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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Teenagers aren’t the only ones to blame for erratic driving tied to cell phones. Most of the motorists ticketed under North Carolina’s new texting ban are actually over the age of 25, and some are over the age of 60.

An Associated Press review of court records shows more than 1,200 drivers have been cited since the law went into effect in December 2009. Violators face $100 fines, plus court costs.

AAA Carolinas says young drivers who focus on texting were a leading concern for safety advocates. But observers are increasingly seeing problems among adults drivers who feel compelled to stay connected with work through e-mail. That also falls under North Carolina’s texting law.

The average age of those charged in North Carolina with texting while driving is 28.

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  • Guest

    I’d say this is one concern, Another even bigger concern is the people riding around on scooters that are NOT required to have insurance, nor a license, or any kind of motorcycle safety course to speak of…I wonder how many of these people have lost their license for one reason or another, yet they are still allowed to operate a motorized vehicle on our streets in traffic…Would be an interesting study…

  • Guest461

    I witness at least 3 people every day doing this, driving with their knee, weaving, under or over speed in the left lane, COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS to their erratic driving and the dangers they pose to other drivers!

    A 100 dollar fine is rediculous when they are putting the lives of others at risk! The very same penalties, fines and insurance rates should apply just as a DUI. The end results are the same, the danger is the same or worse and it is completely uncalled for, NO MESSAGE is that important! I guarentee the first thing I’ll will request after an accident will be for the officer to check the phone for IM time and date. That is…if I’m alive.

    I simply fail to understand why, with all of the dangers we already face on the roads everyday, that this rediculous and completely irresponsible behavior is consistently demonstrated by kids and adults! A $100 fine, what the hell is that about? Why not automatic loss of driving priveleges for a year, a $1000 fine, community service, 3 years of high-risk insurance rates and the usual attorneys fees?

    I ask everyone to write their Congressmen and Senators to have the penalties of driving while texting made parallel to DUI penalties in ALL aspects to include felony charges in the case of resulting injury or death!

    Now what’s wrong with that?

  • Bill

    You are the most idiotic person ever! One thing…I will NOT give my phone to a police officer w/o a search warrant. Two you probably a as worse of a driver as they are. Three, I will not wright to my congressmen and senators to increase the penalties. I am glad that I can tell my phone what to write. That why I do not have to type it. Its people like you that should be punished…you stupid piece of crap!

  • Guests

    This data just shows that the kids under 25 are slick enough to get away with texting and driving. While the rest are not.

    I’m for a ban on all cell phone use in the car. People already drive poorly with full attention.

  • Guest

    Hope you do not “wright” to your congressman. It is always humorous when someone trys to belittle another with name calling, yet themselves are the ones that appear “stupid” (as you put it). No I am not the original poster.


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