/2010 - 6:24pm
Updated: Sun, 08/26/2012 - 2:38am


SOUTHEASTERN N.C. – According to figures posted on, Congressman Mike McIntyre, a Democrat who represents North Carolina’s 7th District, requested $218,116,000 in earmarks for the 2011 fiscal year — the third-largest request among North Carolina’s House members. In contrast, indicates that all five of North Carolina’s Republican House members requested zero earmarks for 2011. is run by the John William Pope Civitas Institute.

“Less than two months ago, citizens all over America went to the polls and voiced their strong disapproval of Congress’ big-spending habits,” says Frank Williams, a Brunswick County resident and Chairman of the N.C. 7th Congressional District Republican Party. “Unfortunately, it appears that Congressman McIntyre and others in Washington either didn’t hear or are simply ignoring that message.”

The 7th Congressional District includes the following counties: Bladen, Brunswick, Columbus, Cumberland (part), Duplin (part), New Hanover, Pender, Robeson, Sampson (part) and Scotland (part). For more information on the N.C. 7th Congressional District Republican Party, please visit

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  • Guest7969 says:

    Nope..I DON’T think I know..I think the founding fathers knew a lot more than you or I. Privatized schools/Charter schools do just as good as public schools. LOCAL and STATE government should be responsible for the things you have stated…and is supported by the Constitution…the fact that the FEDERAL government gives moneys for those things…then blackmails the state government into doing what it says…its AGAINST our founding principles. Your last comment “you know better than Washington and Raleigh how to run your lives”…IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE BUB! Our founding fathers believed it…and so do I! Sounds like YOU need a history lesson…

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    What in the world is the federal government doing involved in funding local fire departments or schools? Find either one mentioned in the Constitution.

    It was never intended for a president to be a king. The Congress was never intended to be the inner circle of knights, collecting the taxes and doing the king’s bidding. There are fifty governors and state legislatures that should all weild greater power in our daily lives than the federal government does. We should be paying the majority of our taxes to the state, not the feds who then turn around, hand it back to us, and act like they’re doing us a favor.

    Get back to the way this nation was designed, and restrict the federal government to only deal in those issues that affect the federation as a whole, some examples being defense, coinage, and interstate commerce. We may need an FAA, FDA, CDC, etc, but we DON’T need a Department of Education, Department of Housing and Urban Development, or Department of Health and Human Services….

    …and we certainly don’t need Congressmen and Senators playing Santa Claus with OUR own money!

  • Guest7969 says:

    Your assuming that the government should be paying for any of that AT ALL to begin with….your part of the problem..OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!

  • pocket says:

    He can help all of us by keeping his hands out of our pockets.

  • watchyoursix says:

    don’t be so naive to believe thats where the money actually goes. Usually this type of pork money gets “lost”, seriously, research this.

  • Guest says:

    So governments should stay out of your wallets? OK, you take a collection — no taxes, of course — to pay for your own school buildings, your fire and police protection, your road repair … oh, while we’re at it, why don’t you get rid of government. After all, if you know better than Washington or Raleigh how to run your lives, you must be anarchists.

  • Guest 2 says:

    All McIntyre cares about is the power his job provides him and dangling the bait in front of your face, giving you a nibble now and then so you will keep voting for him. He has to do a few little things with his left hand to keep people like you voting for him, while at the same time he uses his right hand to dig deeper and deeper into our pockets even though he said before the election that he would not do this anymore. Thank you very much for redistributing my wealth. I donate a lot of money, my hard earned money, but why do I do this when our government takes it from me because old Mikey likes spending it so much. If I don’t let them have my money, they take it from me by force. What kind of dog squeeze is this? Keep on voting for Mike and let’s see what he does next to dig even further into our pockets.

  • Guest7969 says:

    HELLO..did any of you who voted for the guy ACTUALLY think that he CARES what YOU think…same ole tax and spend, tax and spend…they just don’t get it!

  • John says:

    Yeah…McIntyre doesn’t care. When he brings home money for Volunteer Fire Departments and school construction, he doesn’t care about you. He’s just doing it for himself! Oh wait a second…that doesn’t make sense…

  • Guest34534 says:

    Burr actually requested a huge amount more in earmarks, so don’t think that its just McIntyre.

  • Guest1118 says:

    Umm, John, it’s OUR MONEY and I think taxpayers know how to spend it better than the federal gov’t. Fire depts. should be funded locally anyway. No one should be surprised by this. Mikey campaigned as a “conservative” again and went back to DC and voted like a typical tax and spend lib.

    All of you Wilmington area RINOs, and you know who you are, should be ASHAMED of yourselves. Stop calling yourself conservatives and/or Republicans.

  • John says:

    so let’s take this hypothetical: i live in a mobile home in reigelwood or say long branch and my house catches fire. i call 9-1-1, but my neighbors, who are spread out and make about $28k-$35k/year couldn’t buy that $150k fire engine that could have been secured through a federal grant. my home burns down. oh well…i guess if i hadn’t been taxed by another $500 and my 20 neighbors hadn’t either, we could have bought our own fire engine. oh wait…no we couldn’t.

    there are some things that the government has to help provide…such as with basic law enforcement and safety services and infrastructure in order to have a healthy community. whine all you want but the people voted and i wasn’t for a liberal…mcintyre just voted for the tax cuts. you’re so blinded by hate of national party politics you can’t see the truth.

  • Guest7969 says:

    NO…Burr is on my Jane Fonda list as well!

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