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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wednesday means one thing. It’s time for WWAY’s weekly “Teen Mom 2” wrap up. The MTV show is on it’s fourth week of the season and our local celebrity Oak Island teen mom Jenelle Evans is working to get her life in order but is it just for show?

After signing over custody of her son Jace to her mother Barbara, teen mom Jenelle got a job at Slainte Irish Pub in Southport, starting getting information together to begin classes at Cape Fear Community College and even babysat her son while her mom went to work. Her teen mom train seems to be back on track.

But, hold your horses. You didn’t think it was going to be that simple did you? Enter Jenelle’s new boyfriend, Kieffer Delp.

From what appears to be the beginning of their relationship, Jenelle and Kieffer hit it off, but the importance of being a mom seems to slip out the window as Jenelle neglects her curfew to stay out with her new crush.

When she returns home, her mom won’t let her watch her son Jace. As Jenelle sleeps off what Barbara deems “a hangover,” Jace spends the day at daycare.

Throughout the episode, Jenelle and her new heart throb pop up all over the Cape Fear, from her visiting the CFCC campus to a quick lunch at Eric’s Grille in Southport.

Kieffer finally meets Barbara and Jace near the end of the episode and it seems like everything is right in the world of Jenelle.

But, we already know Kieffer is bad news for the Oak Island teen, proven by the recent charges pending against her when she was discovered with her boyfriend squatting in an abandoned house with marijuana.

We also wanted to know if Jenelle was still working for the pub in Southport, but the restaurant told us Jenelle was fired back in July.

And finally, is Jenelle actually a student this semester at Cape Fear Community College? CFCC told us that Jenelle was a student during the Fall 2010 semester, but she is currently not enrolled in classes this spring.

So, what’s this week’s lesson on “Teen Mom 2”? Appearances aren’t always what they seem.

We’ve tried to contact Jenelle several times to see if she would speak with us and we’re still waiting for a response so, Jenelle, if you see this, WWAY would love to talk to you and get your side of the story.

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  • Anne Landers

    It so figures that the bar that has the worst management in the world would hire trash like them! Trash attracts trash, and this chick is pure white trash!

  • Responsible.

    You bet every one out there is a dead beat mom or would be, just like janelle? Guess what? Majority knows the responsibility of sex before marriage, and if mistakes, or blessings happen; the majority would GROW UP and deal with it like an ADULT! Yes, I agree she has a lot to learn, but if she cared about her son, the first guy to walk into the picture wouldn’t take her away from what should be her no. 1 priority. I am from the area and honestly it is the biggest embarrassment to have her on television flaunting her ignorance.

  • Renee

    I have not liked Janelle from the start but now I feel sorry for her. Jenelle’s mother seems to be a BIG problem. The words that come out of Jenelle’s mothers mouth and the way she says them in front of Jace while she is feeding him his breakfast is so inappropriate.
    Yelling seems to be the way Jenelle was raised and this is how she acts now and we all hate her for it. I believe Jenelle’s mother baits her then takes her down like a wounded gazelle.
    While I am happy that Jace is getting the responsible care he needs in his grandmother’s care; give him 15 years of grandma and he will be like his mother. So sad!!!
    Jenelle needs to learn how to communicate effectively and without anger, to be a responsible adult … lessons her mother evidently did not teach Jenelle or even Jenelle’s older sister.
    Jenelle I hope you can break free of your past,and get on with your life.

  • Crystal

    I also wanted to say to all of these mean people that think that they have the answers to everything, that you need to keep those mean comments to yourself.I bet you are a dead beat mother or would be.How does it feel?Janelle is young and still has so much to learn.She went from being a silly teenager, to being a mom.I was a teen mom at one point myself, so i can relate to her.Yes there is a lot of yelling going on and no that baby doesn’t need to be around it, and no to Janelle yelling at her mom the way she did/does, but thats not our call to make.We are here to show support, and understand in our own way what we think without being hateful.She could do better, but she knows that.I have 10 years on her, but she doesn’t think like i do.If only i knew then what i know now.Ha ha.How many people say that a day?! Don’t listen to all those people that want to be mean, and realize yourself what you need to do.You will be a young woman for many years to come and you will have plenty of time to be young but you know what comes first..All you people need to back off and let her learn on her own and not bash her for making mistakes..I know for a fact none of you people are perfect either…

  • Crystal

    I just wanted to say to Janelle, that I was 17 when i got pregnant with my first child, and was 18 when I had her. She is now 9 yrs.old.I also have a 7 yr. old.I am 28 yrs.I have been with the father of BOTH of my girls for 10 1/2 yrs.I know it didn’t work out with you and your man you did have, but you know that little boy of yours needs you.I know what its like to think that you can’t raise a child, and you don’t know what to do, and wanting to do your own thing, but you know that you have to do what’s best for you and Jase.You need get yourself back in college and make something of your life before it’s too late.One thing that really bothered me was seeing how you talked to your mother.She wants whats best for you and Jase.My mouth dropped when i saw those shows where you talked to her like that.She wants to take care of your child because she doesn’t want him to have to suffer for your short commings.You have got to know that i am right.That little boy needs his mother to raise him, and not his grandmother.She raised her child.Don’t make that little boy suffer through all of this.Go back to school,work at the same time, and do the things that young mothers are supposed to do.Young mothers do it all the time.You can do this.I live in Brunswick county, and just wish i could sit down with you and really show you, and tell you some things that i think would help.I want to try.You are a very pretty girl, but your looks won’t get you through life.That new guy may not be there forever, but your son will be..If all of this gets posted and you read this Janelle, feel free to try and respond if possible, and if you would want to..God bless, and make good decisions..Crystal

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