FIRST ON 3: Jordan not expected for Laney Hall induction

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Submitted: Wed, 02/02/2011 - 3:28pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — You can expect a big crowd at Friday’s basketball game at Laney High School, but don’t expect Michael Jordan to show in Wilmington Friday even though he’ll be inducted into the Laney Hall of Fame.

Laney will celebrate Legacy Day Friday with or without Jordan. The basketball great heads the list of five inductees, which includes Laney’s first principal Ken McLaurin and four former athletes. Laney basketball coach Fred Lynch on Tuesday said “Jessica Williams will be one of the ones inducted. She had a great career at Laney High School. We have Kimberly Grotsky in tennis along with a couple of people who have been supporters along with Andre Humphrey who arguably is the best all around athlete to come from Laney, then of course Mike Jordan. We’ll recognize him also even though he won’t be here.”

Friday’s Hall of Fame ceremony will start about at 7:30 p.m. in (where else?) the Michael Jordan Gymnasium before the boys basketball game between Laney and New Hanover.


  • Guest says:

    No surprise his egomaniacal Airness won’t attend his high school hall of fame induction ceremony. The most famous athlete in the history of mankind has done less for his hometown Wilmington than any of the top 50 athletes of all time.

    In 30 years he hasn’t even built a basketball court for kids to learn to play on and stay off the streets.

  • Guest says:

    Many basketball courts have you built?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    This may be your hometown. It is no longer his.

  • word says:

    Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player in history. But he has done NOTHING for his hometown!! Now he can’t even show up for his own induction??? He’s a chump!!!

    He hasn’t given anything to local charities or even to any youth groups as far as I know. He’s a chump!

  • Guest says:

    What have YOU done or better still, how much have YOU given????

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Like most of us, he likely stopped thinking of it as his hometown many years ago. Think about it – how many years did he live in Wilmington? How many years has he lived AWAY FROM Wilmington.

    Laney is free to elect anyone they choose, but Michael Jordan owes nothing to Wilmington.

  • Dean Holden says:

    I grew up with MIKE but Fred Lynch want to say Mike was his….Fred you were a good coach….But when Mike < Leroy, Todd Thomas, Robert and myself Dean….Popo Would gives us the key to Laneys Gym…..Pop KNew me for year when I was younger but her cared for his players ….He knew I played for Soth Brunswick…but Mike and Todd and Robert all wona state championship in 1976

  • Guest says:

    Dean Holden based on your very poor grammar , you are most definitely a product of the N.C public school system . PITIFUL and a reflection of it’s failure ! As for Michael Jordan’s absence , yes it is a little disappointing that he will not be in attendance. I do believe honestly he is the greatest basketball player of all-time. As for Fred Lynch , his claim to fame is for cutting MJ.

  • Guest says:

    Mike was about 5-10 at the end of 10th grade, no more than 5-11,” recalled Fred Lynch, Laney’s current varsity coach and the sophomore coach during MJ’s Buccaneer days.

    “He always had talent — and our best 10th grader. He played with a lot of heart, he had guard skills and he always had big, strong hands. By his junior year he shot up to 6-3, almost 6-4. All of a sudden you had size to go with that talent and drive. … He just blossomed.”

    Todd Parker, a Laney teammate who played various sports with Jordan “since T-ball,” saw it coming, even if he wasn’t quite sure what it was.
    Todd Parker was my next door neighbor on Kings Grant Road in Wilmington.. About a mile from Gordon road.(Mike’s 2 story house)

    Fred Lynch is a trim, serious man under his shaven head, and that bit of history prompts a scowl. Urban legend, he insists.

    Clifton “Pop” Herring, his predecessor who has long since stepped away from coaching, had a “no sophomores” policy for the Laney varsity.

    Because Leroy Smith was 6-7 and the Buccaneers were height-challenged, he was an exception. MJ was not.

    “Mike wasn’t quite ready for the varsity as a 10th grader,” Lynch said, “and we all agreed he’d be better off getting playing time on the sophomore team than sitting on the bench with the varsity.

    “I believe it worked out OK.”

    Fred Lynch is Laneys current Coach …..Pop Herring was Mike’s Varisty coach.
    This is out of the Chicago Tribune..

    Not many people know the real story. I was lucky enough to have lived it.We played Baseball at Cape Fear Optimist and basketball at Chestnut school.Now it’s Snipes school on Chestnut street.

    Does it really matter I have my sheep skin on the wall. Not Bartending 101. After writing 1000’s Federal Nuclear reports and personnel evaluations. I dont really care what I type…LOL .As a product of these two counties.
    And Fred Lynch did not cut Mike.Pop Herring was the Varsity coach and Pop Herring cut Mike and took Leroy Smith due to his height. Mike still played JV at 5’10” and Leroy Smith was 6’7″ and made the Varsity team as a sophomore..Laney was a 10th thru 12th grade high school. So the 10th graders played JV. DC Virgo was a 9th grade school, where both Mike and Leroy went.

    And I have already made plenty with my degree to retire… You should have done something with your life early on.
    Mike went to Peabody 5th and 6th grade, MCS Noble 7th grade, Trask jr high 8th grade, DC Virgo 9th grade and then to Laney.I was lucky enough to have been in a lot of his classes since we were about 10 years old. He and his brother Larry(one year older) were friends of mine.

    Mike and his family left Wilmington on a sour note due to his dad ,James getting released from GE.

    As some have said he has not given much back to Wilmington. He did open his Flight 23 store here a few years ago but it failed..along with his line of stores.

    Mike has always brought his NBA teams to UNCW for preseason practice. Washington Team and now his Bobcats were here this year..

    UNCW’s current coach Buzz Peterson was Mike’s roommate at Granville Towers their freshman year at UNC.

  • Guest says:

    You can give me hell about Grammar but you don’t know crap about Mike Jordan…..Fred Lynch was the JV coach and he never cut Mike…because he was a JV coach.. Pop Herring was the Varsity coach..And he took Leroy Smith( who later played for UNCC) another good friend. He was about 6’6″ as a 10th grader.. Mike made his JV high school team and that year..The people that don’t know WTF didn’t know Mike was very good player on the JV…Where he scored 40 points while on the JV at 5’10″…I played with Mike at Noble and against him for 2 years in Little league basketball at Chestnut school. Mike and I played together on an allstar team in Shelby NC(Crest) Where the greatest ACC player David Thompson Played. My Mother taught Mike in the 4th grade…..DEAN HOLDEN..

  • Guesting says:

    He has a Hitler mustache in his Hanes commercial.

  • Guest air says:

    when i contact jordan about laney’s gym horrid conditions he blew me off.

    he said the schools lack of girls lockeroom was a matter for the courts under title nine. asked for help with an attorney and he laughed.

    seriuosly, the school didnt even have a girls lockeroom 4 years ago when i was there. we had to dress in a utility closet.

  • Guest3369 says:

    Ole Mike has a hard time showing up for his own Bobcat games…what made anyone think he would show up for this? Maybe if Laney moved the ceremony to the Little River casino boat Mike would show up.

  • gambler says:

    MJ does love to gamble, Ive seen him lose $23,000 and not tip the bartender and waitress. His dad taught him well huh?

  • whoohasme says:

    Jordon is not responsible to build girls locker rooms or anything else for that matter. It is his money, he earned it. He grew up here, OH WHOOP- Tee -DO ! So what? Reason he wont show up is because he knows he will be swarmed by ignorant fans who don’t know the meaning of decorum and personal space all yelling.. Yo, Mike gimme sum shoes brutha. Grow up ppl.

  • Dean Holden says:

    MEADOWLARD “Meadowlark” Lemon[1] (born April 25, 1932) is an American basketball player, actor, and minister. For 22 years, Lemon was known as the “Clown Prince” of the touring Harlem Globetrotters basketball team. He played in more than 16,000 games for the Globetrotters and is a 2003 inductee of the Basketball Hall of Fame. He was born in Wilmington, North CarolinaS

    Sugar Ray Leonard, the fifth of six children, was born in Wilmington, North Carolina

    SONNY Jurgensen was born in Wilmington, North Carolina.

    ROMAN Ildonzo Gabriel, Jr. (born August 5, 1940 in Wilmington, North Carolina)
    Roman Gabriel’s mother would walk by my house daily going to the 7-11 in Kings Grant…

    ALTHEA Gibson broke barriers
    She went back to high school for her last three years and graduated in 1949 in Wilmington, N.C.

  • Guest says:

    $23000 for about $5 to you bud…Not as bad as Bill Gates, If Bill picked up a $1000 bill he’s losing money!! Mike is close to that .. i

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