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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — If there’s anything you can say about New Hanover County Commissioner Jason Thompson it’s you know where he stands. Wednesday Thompson challenged the mayor of Leland to set the record straight after the mayor accused Thompson of having a conflict of interest in the proposed Cape Fear Skyway project.

It was trash talk between Leland Mayor Walter Futch and Thompson.

“What got me upset was him saying I had property or financial gain in getting the Skyway bridge passed, so I got him a list of property owners, and I am not on there, none of my family is on there and no business that I own is on there. I said, ‘You need to retract your statements,'” Thompson told WWAY Thursday night.

Thompson says all he wanted was to set the record straight with Futch and Wilmington’s Transportation Advisory Committee.

A tape recorder at Wednesday’s meeting caught their conversation.

Listen to the entire argument between Thompson and Futch

“If you’re going to make accusations like that, Mr. Mayor, you need to do that and get your facts right,” Thompson said. “I’m going to give you an opportunity to get the facts. Let me cut to the chase here. We are going to lay the facts out on your statements tonight, and I’m going to give you an opportunity to apologize to me. And based on what you say, I might accept it or I might not. And then we will deal with it thereafter.”

Thompson was talking about comments recorded at a previous meeting he missed. The minutes of the meeting show Futch questioning Thompson’s ethics. Futch said a recent article in the StarNews led him to believe Thompson had a conflict of interest in the Skyway project.

“‘The commissioners voted three to one with commissioner Bobby Greer voting against. Chairman Jason Thompson recused himself because his business is located in a proposed corridor,'” Futch quoted the StarNews report when asked Thursday night about Thompson’s confrontation, “and I was quite surprised at that, and I think if you read the minutes of the meeting, it said that I was surprised to find that that was the case.”

Wednesday, Thompson tried to tell Futch he had bad information.

“So those are the facts, sir. Are you ready to apologize?” Thompsons said.

Futch answered, “No, I’m not ready to apologize.”

Thompson replied, “Well, you’re gonna need to or you’re gonna be very likely to need… I’ll tell you, you are very lucky, sir, that I have received the gospel and do not seek vengeance, because a few years ago I would have taken you out in this parking lot and addressed you like the man you want to be. Let’s walk outside, and I’ll show you right now. Are you ready to do that? Or are you going to sit there in your Huggies and wet yourself?”

The pair never went to the parking lot, but Thompson did meet with Futch after the meeting was over.

“In the end he apologized, and I accepted,” said Thompson.

Futch agreed.

“It’s all a big misunderstanding that got blown out of proportion, and I think Jason and I ended on amicable terms,” Futch said.

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  • Daniel Link

    This child-like behavior is nothing new for Thompson. Even at last nights county-commissioners meeting he accused hundreds of people present of being dishonest, and publicly stated that he based his decision (which was against the Special Use Permit process) only on the fact that many people were looking forward to it being passed in order to stop Titan America cement from coming into our county, rather than basing his decision on what he felt was good for the county. He even verbally assaulted multiple people, including a young mother, following the meeting. This behavior is completely unacceptable in office. He should be removed immediately.

  • …what you’re talking about. Jason Thompson recused himself from the vote on county commission to preserve the land for the Skyway corridor. He cited that he had land affected by the Skyway. This is reflected in the minutes of the meeting – public record. Go look it up. The next day, the Star News published an article stating exactly this. That Thompson recused himself because he had land in the corridor. Futch simply saw these things, showed up to the meeting, and said that he was surprised to learn that Thompson had land in the corridor from what he had seen in the paper and in the minutes. THAT’S IT. That is all this is about. Thompson showed up ready to assault Mr. Futch physically because he cited what was in the commissioners minutes and the local media.

    Thompson is a spoiled child used to bullying people around to get his way. This behavior is expressly prohibited in the NHC Commissioners Ethics Policy – and he should be forcefully removed from office immediately. There is nothing anyone could say that excuses this pathetic immature behavior from an elected official. Thompson exudes nothing but abject insecurity, and probably wasn’t hugged enough as a child or something stupid.

  • Guesto

    Wow! This behavior is acceptable? Are our elected officials going to start fighting each other now?

  • Guest28451

    What an idiot Jason is.He is making all of New Hanover County look bad.
    I think his actions call for a special meeting to remove him from his elected position.
    Making publicly documented threats is not acceptable and he should be removed from his position.
    It was not the correct way to handle the situation.
    Grow up Jason.

  • PatB

    Thug! ……. Bully! ……

  • Citizen

    First this some what famed politician runs off all the volunteer firefighters, and now he is out in public communicating threats. We all heard the threats and I have to wonder if the sheriff’s department is looking into those threats. Last time I knew, communicating threats was against the law. You also have to wonder if the county commissioners are going to do anything about his thug mentatillity. We are having a bad enough time with kids getting bullied at school, and now we have this moron doing it in public. Now I know where the kids get it from. In my opinion, he needs to be booted from any organization that he is associated with. Just my thought.

  • GravyTrain

    I don’t blame Jason for standing up for himself. Perhaps the Futch will think twice before repeating misinformation about someone. Jason may be a whole lot of things, but a coward, he is not. Most of the time you know exactly where he stands on issues. I think that is admirable…

  • Churchills Cigar Butt–chewed on–spit out and real

    Jason Thompson is listed as registered agent for a number of North Carolina Corporations (Google secstatenc corporations and learn to run the searches…it works as smooth as a Havanna and Scotch) the vast majority of Mr Thompson’s corporations (all?) are headquartered at 606 Sunnyvale….on 8+ acres owned by Diversified Biomass, a corporation which lists Mr. Thompson as Chairman of the Board. This industrial zoned land (purchased by Diversified Biomass in 2009) is a few hundred feet from the eventual landing place of the Skyway bridge. It’s in a good neighborhood….the Cameron’s are there with LOTS of acres nearby.

    Do you think that CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF DIVERSIFIED BIOMASS Thompson considered the windfall to the corporation if the Skyway Bridge were to be built, before buying the property in 2009.

    harump…certainly not.

    No conflict of interest here…..maybe you should apologize or the honest bully will beat you up Mayor Futch.


    An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.
    Winston Churchill

  • GailG

    Jason Thompson has along history of exhibiting violence as a public official a pattern of violent behavior, violent threats, intimidation and unbecoming, indecent, and harmful violent confrontational behavior that would land most of us in jail on felony charges. A gun owner and has a history of violence, making violent threats, and shows signs of dangerous mental illness that is not only unbecoming of an elected representative, and should be grounds for his removal from office, at a minimum, before someone gets killed or maimed. It is likely he had a gun in his possession when he threatened the Mayor of Leland and he has almost certainly been armed with a handgun in past violent and unstable, confrontational and threatening episodes. it’s a miracle all of the past incidents involving jason have stopped before resulting in death or life threatening injuries to a concerned citizen, public official, or jason himself (should he decide to physically threaten the wrong person some day).

    Jason’s violent behavior and conduct in office fits the stereotype I hate (as a proud southerner) of the southern town with corrupt political rulers, a corrupt sheriff and judge – all working together and all above the law. Respectable businesses and professionals with families avoid corrupt southern small town culture at its worst – exactly the stereotype of the Port City. Anywhere else Jasons behavior over the years would be investigated and possibly resulted in criminal charges. The evidence of mental illness would lead law enforcement to confiscate the sick person’s guns until they received treatment and no longer exhibited violent episodes and intimidation, and the addition of marital issues may further complicates matters.

    It isn’t surprising that former sheriff causey (see articles on brian causey..apples don’t fall far from the tree) allowed jason to threaten violence engaging in years of well-documented intimidation unbecoming of an elected official. Actions that would land most of us behind bars charged with multiple felonies. Why do the new sheriff in town and DA ben david allow this powerful politician to exhibit such violence not in self-defense but as a way of doing business that has been allowed by the sheriff, City and County leaders and even the District Attorney for years? They seem more concerned with protecting their own than protecting the public. Will it take someone getting shot and killed before law enforcement acts to stop this violent individual…or other leaders act…when its too late and there’s blood spilled.

    Businesses want no part of such a backwoods town with a culture of violence and corruption, from elected leaders and law enforcement, not some outlaw gang. ALL OF YOU REALTORS AND DEVELOPERS WHO FINANCE JASON…are you proud? Does it make you feel tough and good cause you wrote a check and don’t think jason will turn on you? HOW’S YOUR SUPPORT OF VIOLENT CORRUPT LOCAL GOVERNMENT HELPING YOUR BUSINESS?

    Jason has mental health issues he needs to address and if had any honor he would resign and deal with the causes of these problems that haunt him. Intimidating and insulting citizens, the media, anyone who disagrees, disgraces the uniform of the Marine Corp Thompson has spent more time hiding behind as a politician than he ever spent wearing in service to a greater purpose. He should honor that uniform now and resign, spend time with his family, and he’s young enough to return to politics after resolving his behavior problems. Maybe the pressure is part of the problem – but if Jason lacks the honor to step aside and work on his mental health problems then the sheriff and DA need to be asked why they refuse to protect the public and our other elected leaders must act to remove Jason. Why is the County silent, do others we’ve elected support jason’s violence against citizens who dare question their decisions or have different ideas, like Mayor Futch? Jason’s behavior toward citizens, reporters and other elected officials, most recently violent threats directed at a Mayor, if not criminal, are certainly unbecoming for an elected official and it is a responsibility of the other board members to remove Thompson for conduct unbecoming, harming the community our leaders are supposed to be helping, and if they don’t act that suggests they share Thompson’s contempt for the public though they at least have the restraint to avoid the violence jason enjoys and could someday, in all likelihood, end in bloodshed. And was a gun present this time? Will jason eventually pull the trigger as these episodes continue to grow in number with each new year?

  • sickandtired

    Has anyone ever thought about drug testing these people? They hold our futures in their hands and we just trust them? I say test the mayor, council all of them. And as far as that stupid bridge, condemn the property on both sides of the river, let the state take it over and don’t give any of them a D@#$ dime! Heck if they can move a whole state highway for a developer(River Road)why can’t the state just take the property for the bridge?

  • Guest

    Mr. Thompson may well be a man of honor and his cause entirely righteous. People may make allegations, innuendo and even out and out lies BUT this does not give a pubic figure the cause to act like a THUG.

  • comeonfolks

    I may not agree with everything Jason says and does but I don’t blame him for calling the mayor out on the untruths that had been put out there. A person who willingly lies or twists the truth just to get others to view things their way is simply pretentious & arrogant. ..AND bound to meet up against someone who will stand up for them self. I can almost guarantee had Jason not done this on the record that it would have been made out that Jason actually pushed up on him or worse threw a punch.
    Side note: Why is Jason always being put on blast by wway tv3? Did he snub one of your news reporters who think they are more important than anyone else? (BTW I don’t think you all are that way.. just one in particular.) It seems like every week WWaytv3 is shining a light on some “wrong” he has done. Also..Every few months, you guys seem to find somebody to chew up and spit out in the news. It’s almost like someone in your news crew is out hunting for somebody to turn people against. I have noticed for a while that this news channel (especially in the 5-6 pm news) seems to always have somebody under the radar and obsessed about every little thing they say and do that can be seen as negative. I miss when you guys were all about facts without your glorified opinions. Now it is mainly opinions and “my thoughts are more important than the whole story” news.

    Jason, brush it off and move on.

  • Guest205

    totally agree with your comments. I think he needs to apologize to Brunswick County residents as well.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Ever think that Thompson acted like a macho redneck because he was counting on Futch being mature enough to refrain from taking him up on the offer?

    But I suppose you’re in favor of duels, too, right? Might not be a bad idea….Thompson could wind up like Alexander Hamilton.

  • Guest12

    I think those taunts are extremely disrespectful to people who need to wear adult diapers. Why are our County Commissioners in the news constantly these days for saying things out of the scope of their position?

  • bobcordone

    You go Mr Thompson! It is about time that someone put that nut Futch in his place.

  • M. Scotts

    I find it funny that you left your name as “Guest”.

  • Guest

    and especially for a sitting county commisioner. I would hope that Brunswick County has a code of conduct policy and Jason Thompson is called on the carpet.

    As another poster pointed out, if Futch was a black man, the NAACP would be calling for his head and every news source in town would be covering it.

    “Man of Honor”, hardly.

  • I think what Jason did was horrible. I don’t need to comment on that since so many people are doing that already. What I really want to know is why the Star News would print something that wasn’t true and what are they doing to fix that error? Why did it happen to begin with? Also, why didn’t Jason go to the mayor and explain to him that the Star News has made a mistake and he understands why the mayor would have said what he said given the false information the newspaper printed, but that it was a mistake. If all this originated from a newspaper error then the newspaper should be retracting and apolojizing, but as it stands, Jason is the one who needs to apolojize. Anybody have insight into the facts here?


    Jason Thompson not only owes the Mayor of Leland an apology, but all of us New Hanover county residents as well. Heck, add the Brunswick County residents to that.
    This is the same way he treated residents when he was on the city council, like an ignorant, spoiled & disrespectful child who will take his ball and go home if people disagree with him. I wish people would wake up and realize how important local elections are.
    I hope this is not the manner in which he “served our country”.

  • Thegiant

    You Jason, are nothing but a bully punk.
    You are the example , to children of
    What not to become!
    This is not the first time you have implied
    That you want to do physical harm to
    Someone who questions you or your motives.
    At the very least you should be forced
    Into anger management class.
    And we as voters should make sure you
    Are never re-elected

  • Guest

    After reading all of the comments, I think the only right thing for Thompson to do is to resign his position,he has given Wilmington and New Hanover County a bad name with his less than called for comments!Step down now or the board should take action to replace him!

  • Guest

    With all the mispeak, the misinformaton, and the double talk in our county, our news, and and on the internet, it is refreshing to see a person, a man, stand up for himself and hold another to account the old fashioned way. I saw something similar at the board of elections this year when someone was beaten up on the internet and held the coward that did it to account and face him like a man.

    It is high time these cowards..whether hiding behind a blog, a newstation, or a dias at a meeting, saying things that are incorrect, be held accountable for what they say about people.

    Go Mr. Thompson. You are a man of honor. Those who say different may not always be ignorant..but often are or are certainly supportive of the cowardess that has evolved in our culture where men cannot stand up to one another and speak the truth to each other.

  • Concerned Citizen

    I can not believe that law enforcement is not looking into the threats that Thompson made to the elected mayor of Leland. If we as private citizens would go to a county commissioners meeting and make the same statements to one of the commissioners, “Well, you’re gonna need to or you’re gonna be very likely to need… I’ll tell you, you are very lucky, sir, that I have received the gospel and do not seek vengeance, because a few years ago I would have taken you out in this parking lot and addressed you like the man you want to be. Let’s walk outside, and I’ll show you right now. Are you ready to do that? Or are you going to sit there in your Huggies and wet yourself?” I am sure that law enforcement would of been called on us at that moment and most likely we would be sitting in a jail waiting to go before a judge.
    Obviously a different set of rules for certain people or a corrupt system of government. Probably a little of both.

  • Guest

    I have been in a lot of fights over the years and there is a time and a place for a good brawl. In a public meeting over what might or might not have been a slight is not the time or place and isn’t even a good reason. I have no doubt Thompson could handle himself in a fight with an average guy but believe me, if the mayor of Leland had been a ripped, 30 year old black man, the response from Thompson would have been decidedly different. If he challenged the guy at all, if would have been more like “Mr. Mayor, you might, should, sorta, kinda, think about, apologi…oh, never mind.”


    WOW! I was amazed sitting in my living room watching Mr. Thompson, a man requesting to set the record straight, invite another to duel in the parking lot. The simple FACT that Mr. Thompson used the words that he had received gospel followed by asking a well respected public official to step out to the parking lot and referred to him wetting his pants in a diaper was astonishing. The real apology should be coming from Mr. Thompson. He should be ashamed of his behavior. Is this the type of example that should be set by a public official? Do we want our children making these same threats to their fellow students? I seriously doubt it. In fact if a child was caught making those statements they would be in detention or worse. After all there is a huge crackdown on bullying. The behavior displayed by Mr. Thompson is not a behavior I want my children emulating. As adults we are responsible for setting the example for our children. Mr. Thompson is right that there is an apology owed, but he should be the one apologizing to the children.

  • Wade griffis

    But he is our idiot. Actually, he is YOUR idiot. I have never voted for him. He knows that. He once had framed on his wall, a letter I wrote him saying that I would not vote for him if he was the last man on earth. He thought it was funny.

    He can afford to laugh because you idiots keep putting him back in office.

    Who has the last laugh now?

    Wade Griffis

  • Wade griffis

    Everybody who knows him, knows that.

    Here is the Mystery: Somebody keeps electing him! Why?

  • Guest

    I think you are pushing the realm of truth calling Mayor Futch “well respected.” I have watched his childish, paranoid rants against the Cape Fear Skyway and the city of Wilmington for months now. It seems to me that Mayor Futch cannot comprehend the positive economic impact the bridge would have on Leland and how those who dole our state funds for future projects might view him as an obstacle and look elsewhere for projects thus depriving the region of jobs and income. I have no respect for this man, nor do I know many on this side fo the river who do.

  • Guest

    Be careful what you ask for Jason, you aren’t as big and bad as you think you are.

  • Guest

    Maybe Thompson is the one who needs to get out of his Huggies and grow up. Who is he to threaten Futch by calling him outside? Is this how Thompson and all Wilmington politicians conduct business…restoring to physical violence? Saffo was the same way. If Thompson truly has the gospel as he states he does, he knows violence is not the way to settle matters. Does Thompson think he can come over here in Brunswick County and throw his weight around? He’s nothing over here! If he gets this upset over this matter, promoting violence, then he must have some hidden agenda. And I hope it’s exposed.

  • Guest

    Real good example Thompson sets by threatening people because he doesnt like what they say,just shut up
    Thompson! stop shooting your mouth off! An elected official has no place to want to “take it outside” A sorry example of gentleman conduct!

  • Nut spotter

    “Well, you’re gonna need to or you’re gonna be very likely to need…I’ll tell you, you are very lucky, Sir, that I have received the gospel because a few years ago I would have taken you out in this parking lot and addressed you like the man you want to be. Let’s walk outside and I’ll show you right now. Are you ready to do that? Or are you going to sit there in your Huggies and wet yourself?”

    So the basic idea is be glad that I found the Lord because a few years ago I would have beaten your butt and if you’d care to step outside right now I’ll show you how much I found the Lord by beating your butt?

    Nothing quite like a supposedly mature county commissioner threatening a mayor with physical violence.

    I’d say that Thompson’s recent quotes regarding both the great $25,000 giveaway to his campaign manager and this incident clearly indicate that he has become totally unhinged and is in need of professional psychiatric treatment.

  • guesty

    Wow, just when you think thompson can’t sink any lower or act more childish he digs deeper. Wow, so you want to fight a man close to 60 years old because you got your feelings hurt. So you claim you don’t have any property in the path but the story gives this:

    “Chairman Jason Thompson recused himself because his business is located in a proposed corridor…”

    So what part is wrong? Grow up and please move away from Wilmington. Disputes are not solved in a civilized world by fists. Notice we don’t have duels anymore? Dolt.

  • WilmingtonMAJ

    The story clearly shows that old Futch made that comment. I don’t think WWAY or anyone else is saying that Thompson recused himself..Futch merely misspoke and wouldn’t apologize then. I’d be ticked off too. Thats a pretty serious accusation to make with no proof or evidence.

  • Guest228

    I cant believe this guy actually threaten to take someone to the parking lot so they can “discuss” the comments..if you excuse yourself from the vote because of a conflict of interest of a business that you own that might be in the projected path of the skyline then why do you get upset if someone calls you up on it..I appauld the Leland Mayor for bringing it to the public attention but Mr. Mayor, you SHOULD NOT have apologized to that tool..why is Mr. Thompson still allowed to hold his position is beyond me..isnt there some type of ethics or morals that they have to uphold while in this type of position..Wilmington better wake up!!!

  • Churchills Cigar Butt–chewed on–spit out and real


    An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.
    Winston Churchill

  • Guesttoo


    Took about a minute to find this article. If you are going to accuse someone of misspeaking, it’s worth spending time to check.

    Futch got that info from the Star News. They said ” property in the corridor”. Did Mr. Thompson (or Saffo, for that matter) volunteer the infomation that they had property around the proposed bridge corridor?

    If the paper was wrong why didn’t Thompson demand a retraction when the above article was printed?

    The paper action nor Futch’s action in any way justified the childish melt-down…the temper tantrum that Thompson had.

  • guesty

    Read the story again and you will see where I pulled that quote. You will then see it came from the Star News. If he believed it to be the truth when he read it in the news paper, then Futch didn’t lie. Futch repeated what he read, nothing more, nothing less. Pouty thompson cried boo hoo and showed his true colors….yellow.

  • Guest

    Please tell me how you think the Skyway will economically impact the Leland area? I for one would not use an overpriced toll bridge to get to across the river in either direction unless all other options are inaccessible at which point the Skyway would be in effect a form of extortion. Dr. Futch has been vocal in stating that completing the I-140 corridor into Brunswick County would be a much more cost effective manner and costworthy option.

  • Guest



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