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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police are looking for a man accused of attempted murder after a shooting early Tuesday morning.

Police say Dwayne Timothy Moore shot Kayla Floyd multiple times in her apartment on Cypress Grove Drive after a domestic dispute. Floyd told investigators Moore stole her car, a 1999 blue Honda Accord with tag number ZPK 4854.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the Wilmington Police Department at (910) 343-3600. Information also may be submitted anonymously through Text-A-Tip. Enter TIP708 and the message, and send to CRIMES (274637).

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  • Guest

    got to love this judicial district. check out this guys record. he is 25 years old and it looks like he has been convicted of 30 felonies. when is enough enough?

  • Guest

    the judges here are a joke. they keep putting people on probation. ive seen people with 30 cases on they’re record and they’ve never seen the inside of a jail. trying to revoke someone on probation is even a bigger joke. judge blackmore wouldn’t revoke this guys probation if they catch him and stand him in front of her. of course this will be a felony case and she is in the district court thank god..if you want a better system then vote these moron judges out.

  • Guest

    How is it that this guy walked the streets, (because he doesn’t have a drivers license) and has a criminal record that more than indicates he has a problem with authority ,laws,and some how has the charm to lure ( I mean intimidate) these young vulnerable women into his world???? What judge is ignoring the fact this guy is a criminal with serious mental problems, who will offend over and over and over again. This guy can NOT be rehabilitated. He has proved that. It seems as if this is one example of the lack of our courts and law enforcement doing their jobs. They are quick to defend many things, and will have many excuses as to why this guy walked our streets, abused/killed/injured women. They will begin to tell you HIS rights. Those girls had rights too. Believe me, these girls are two of many. As our police chief said when the young man was killed in front of the Rhino Club, the people need to take some responsibility for their actions…well I am quite sure that if we took responsibility and delivered justice our way, he would not support our actions to protect our young women from Dwayne Moore. Wake up people!

  • Guest

    Yea check out his public record on the doc site, he’s on probation for a seatbelt ticket among many other things. Is this just another case that “fell through probation’s cracks” or being supervised by one of those officers working their oh so long 3 hour days??

  • Guest

    we’re praying for you Kayla

  • Guest 1953

    Blackmore ain’t a joke, at least she wasn’t to me ! She is a man hater. Just let some woman say you did something to her and have a paper taken out on you and appear before her ! Don’t get me started. My ex did that and of course Blackmore took her word over mine and this crap has been going on for four years and I am HAPPILY remarried. Once she gets it in for you, hang it up. I have proof BUT the times I’ve tried to speak up I’m threatened with attempt of court ! I swear on a Bible !

  • mary

    blackmore does give it to girls .. trust me.. honestly i dont like the woman.. i will never get introuble again so i dont have to go through that… but i hope that katie is okay, i dont really know her but ive always seen her hangin out with my other friends.. god bless her and i hope who shot her gets blackmore so she can slam the book on his a**!

  • Guest99x

    The NC Court system has a means to make complaints against an improperly behaving judge. The FAQ is here: http://www.nccourts.org/Courts/CRS/Councils/JudicialStandards/FAQs.asp#1

    It is quite specific in defining elements of judicial misconduct:

    Q. What is judicial misconduct?
    A. Judicial misconduct is any violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct, which may include, but is not limited to, the following:

    •failure to perform duties impartially and diligently
    •failure to dispose promptly of the business of the court
    •allowing family, social or political relationships to influence judicial decision-making
    •conflict of interest
    •expressions of bias based on race, gender or ethnicity
    •rude, abusive and otherwise improper treatment of parties, counsel, witnesses, etc.
    •communicating improperly with only one side to a proceeding
    •excessive use of intoxicating drinks or drugs
    •commenting on or interfering with a pending or impending case
    •improper election campaign conduct
    •criminal behavior

    Unfortunately, in order to make a complaint, you will need to identify yourself and produce evidence to back up your claim. NC statutes do provide a level of protection against reprisals but, the deck is stacked in favor of the judge.

    The best opportunity to unseat a judge is at the ballot box. Judge Blackmore defeated her opponent by a margin of 53 to 47 percent.

  • jane doe

    all people make mistakes, there are so many people out there that murder,do drugs,kidnap,ect but in nc you always hear about it. if this was baltimore or new york it wouldnt even make news papers but why is nc so different dont get me wrong i feel for the families but, i know dewayane and have never had a negative experiance with him so if he did this like all the evidance says he did because the cops are looking for him, what set him off with these 2 girls and not me or any of his friends what did these girls do? why tiffany why kayla? what set him off with them? were they complletly iniocent? i mean i dont think they had to be shot or murdered but why them? like i said he is a good man but i guess everyone has two sides to there life….he has met my child and was great with him. he knows me and my husband we never would have thought that he would hurt anyone, but does anyone know why he did it or if he really did?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Normally the “he was a good man” chorus doesn’t kick in until ol’ Dewayne is the LATE Dewayne.

    It’s amazing how you castigate the media (“if this was baltimore or new york it wouldnt even make news papers but why is nc so different….) and imply that this may somehow be the victims’ fault: “so if he did this like all the evidance says he did because the cops are looking for him, what set him off with these 2 girls and not me or any of his friends what did these girls do? why tiffany why kayla? what set him off with them? were they complletly iniocent?” (sic)

    Let me dumb it down for you. This isn’t Baltimore or New York. It’s Wilmington, North Carolina and thankfully we have not yet reached a point where a murder is so commonplace that it’s page ten news. I’m sorry if finding out that your good buddy isn’t exactly a choir boy upsets you, but the media is simply doing their job. Hopefully the publicity will warn the woman he’s trying to scam right now.

    Yes, all the evidence points to your good friend as having shot these two women and he’s now on the run in a car he stole, but WHY he did it is the subject matter for armchair criminologists and apparently message board posters who couldn’t pass an eighth-grade English composition quiz.

    For the rest of us, we simply want the homicidal, thieving piece of crap apprehended or qualifying for “good man” status while resisting arrest.

    If I were you. I’d seriously reconsider who I pal around with and who I bring home to meet my child. You obviously knew NOTHING about Dewayne Moore’s character and temperment.

  • wanda

    get a life and remember no matter what u do no one needs to die so yeah make excuses for a murder

  • A person who knows Kayla

    Wow, so someone upsets a man and this gives him carte blanche to shoot someone?
    I don’t care what kind of argument they were having, shooting someone is not acceptable behavior….and yeah, even good girls have arguments with their partner sometimes.
    I don’t know what kind of world you live in. You even signed your post Jane Doe, giving the impression that you are a female justifying violence against a fellow woman.
    Let’s hope that something like this never happens to you. You obviously don’t have much education given that you can’t spell properly,because of this you probably can’t get a decent job and might therefore have to rely on an abusive man one day because you can’t afford to leave him on a McDonald’s salary. I’m not talking about Kayla, but you. Watch yourself.
    I knew Kayla and her family. No one deserves this. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Guestdrezzhey

    yo i new him to well we partied together but u neva knw whats on people mind. im sorry it happen but sometimes u cant change your mistakes. True nobody should be shot but we been murdered for years and nobody did anything then its a never ending war as people.All we can do is pray if you believe in God.My best friend Mark Anthony street was killed in front of his kids right here in the port by a white dude named David Sharkly and he aint do a year because his father was a judge.So u tell me were is the justice?

  • Guest


  • Ronnie

    If you steal, loose a hand, if you kill, loose your life, be a man, and man up to the things you do in this world,for every action there’s a reaction, think about it…..


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