DOWNTOWN VIOLENCE: Two arrested for stabbing gang leader in front of Rhino Club


Submitted: Mon, 01/31/2011 - 10:16pm
Updated: Tue, 02/01/2011 - 1:32pm

WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) – Two men have been arrested and charged with the stabbing death last week of Taaron Quintel Jones, age 19.

Ronald Armond Farrow, d.o.b. 1-11-1981
Angeleos Roamel Williams, d.o.b. 10-26-1983

Both suspects have local addresses. Farrow was taken into custody Friday evening, and Williams was apprehended today (Monday). No additional arrests are anticipated.

Farrow and Williams are being held without bond at the New Hanover County detention facility.

According to their arrest reports:
Farrow has been arrested more than 10 times for possessing marijuana / as well as one charge of cocaine possession / assault with intent to kill / robbery with a dangerous weapon and assault on a female.

Williams had multiple charges of driving with a revoked license as well a marijuana possession / breaking and entering and resisting a public officer.


  • Guest says:

    these guys haven’t even been convicted yet, so how can you judge them so soon. Wheres the evidence that convicts them. Word of mouth don’t always count and the law is not a perfect system. They have flaws!!!!

  • Who Dat says:

    Does this qualify them for a “community improvement” award?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    After all, hey killed “Merk Biidy.”

    Are these guys in a gang or are they freelance sc**bags?

  • Guest says:

    With their track records they must have a lot of money or know someone. I think they crossed the line this time and will not be out on the streets for some time. Does North Carolina have the death penality? Wilmington is such a nice place to live. It is too bad that something like that had to happen.

  • Guest says:

    I too agree that we have a judicial problem here in Wilmington. It’s hard to keep trash off the streets when that same trash is given light sentencing for habitual criminal activity.Bring back the days of the chain gangs.

  • justin says:

    How many felonies does it take to get scum like this finally sent to prison? Looks like the DA’s office has spent too much time pleading these two hoodlum’s cases down to lesser offenses. Ten pot possessions? Cocaine possession? Assault with intent to kill, assault on a female, robbery, B&E…what were the model citizens even doing on the streets of Wilmington? We don’t have a downtown bar problem, we have a judicial problem!

  • Guest7969 says:

    FRIKIN MEN!!!!

  • Guest says:

    So, how many of you think these low life’s will be back on the streets before spring???

  • Das Weibstück says:

    Good job ! 2 more bums off the street.

  • Guest421 says:

    No, Das…3 total

  • Guest says:

    now lets pray the judicial system does the right thing and gives the victim’s family Real justice.

  • MM says:

    There is a simple way to cut down on alcohol related incidents without raising taxes on liquor or increasing police presence.

    EVERYONE should be required to show ID to purchase and consume alcohol. Anyone charged and convicted with an alcohol related incident, dwi, or ANY violent crime, should have their Identification marked with a designation that revokes the privilege to consume alcohol for a set period, just like a license is revoked for a year after a dwi.

    Door men, bar tender, anyone who serves alcohol, should then be required to check for and refuse entry or service to those with privilege revoked, just like they would an underage drinker.

    You gain the right to purchase when you turn 21, you should have that right revoked when you behave like you are a violent little child!

  • Guest says:

    So you expect servers to card 60 year old men to see if they have a “slash” on their license?

  • guesty says:

    It has to be a mistake, these are good guys. There, I tried to get that statement out without laughing. Start the clock and see how long until family starts telling others to shut up, don’t talk about ray ray, jo jo, or whatever street names they have.

  • Guest says:

    Yeah it was a mistake that these two are still out running the street!!

  • Guest3658974 says:

    Arrested ten times for drug related and assault charges? Why was this bum still on the street anyway?

  • guesty says:

    In the state of Tenseness they have a law that requires off-premise licensed stores to check the ID even if the person is visibly of age. Most restaurants and bars have followed suite and require ID to be served. It is called Tennessee Responsible Vendors Act. Went into effect July 1, 2007

  • guesty says:

    As long as we are content in being the United States of it wasn’t my fault in America, criminals will be allowed to walk among us. Until we start holding people responsible for both their actions and inactions we will keep hearing “It ain’t my fault.” This needs to be applied to elected officials all the way down to private citizens. And then there need to be real repercussions for criminal activity, no wrist slapping.

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