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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Former state Senator Julia Boseman filed for voluntary Chapter 7 liquidation according to a Wilmington newspaper.

She primarily has personal consumer debts according to the filing. It says Boseman owes more than $1.7 million to unsecured creditors and her assets are listed at $47,346.

A residential mortgage debt of about $735,000 is listed as well as a major claim by BB&T Bankruptcy Department for about $565,000 and by RBC Bank for about $186,000.

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  • Guest

    Did anyone see child support listed on the documents? How can she claim two sons as dependants when the adoption isn’t legal?

  • Guest

    She list her income as $2000.00 per month… What attorney make $2000.00 per month?

  • Thegiant

    Within weeks of the bankruptcy completion
    she will
    Have an income of over 200 k per year
    I must admit I do not know how a chapter 7
    Works, will she be held responsible for
    Her mismanagement of her finances or
    Dose she just walk away and start over ??

  • truthseeker

    Boseman’s financial difficulties are just to funny. Her intent to keep Titan away is payback for all the jobs they would bring. Maybe she could mix a little concrete to work off her debt. Maybe the Lesbian Organizations whom supported her campaign will give her money. Maybe the moon will fall, but I doubt it and I doubt Boseman will ever be elected back into politics. WE do not need her.

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