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FIRST ON 3: Police release names of other stabbing victims


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) - Wilmington Police released the names of the other two stabbing victims from Sunday night.

Police say 18-year-old Codey Cesar Guerrero 18, who's from Riegelwood, and 22-year-old Omar Rashad Williams who's from Wilmington, were both stabbed in front of the Rhino Club Sunday night.

Taaron Quintel Jones was also stabbed and died later at the hospital.

Neither Guerrero nor Williams have a criminal background.

A New Hanover Regional Medical Center spokeswoman says Guerrero was treated and released. She says the hospital has no record of Williams checking in after the stabbing.

Police still haven't released the names of two people shot minutes later in Creekwood. Investigators think the the stabbing and the shooting may be related.

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No Criminal Record

STOP THE PRESS! You mean the other two men where not criminals and they were stabbed too? WWAY this story is going to upset some of your viewers who think that every story you produce is about criminal African Americans....What are they going to do without bieng able to comment negatively??? Im sure there will still be another 40 racist comments on this story though, because of the udder disappointment in the fact all three were not thugs. They were just young men wanting to have a good night and ended up at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I guess u are right about this one Jessica

It is mighty funny that these two other boys seem to have been good people just got stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time and they also happened to be black. But no comment can be posted on that, its such a shame that people carry on the attitude that they do. Even though the third boy seem to have been a person that problems with the law. Whether black, white or any other race it doesnt matter. Seriously I have lived in this town for 5 years and have seen all type of racist people. The point is that not everyone is bad, get to know people before you place judgement on someone whether its race, ethnicity, age or gender. It is very unfortunate that someone had to die behind nonsense I do agree. But I also agree that people should get together to help our neighborhoods out. Dont pass judgment if you dont care to put a foot foward to help the community.

Notice The Lack Of Comments?

Guest..... Have you noticed the lack of comments on this particular update to the story? Because there is nothing hateful they can think of to say because these two boys were as we stated, at the wrong place at the wrong time. Of course you have one ignorant person who still had to come up with something in the below comment to say. As for the comment about bieng out at 2am in a club, they were all 18 years old, which if my knowledge is correct means that you are of legal adult age. Also, they did not regulate the age of admittance into clubs and bar establishments, North Carolina regulated that law which states 18 is the legal age to enter the establishment. No they were not 21 and yes the deceased had on a wristband indicating he was 21 years old and could have possibly been drinking (speculation since we were not in attendance) but that can't be blamed on him either since he was not the one checking ID, handing out wristbands, or serving at the bar. This is the reason why the liqour liscense has been pulled from this establishment at this time. Can't we just leave the race cards in our pocket and understand someone lost thier life and a mother lost thier son and a family and friends lost a loved one because of a sensless fight, that should be the main story here.


There will be that group that will stay these two young men should not have been with Mr. Jones because of his background. For all we know they could have been helping Mr. Jones turn his life around.

It doesn't say they aren't thugs.... only says they don't have criminal records...yet. This may be the beginning of a wonderful lifestyle for them though. Out catt'n around at 2 am on a Monday morning, in the bar hangin' with the city's finest, drinking and way under age to be in there in the first place, then got himself stabbed.

Yep...he's learning the ropes. Must be some mighty fine parents that boy has!