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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina’s unemployment rate is climbing as fewer people are working.

The Employment Security Commission reported Monday that North Carolina’s unemployment rate edged up to 9.8 percent in December from 9.7 percent in November. That’s higher than the national jobless rate of 9.4 percent in

The agency also reported the number of people employed in North Carolina fell by 2,100 in December. The construction industry dropped nearly 4,000 jobs in the month after adjusting for seasonal differences.

The number of people unemployed and looking for work rose by nearly 4,400.

The number of people drawing paychecks and the number of unemployed had been moving in positive directions since this time last year.

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  • SurfCityTom

    you might find my entries concerning overstaffed departments in Raleigh with salaries listed for all of those department heads.

    You might find my question concerning the number of attorneys in each state department and the need to send them into private practice.

    You might also find my post concerning the poorly trained computer wizards at DSS who allowed all those millions to flow to entitlement receipients who never had any intent on questioning why they were getting money they were not entitled to.

    You can probably cut 40% of the state staff with no significant impact on state services other than the 60% who retain their jobs would actually have to work a full 40 hours each week.

    I also questioned how so many state department heads could earn so much more then the Governor. 2 Examples — the head of the state lottery and the head of the state employees penion fund.

    No, I am all for cuttting state staff. But, start at the top and work down.

  • Guest

    I wasn’t referring to your facts, you may be correct.My point is I thought Conservatives were all for cutting government jobs, so why do you make it sound like you are against it? There is a lot of nonessential gov.jobs I believe are a waste also.You may have told on yourself with your “reasonably thinking person” comment.

  • SurfCityTom

    I state very clear facts; you babble about what no reasonably thinking person could know.

    If you have something intelligent to say get on with it.

    You must be a Democrat; you respond to facts with dribble.

  • Guest3658974

    Consevatives are for cutting govt jobs because it is wasteful spending. However, unlike liberals, they want to turn around and create jobs for people in the private sector, you know so they don’t use tax dollars.

  • SurfCityTom

    our state government is hard at work to boost job creation.

    Thousands will lose their jobs when Progressive Energy & Duke Power complete their merger.

    Pepsi has announced the closure of its Durham bottling facility.

    Amercian Express is closing its center in the Triad.

    On another note the Department of Corrections is looking to hire a Television Producer/Director. That one got me. Is this in any way related to the 2012 gubernatorial election?

    With the cold weather, it must be time for another vacation.

    Still on the horizen — possible job cuts at the state and local level as the legislature wrestles with a $3.7 Billion budget shortfall. Even education and social services will be unable to escape the budget cuts. Wake County, alone, anticipates 300 positions will be lost after the next fiscal budget is enacted.

    If you voted for Mike or Bev, is this what you wanted?

    We may well have passed the point where more are on entitlements than are working to support themselves and those who do not work.

    And the Dollar is at a new low against the Euro.

  • Guest

    I thought conservatives were all for cutting government jobs,now you want to use it against Bev. When a conservative governor does it they’re doing a good job. Nice try.


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