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CLARKTON, NC (WWAY) — When you send your child off to school on the bus, you expect them to wind up in class. But last week a child in Bladen County spent much of a cold school day on the bus.

The six year-old is a student at Booker T. Washington Elementary School in Clarkton. The school district says the bus driver is being held accountable for the incident in which the child was left alone for several hours. The district says the driver has been disciplined, but did not say whether that driver is still on the job.

Today we talked with several parents who were outraged that a child was left on the bus on a morning that was in the 20s.

“I’ve heard something like this before,” Margie McKiver, a grandmother, said. “I don’t know what exactly happened, but I want to find the mother of whom the child was, because I know they were sadly disappointed when the child was left on the bus.”

The district says the six-year-old was OK when found.

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  • Guest

    2 weeks ago my 6yr old was sleep on the bus when the bus driver didnt let her off with my other 2 kids. i was outraged! she too would have been left in the cold for hours if i had not called the school officials. this kind of thing should not happen and cameras should be put back on the buses!

  • Guest7969

    First..maybe your 6 year old should go to bed earlier so they aren’t so sleepy…Second..maybe your OTHER TWO CHILDREN should have had a little compassion on their sibling and ensured they woke up..

    I have a six year old..and I can tell you that he would have gotten off the bus on his own and walked into class…course I have taught my child a LITTLE common sense…

  • Liz

    Of course the adult bus driver should have checked the bus at the end of the route. However, the child should have lined up and exited the bus with the other children.

  • Guest

    Wow are you kidding me, blaming the child, this is the bus drivers responsiblity to make sure our kids get on and off the bus safely, she should have checked the bus.

  • anne

    Yes, the child should have gotten off the bus, but it is the driver’s responsibility that the bus is checked before it is parked. No excuses – the driver did not do the job they were supposed to and it could have ended with tragedy. Enough said.

  • Parent

    I know the mother of the six year old child is very upset. I can not imagine that child locked up on the bus not being able to eat, use the bathroom, and on top of that scared. I read on another website that the bus driver was a 30 year veteran. I would not care how long she had been a bus driver leaving that child on the bus was unacceptable. It would seem with her being a 30 year veteran she would know to sweep the bus before she leaves to make sure no kids are left on the bus.

  • GuestAvery

    You get what you pay for.

    Everyone seem to love to throw that little bit of wisdom around, but most do not realize it goes for employees too. Pay better, and you will get better employees. Maybe this will be a wakeup call for everyone involved. Luckily everyone seems to be OK, although I’m sure a lawsuit is in the works.

  • keirsey

    You are fooling yourself about how your child would do in that case, if is a sleep what would he do when it time to get off the bus. keep on that will you! you foolish woman !

  • Guest

    My son was asleep on the bus that morning. He sat 2 seats behind the bus driver. She never woke him up. He went to bed at 9:00 P.M.


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