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RICHMOND, VA (WWAY) — We told you back in November about UNCW associate professor Mike Adams and his lawsuit against the university. The first trial resulted in U.S. District judge Malcolm Howard ruling in favor of the University. Adams appealed this decision and the case went to Federal Appeals Court in Richmond on Wednesday.
Katie Harden was the only reporter from Wilmington at the Federal Courthouse today for the hearing.

“I ask for nothing but the opportunity to be given a promotion based upon the same accomplishments as people who have gone before me,” say Adams.

Adams says he was denied a promotion to full professor of criminology because of political and religious views he expressed in books and columns. University officials say the decision was based on Adam’s performance, not his views.

“I’m not asking for special treatment,” says Adams. “I’m asking for equal treatment.”

In a Federal Courtroom on Wednesday, Adams’ work was the focus of discussion.

Adams’ attorney, David French, said the District Court made a fundamental error when ruling in favor of the university. He says Adams submitted articles he wrote on the conservative website “TownHall.com” under the community service section of the tenure application, which the university lists in it’s employee handbook as the least important criteria in terms of consideration for promotion.

When it comes to the rest of his review, French says Adams received rave reviews from students and out published many other employees who were promoted in his department.

University attorney, Tom Zacho, said Adams can’t complain about his pieces being judged when he submitted the information for evaluation.

So what does it all mean? Adams says this is bigger than him and he hopes the federal court will appeal the previous court’s decision.

“This isn’t about Mike Adams,” says Adams. “This is about thousands upon thousands of faculty members who have grown accustom to a culture of academic freedom who are suffering the prospect of losing that freedom.”

The court didn’t give a specific date of when they expect to have a decision about the appeal.

To see the full case and appeal, click the link below.

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  • Guest3658974

    Good for you professor Adams. I hope you burn that school for alot of money. I’m tired of the minority trying to shut up the majority by any means possible. The university is going to have to pull performance records to prove that his lack of promotion was because of this. They also have to prove that other professors with weaker performances didn’t get promotions. Looks like the university is going to have a tougher time that Dr. Adams. Liberal yuppies.

  • Guest

    If Mr. Adams does “burn that school for alot of money”, guess whose money he’ll be burning, mine, yours and all the other taxpayers in NC so in the end Mr. Adams will be burning you too!! Think about it.

  • Guest

    perhaps if he had done research in his discipline instead of spending all of his time lecturing around the country and writing on topics not involved in what he actually is paid by the tax payers of the state of north carolina and the students and parents through tuition at the insitition then perhaps this would not have been an issue…I am guessing.

    Of course as a self professed “chrsitian” on the articles that he writes he was married for some time, never produced children and was subsequently divorced. It would seem that he has a hard time maintaining the standards by which he holds others accountable but yet wants special priviledges when it comes to the way in which his own life and work is assessed and judged. Wow, isn’t that the argument that folks like him make about others..how ironic.

    Well, as we say here in the south..Bless his heart.

  • truthseeker

    Since DePaulo has been Chancellor all she was concerned with is diversity. Personally, I am sick and tired of being denied promotions or other favorable actions in order to support a minority whom is less qualified and has less experience in order to justify the action. I have talked with many employees at UNC-W, all of whom state unless you are a minority forget about promotions. The University intentionally went after minorities and overlooked better candidates already in the system. Supposedly the State has a merit based promotion system and if the facts ever came out you can be assured you would see intentional and willful discrimantion againist white males for promotion or tenure. UNC-W’s merit system is, if you are a minority then we will hire you for a job you are unqualified for, have less experience in and then promote you over white males who are more qualified. The entire State of NC practices reverse discrimination. Take DOC for example, every Secretary of DOC since the early 80’s has been a minority. The last one was taken from the Attorney General’s office with no experience in DOC. That makes alot of sense, place someone in a job they have never worked in and let them run it. The public is unaware of how politics affects every decision in all State agencies and it is a main reason for lackadaisical feelings from state workers.


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