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OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — The MTV show “Teen Mom 2” has many folks in Brunswick County talking and others afraid to. Jenelle Evans, 19, of Oak Island is one of the teen moms on the show. This week, viewers got to see a softer side of her.

This week, viewers saw the teen hit hard with the reality of a child custody battle. Jenelle’s mom Barbara said it’s no joke that she wants custody of Jenelle’s baby Jace, and she won’t stop until she gets it. During one encounter with her daughter, Barbara told Jenelle she needed to get a lawyer.

“I know how to get one,” Jenelle said. “I call them up and hire them. That’s all.”

Jenelle figured out it’s not that easy, and she found herself in over her head, even confessing to Southport lawyer Gina Cecil she sometimes smokes marijuana.

“I don’t drink,” Jenelle told the attorney during a consultation. “I’ve not touched any drugs in my life except marijuana, but i mean i don’t do it that much. OK?”

By the end of the episode, Jenelle asks her mom if she can move back home with her and the baby. Her mom lets her come back, but makes Jenelle promise to help with the baby.

Kim Pitts, a resident of Oak Osland, said Jenelle’s mother is just making things worse.

“The parents of these children taking care of their babies. it very much enables them to do what they wanna do,” Pitts said. “It’s ridiculous.”

Another Oak Island resident, Felicia Maziarz, agreed. She said it’s the parent’s responsibility to talk to their kids in the first place.

“I somewhat can put a blame on the parents not talking about it to their children before they actually go out and do it,” she said.

After seeing Jenelle threaten her mother on last week’s episode, many Oak Island residents we spoke with did not want to talk about the show because they are afraid of what the teen mom might do.

It seems on this episode Jenelle may finally be getting her act together due to a big dose of reality, but will it last? From recent reports of the MTV reality star getting busted with weed, it seems Jenelle’s is still struggling to get on track. We’ll keep a close eye on it and let you know next week.

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  • anne

    For those of you who watch the reality shows – just how real are they? Think about it – there are cameras on these people. Wouldn’t you think that alot of the stuff that goes on is for the camera? Would it really go on without people watching? No. They have to sell a product to get people to watch them. If they didn’t have all this stuff going on, who would really care? It is TV folks – not real. I don’t care how you advertise it.

    The girl needs a reality check in her life. She needs to forget the show and grow up. Teen moms are becoming an epidemic today.Pre-marital sex is rampant and there is no thought of what might happend. Why – because Hollywood and society glamorize it. Having a child is real – it is a 24/7 event and the baby is not a toy to be put aside when it becomes too hard to deal with. We as a society need to put a stop to it. Moderate what your children watch, hear or are involved in. Let them know that it is not acceptable behavior. Turn off the reality shows and tune into reality.

  • teenmommustend

    Janelle is a stupid girl, just like a good majority of the girls. i’ve done the parent gig, even if i was up till 4 in the morning i was up at 7 am regardless for my child. my focus was 120% my child. breakfast, bottle, diaper change, it can suck at times, but that childs smile was worth more than life itself…. you know what? i’ll just say it like this… girls like janelle here are an insult to parents, and to teen moms and teen dads that have common sense. janelle threw her life away and that temporary custody she gave to her mom was the most dumbest mistake ever. Now that corey and leah? had it together…. until the teen came out in leah and she decided to leave corey because she thought he had cheated on him. but she was the one cheating!! and these people get a tv show?????

  • Heather Taylor

    I dont think Jenelles that bad. Yeah, she needs to grow up but what teen doesnt, myself included. To her credit, she is trying. I think her mom is half her problem. Neither of them is the best. I really do hope Jenelle grows up and gets Jace back. I think she will be just fine. Everyone takes time to grow up. Some faster than others. Give her time. Im rooting for you Jenelle.

  • A Mother

    I do not understand why most of you think it’s ok for Janelle to go out at night when the baby is in bed. Even though Jace is asleep someone has to be there and care for him if he were to awaken or in case of an emergency. I watched how Janelle went out all night and didn’t get up with Jace in the morning. Her mother was with Jace all night every night Janelle went out. Her mother is the one that got Jace up, changed, fed, and took him to daycare. What would happen if her mother wasn’t there to care for Jace when she went out? Would she leave him home alone? Janelle made the comment about how she likes the free time she has afterschool when Jace is in daycare. I would take the same actions the Janelle’s mother is if I were in her position. Janelle has proved over and over she is not responsible enough to care for Jace. The issue over what clothes to put Jace in…Janelle didn’t properly dress Jace for bed. Barbara changed Jace into something warmer…HELLO PEOPLE….an improperly dressed child can become very ill. Janelle took off and left Jace with her mother. How many days went by before she went to see Jace? A week? I agree Janelle should not be allowed to take Jace anywhere as she has repeatedly shown that she is not responseable enough to make the right decisions where Jace’s welfare is concerned. What did she want to do…take him to the fireworks at what time at night? She admits to smoking weed. Is it possible that she smokes weed and drives with Jace in the car? Janelle reminds me of my older sister. My sister had her first child (one of six) at the age of 17. When she didn’t have someone to watch her baby she would take off and leave the baby alone. I can’t remember how many times my mother was called by her neighbours in the middle of the night because the baby was screaming for hours and realizing the baby was left alone.
    Barbara has said numerous times “Janelle stay home and take care of your child”. How does Janelle respond to that? That she wants to go out and have fun with her friends. As a parent your first priority is your child and that means you stay home with that child. Janelle finally gets a job and a paycheck and where did the money go? She spent most of it on herself.What about diapers or formula for Jace? Oh yeah…Barbara provides all of that. Janelle decided to have sex and got pregnant and kept the baby. She no longer has the carefree life her friends have which is what she wants. The only postive action Janelle has made since the birth of Jace was to give her mother custody. Child protective services would have taken Jace from Janelle a long time ago if it wasn’t for Barbara.
    Janelle continues to prove she is unfit to be a parent. I pray she wakes up and gets herself together before she ends up having another child or three. Our foster system is full of children from mothers just like Janelle do we need her to add to it?

  • Guest

    We all do not live with them 24/7 but the show does make it seem like Barbara is completly controlling and even before custody was signed over she didnt give Jenelle the chance to try to be a mom. Examples not letting her dress Jace with/out finding fault repeatedly taking him right out of Jenelle’s hand as if she is not capable of feeding, changing a diaper or putting him to bed all of which Im sure she can handle. Like I said Im not sure how much of that was just to make for a tv show but then not allowing her to be alone with the baby to go to the grocery store or even to see fireworks. Barbara you need to suppport your child that you had and teach her and give her half a chance to raise her child yes she will make mistakes and not be perfect no first time parent is but you put her in a position where she had no choice but to sign over custody atleast give her a chance to try to better herself and be his mom.

  • Guest228

    I saw nothing in that episode that suggested this brat was getting her life together, in fact one of the future shows, her mom is supposed to walk up on her sitting on the porch of the house and jenelle is sitting there smoking weed..and oak island residents, I can see why jenelle is the way she is, for some of you to suggest that this is the mom’s fault..that teen is 19 years old, legally she can go serve in the army, drive a car and vote..this is not her mother’s fault by no means..a parent can only do so much with their child..you can tell jenelle is not a typical child..what person threatens to spit in their mom’s face and jumps at their mom to hit her..her mom should have laid her azz out..instead of threatening to call the police, she should have knocked her out and call the EMT..

  • GuestV

    I am willing to bet this summer, once tourist season rolls around, the beaches of OI will be filled with the MTV trash watching generation and the beach will be ruined. Gee, thanks MTV.
    Jenelle, grow up little girl.

  • Tiffany Brown

    I was a teen mother-15yrs old. My mother was a single mother of three who worked three and four jobs just to care for us. So I grew up faster than the normal 15 yr olds…I was told by a doctor that I should not have the baby-it would ruin my life..I’d never finish high school and the father of the child would never be in it’s life.

    I had the baby-a beautiful girl.. who is 22yrs old now..I did finish high school and went on to college-it’s a harder life but not un-doable. My mother was there for me, supported me, but I knew it was my responsibility to care for this baby-the father did stay in our lives, my daughter has a relationship with him to this day.

    If a mother feels her child is acting as child and can’t care for the baby then she has every right as the childs grandparent to step in.

    The kids need education and REALISTIC HELP…to deal with their issues. It’s a different time, a different stress on kids…talk to them like they matter and they might just surprise you!

  • Guest

    I too was a teen mom or should I say were teen parents. Married for 30 years. We raised our Daughter who will be 30 in march. I completed my education. Have a very good job for the last 27 years. I am surprised at how slow these young girls grow up. I seem to remember growing up a lot faster. They seem to feel they are giving up their lives for their kids. Well, their not. There focus should be on what their lives are and not what they would have been if…. I like you had a good family support unit which doesn’t seem to be the case for some of these girls.

  • Guest1118

    That this is a news story. This is tabloid trash that should not be covered by a news station/web site.

  • Don

    I sure was disappointed when I saw that Jenelle went to Gina Cecil for legal advice on custody of Jace. She thinks her mama’s crazy she should spend some time with that women or better yet work for her……

  • Guest1903

    that they suck no really cares about these losers.

    i wish networks would pay writers cept wasting time with this rubbish only reason networks like making shows like this is because they are extremely cheap to make for ratings they get. .

    if i ever had a kid all he is going watch is shows from the 80’s early 90’s alf, cosby ,mr belvedere family ties what’s happening ..or just ole andy griffin .

    not this reality television junk people already have messed up lives i don’t want to be entertained with some idiots problems O.o

  • Guest

    There is your problem. you don’t have kids. you will eat alot of words when you do. don’t say what you will do until you are put in that position. for someone that doesn’t watch this show you sure have a big opinion of it.

  • Guest

    I hate to drop this bomb on you but I don’t think MTV or Jenelle ruin Oak Island. I was born and raised here and oak island was ruin way before they showed up. Do you every read about the drug bust in the paper on the island? for years and years?? god people get real…

  • Guest

    That chick jenelle deserves to lose custody of her kid. She
    Seems more concerned with partying than raising her child. Immature white trash.

  • andy

    I think Barbera is being pretty nasty. She KNOWS her daughter has no where to go, no means to take care of her child on her own, yet when Jenelle is at home, her mom (Barbera) doesnt even LET her take care of her own child! She antagonizes her daughter, I believe on purpose, setting her up for failure. I can only imagine how hard it would have been to have my child while still in High school, i had my child a month after turning 20, and although i had already graduated, its not entirely easy.
    Jenelle has argued that she only goes out at night when Jace is asleep, which I dont see a severe problem with. I found out when I was older that my mom too was going out EVERY single night when I was kid, but i never knew because she waited till i was asleep. And if barbera wants custody of jace and is willing to be with him through the night ANYWAYS, why is it a problem for jenelle to go out with friends? because jenelle weas more than willing to take care of her child in the day/while hes awake – yet her mom snatches jace out of her hands just to change his diapers, she doesnt even ALLOW her own daughter to do any mothering when she’s home. barbera is one grade-A bitch, and thats that. Kids learn theire behaviors from their parents, it was barbera who raised jenelle to be the person who she is, and she doesnt like who she is – so what makes her think she would raise jace any better?

  • Guest

    I could not agree more!!! This is what I have been thinking the whole time, and was like, am I the only one that sees it?!?!

    A) Jenelle is 16 when she has her baby, her mother put so much weight on Jenelle needing to take responsibility for her actions, that she has HIGH if not UNREALISTIC expectation for her daughter, with little to no support. Yes, she clearly is offering all the financial support to Jace, but this ISN’T teaching Jenelle how to be responsible for a child. I understand this only shows a fraction of their lives, but in none of this fraction does it show her mother offering help to Jenelle in the sense of emotional and educational support. Teaching her things about being a mother and preparing her for being able to do it on her own. Yes, she is only setting her up for failure.

    B) She (and the show) tries to make her daughter look SO BAD. I do not understand how everyone is fed into it and doesn’t see what it really is. Her mom isn’t anything but financially supportive. She glorifies herself constantly about working a 40 hour a week job, as if its 80 hours. Ummm… ya. Its called a full time job lady…?! Kind of what is expected of someone who has a life, family, bills, etc. Then she takes the baby to daycare…? Why? If the MOTHER is at home all day everyday why pay the money to put the kid in daycare?! Let her take care of her kid! If she doesn’t want to, that shouldn’t be a choice for you to give her. I would never if my child had a baby at 16 be like, “oh you don’t feel like taking care of them all day? Thats ok, I’ll just pay for them to be in daycare so you don’t have to” And then continues to show her not let her daughter change diapers, clothing, bathe him without antagonizing her, etc. And then when Jenelle does try to ask her mom why she wont even let her pick out his clothes, she brushes her feeling off as if shocked that its a big deal. She acts so upset and fed up that Jenelle wont care for the child, while at the same time wont let her. Its a wonder how a parent who treats their kid this way on a regular basis had a teenager who got pregnant at 16! I’m sure the low self esteem that mother surely caused had nothing to do with it….

    C) Jenelle going out- GET OVER IT. Oh, I’m going to push you aside and provoke you all day, forcing the responsibility on myself, then after baby is in bed, go off on you about being an irresponsible parent?! You don’t let your daughter even share the responsibility with you for her OWN child but then when he is sleeping, want to make her look bad? I do not think there is anything wrong. It clearly shows several times that she WAITS until he is in bed. Any one can say what they want but if every parent was on the front page of OK and US weekly being criticized for going out after their child was in bed and with someone responsible in the home (which for most children is 8-9 pm, a very REASONABLE hour)I think it would be immediate for us all to realize how hypocritical or judgmental we are all being. And all because she is young, and on MTV, when I know their are parents twice her age and older doing the same thing and not viewed as bad parents.

  • Guest

    Apparently everyone needs to take responsibility for their actions but they don’t. Janelle’s mother should realise she’s hurting her daughter by her actions and sometimes forgets that she herself is a mother.. She wants to take over and raise Jace when it’s not her place to begin with. Janelle is imature and should be a mother first, not a young woman who want’s to go out and party. I was a mother at 19 also and went through the same situation with my mother because I wanted to see my fiance (my fiance wasn’t allowed to be near my mother’s house) so I had to go “out” to see him. I won full custody of my son in my case and hired a great lawyer.

    I now have 4 kids and being a mother is what’s more important than anything. She shouldn’t be going out just because her son is sleeping. Things can happen at the drop of a hat even when kids are sleeping. She would regret not being there for him. My husband and I go out maybe once a month, if we have extra spending money. My kids always come first. It’s good to make time for yourself as a mother, but an hour for a massage or manicure is reasonable.. not leaving your kid with your mother just to party.

  • Guest

    I am sorry that mom Barbara is the worst. Every episode I watch and get so angry because she is tearing Janelle down by dangling her child in front of her. It does not seem like Barbara is really concerned for the welfare pf the Jace because the mother child bond is most important and what type of message is that going to send to that baby about his mother when he gets older. Unless she is being neglectful or endangering his life she has no right she is just forcing that poor girl into a violent self distructive spiral and as a mom to her 16 year old Barbara needs to look at that first. Yes being 16 with a baby is hard and nobodys perfect but as people we learn from our mistakes. That girl will never grow,till she is free of her mom. He belongs with his mom.God help that baby and Janelle.


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