Former Senator Boseman files for bankruptcy

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Submitted: Mon, 01/10/2011 - 7:59pm
Updated: Mon, 03/05/2012 - 5:21pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Former state Senator Julia Boseman filed for voluntary Chapter 7 liquidation according to a Wilmington newspaper.

She primarily has personal consumer debts according to the filing. It says Boseman owes more than $1.7 million to unsecured creditors and her assets are listed at $47,346.

A residential mortgage debt of about $735,000 is listed as well as a major claim by BB&T Bankruptcy Department for about $565,000 and by RBC Bank for about $186,000.


  • truthseeker says:

    Boseman’s financial difficulties are just to funny. Her intent to keep Titan away is payback for all the jobs they would bring. Maybe she could mix a little concrete to work off her debt. Maybe the Lesbian Organizations whom supported her campaign will give her money. Maybe the moon will fall, but I doubt it and I doubt Boseman will ever be elected back into politics. WE do not need her.

  • Thegiant says:

    Within weeks of the bankruptcy completion
    she will
    Have an income of over 200 k per year
    I must admit I do not know how a chapter 7
    Works, will she be held responsible for
    Her mismanagement of her finances or
    Dose she just walk away and start over ??

  • Guest says:

    She list her income as $2000.00 per month… What attorney make $2000.00 per month?

  • Guest says:

    Did anyone see child support listed on the documents? How can she claim two sons as dependants when the adoption isn’t legal?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    This woman is a train wreck. She couldn’t avoid negative press if her life depended upon it.

    What does it say (about US) that we sent both her and the Creepy Old Guy from Tabor City to represent us?

    I’ll bet we find Rabon and Goolsby downright boring, after “the affairs of the wayward hearts.”

  • Guest says:

    that anyone can be a victim of our economy. It has probably changed the lives of 90 percent of the working population. Those on welfare are still getting checks, food stamps and free medical. Must be nice.

  • Guest: guest says:

    Typical, spend more money than you can ever possibly pay. Go figure..sounds familiar. A perfect picture of where this country is going if the government doesn’t stop spending more than we can afford.

  • Roger says:

    And to think this person was elected by North Carolina voters? What were they thinking?

  • Johnny41 says:

    I’m glad to see it is former Senator Boseman. Anyone who cannot manage their own personal finances has no business having a hand in running the state.

  • Guestaholic says:

    Her assets. according to recklessly-irresponsible Boseman, are a measly $47,364!

    Where has she hidden the rest?

    Who will assume her debts?

    Lots of questions triggered by her “bankrupcy” claims.

  • Unsurprised says:

    Well, people can finally see what’s behind the curtain.

    A politician who helped run the state into dirt.

    A financial player who speculated in real estate with virtually no real cash or collateral.

    A leech that used the public trust to enrich herself when times were good, only to skip out and leave everyone she dealt with holding the bag.

    Goodbye Julia, but don’t fret, the public has a short memory.

    You’ll be re-elected by the same hand out grabbing crowd that kept you in office for so long.

    If RBC and BBT has any sense, they’d fire the idiots that approved the loans with no collateral at all.

    It seems our public officials have a history of priviledge with taps on the wrist for all types of activity that would ruin any private individual.

    Where’s the SBI investigation of improper financial dealings. Maybe they should go over the paperwork to see if she got “special consideration” because of her position.

    Investigate, and if any crimes were committed, prosecute.

    Oh, she was a senator. Never mind.

  • Freedom Of Speech says:

    Lets see here….

    Owes 1.7 million, has 47,346.

    Sounds like a senator to me. Personal finance reflects the ideals of public officials. When are we going to get serious and elect people to run OUR government and spend OUR money with some sort of business experience?

    Why do we continue to elect lawyers that have no idea of the value of a dollar and couldnt balance their own checkbook?

    Who is this debt going to be paid by? ME! The taxpayer. Thanks alot you freaking stupid twit!

    Boseman belongs on 3rd street begging for spare change, not running our state finances. Julia, burn in HADES for making us ultimately responsible for your rediculously irresponsible mismanagement of money.

    You Suck!

  • Guest45 says:

    WTH? She is a FORMER public office holder, this in my eyes is a private matter. Shame on WWAYTV3 for doing what they do best: stiring the pot.
    Why do i waste my time on this site??????????????????????????

  • taxpayer says:

    that reported her Chapter 7 filing…the Star-News and The Triangle Business Journal also reported the story as did Carolina Journal online.

  • Guest12 says:

    Yes they did – SHAME on all of them. There is much more important news out here!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Filing for bankruptcy is a public record and widely circulated. By law it even has to be publically posted so that all creditors can approach the court. That applies to everyone, including Princess Boseman.

    None of the articles or stories, however, meet the legal requirements for posting. They’re simply here to remind us what a train wreck she is….

    ….and we elected her to represent us?????

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