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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The suspension of the Rhino Club’s alcohol permits has some neighboring businesses talking about the future of downtown.

Many of the businesses on Market Street have seen first hand the flashing blue lights, the crowds in the street and the bloody brawls. Some say monday morning’s murder was an unfortunate wake-up call.

Neighbors say there have been fights on Market Street at least once a weekend for the past several months. Not only do the brawls pose a danger for the employees working late at night, but some say it’s been hurting their sales.

Word of the Rhino Club’s alcohol suspension comes as a surprise to some businesses on Market, as they feel the Rhino Club is not to blame for the chaos in downtown Wilmington. Others say it’s about time.

“It’s not surprising to me,” said Matthew Sexton, who works on Market Street. “Do I wish that they did? I’m not going to say that I do or don’t wish that they did lose their license, but it’s not surprising to me at all. After so many fights coming from that particular business but also different businesses too letting out at 2 a.m.”

The alcohol suspension for the Rhino Club is effective today.

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  • Guest

    well said!

  • Well it’s about time Rhino was shut down. It wasn’t very long ago that someone else was stabbed there. The problem is that Rhino’s crowd will take over some other bar. That crowd needs their own venue, and that should be a penitentiary.

  • Patron

    How dare you speak about the patrons of The Rhino Club in that way! You do not know any of them and for you to pass judgment on EVERYONE based on a couple people fighting is shallow and small minded of you. And for your information the staff and owner of Rhino are all amazing people and anyone who talks down about them are wrong as well. What happened early Monday morning was a tragedy and extremely sad and unfortunate. But all everyone can do is badmouth the club and the people.

  • Guest

    You are being very judgemental. How dare you say “the crowd should be in a penitentiary”. Do you know every single person on a personal level to pass judgement off the actions of a few bad people. You must be ignorant. Ay. Ignorance is bliss. smh.

  • KrisC

    I don’t live in Wilmington anymore. I’m looking at a map trying to figure out where this club is. It looks like it’s right on Market before 3rd street right in the middle of churches, nearby city offices and historic homes. Mercy! Why on earth are these hog wild bars being placed in this historic city ? Hard up for money? Can’t do any better than this, Mayor Saffo?


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