Wilmington man accused of running pot grow house

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Submitted: Wed, 01/19/2011 - 7:11pm
Updated: Wed, 01/19/2011 - 7:13pm

WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — A Wilmington man is in custody under $200,000 secure bond after WPD Vice-Narcotics investigators served search warrants at both of his addresses – the house where he had been living, and the address he maintained for the sole purpose of growing marijuana.

Michael Neal Bowman, d.o.b. 2-5-1980, of Wilmington was arrested Monday night after investigators executed search warrants at 5714 Wisteria Lane and 213 N. 6th Street.

Investigators obtained the search warrants after developing information that Bowman was operating a “grow house” at 5714 Wisteria Lane. On Monday evening, they executed the search warrants at the Wisteria Lane address and at Bowman’s residence at 213 N. 6th Street.

Investigators confiscated approximately 13 pounds of marijuana in the house on Wisteria Lane. The house was thoroughly equipped for growing marijuana, but contained no other furnishings, food or supplies that would indicate that anyone actually was living there. Investigators seized approximately $2,000 cash and a couple of ounces of marijuana at Bowman’s residence on N. 6th Street.

Bowman was arrested and charged with numerous drug-related offenses, including trafficking marijuana by possession and by manufacture, maintaining a residence for drugs, possession with intent to sell/deliver, and possession with intent to sell/deliver within 1000 feet of a city park. Bowman’s booking photo is attached.


  • Guest says:

    The man broke the law that you potheads have failed to overturn… My suggestion to you if you are serious about helping him, is buy him a soap on the rope… he is gonna need it in prison.

  • E says:

    Yes, I do think it was a waste of resources when medically, it needs to be legalized. Alcohol is way worse than marijuana. (And it used to be illegal. Just think of all the deaths caused by alcohol, where as marijuana has caused ZERO deaths) Anyway, I suppose we can agree to disagree. All I’m trying to say is, the world would be a better place if it were legal & that making marijuana legal has to start somewhere. You should look into the benefits & do research so you aren’t so ignorant on the subject, if you’re going to argue about it. I get that it’s illegal–that’s a moot point to me.

  • E says:

    Not whining in the least. (That was pretty lame) I’m “whining” because we have crack heads & more serious crimes/offenders we should be spending our tax money on. Marijuana is legal in some states…..DING DING DING. Are you aware of the benefits of hemp? Probably not. You should do your research.

  • guesty says:

    It really doesn’t matter what is legal in other states, it isn’t legal here. Ding dong yourself. So you think it was a waste of resources to arrest a guy that had a complete house set up as a grow house? The “research” I’ve done is that any amount of marijuana is illegal in North Carolina. Until the law is changed, your “benefits” really don’t matter. Keep on munching.

  • Guestier says:

    I am aware that there are potential benefits of hemp. However, was this guy benefiting society? Was he growing marijuana in his house for cancer research? Was he selling drugs to fund an orphanage? By smoking this weed did he become more intellectual and use this intellect to resolve world conflicts, national issues, even local dilemmas?

    The proponents of marijuana tout the wonders of this weed, yet at the end of the day support for marijuana is driven only by one thing…the urge to get high. If this weed didn’t get you high the diehard supporters would not be as outraged.

  • Guest021 says:

    Of course hes smarter than a street dealer, thats why he cut the middle man out. For everyone busted for this there are 100 others going unnoticed. Why do you think all of the Hydroponic shops are opening up across the country. Remember the saying…”if you cant say something nice, then keep your teeth hole shut !”

  • FriendofMike says:


    Doubt you will ever read this however if you do…WTF…You are 30 years old…You are still doing the same s@#% you did 10 years ago..It’s hard to imagine that most of your “Old” friends are actually NOW honest citizens and can say that whatever we did years ago was attributable to being young, naive, and just plain stupid. Bowman, you were always a good friend. I can’t argue with that…But come on man….You are much better and SMARTER than a lowlife street dealer…Even if it was just weed….Having kids now makes me almost look at you in disgust and have hopes that they NEVER meet a person like you. That hurts…..Mike, get your S$#! together. Act your age. You are much better than the guy in this mugshot!!!

    A friend from your hometown

  • Guesttt says:

    TOTALLY AGREE! Lets stop wasting money on this loosing war.

  • Guest says:

    Here is a perfect example of a fresh local product in our county. The dollars are staying right here, there is no “foreign drug cartel”. These are our friends and neighbors. If thirty five percent or more of the folks reading this article think’s it’s bull—- that people are still being arrested for pot; you know the war is lost.
    Take a look at the Star News headline this morning ” state lawmakers can’t afford to continue prison expansion”. Quit wasting our tax dollars on this.Another postive to this would be the added respect law enforcement would recieve if we did not have to worry about being busted for some pot.

  • Robert Lore says:

    Was doing research on rentals in the area and this article popped up first in google search. I know it was three years ago but I can’t find out what happened. This article is seriously the only thing online about it and I don’t want to move in and have strange people knocking on my door thinking it’s still a place to pick up weed.

  • E says:

    Seriously?? Don’t they have crack heads to take down?? Marijuana should be LEGAL.

  • guesty says:

    But it isn’t legal. So you are whining because your dealer went down?

  • Guest says:

    SCARY!!!! This person lived next door to us and our children. We always thought he was a good neighbor, keeping to himself and very quiet. Now we know why he was so quiet and was hardly ever home.

  • Guest says:

    Have you ever thought that he was a good, quiet neighbor that kept to himself, but that you have no reason to be scared of him? Pot isn’t crack. Please get situated with the factual world.

  • Guesttrjh says:

    Why is this “scary”? Because he was growing some plants next door to you? Was the smell of the marijuana going to travel through his walls and into your house and make your children sick and crazed? Was a Mexican Cartel going to start a drug war in your neighborhood?

    You thought he was a good neighbor because he was.

  • Guest says:

    And they say that stuff don’t make you stupid.

  • E says:

    “And they say that stuff don’t make you stupid.” You mean….DOESN’T make you stupid????? Oy.

  • Guest 1953 says:

    I totally agree, I think marijuana should be legal. As to making you stupid; “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man (or woman) in everlasting ignorance-that principle is contempt prior to investigatiion.”

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