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UPDATE: This afternoon WECT posted on the website that another website is reporting Corbin is coming to Wilmington, but also followed up with the Azalea Festival which is saying he’s not part of their line-up. Still no word from McNair or Saxton on why the station misreported the story.


UPDATE: As of 11:30 a.m., WECT had removed the story from the website. We reached out to General Manager Gary McNair and News Director Scott Saxton to get clarification on the story. As of yet, we have heard nothing back from them.


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – WECT-TV made a big announcement this morning on their website, reporting that country music artist Easton Corbin will be performing during the Azalea Festival.

Problem is, the Azalea Festival has no idea what the station is talking about.

“News to us,” said Azalea Festival spokeswoman Sandy Collette.

“Not happening,” said Azalea Festival President Hank Estep.

Were trying to track down where the mis-communication happened and will keep you posted.

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  • Guest4

    That’s my turn. Now it’s your turn.

  • Guest

    Because thats what WECT is known for! Not reporting the facts, instead having low paid inexperienced “researchers” and “reporters” bring wrong information to the viewers. Total podunk crap station.

  • Wade griffis

    I have been a country music fan for all of my 72 years. Hank williams, Hank Snow, Whispering Bill, Loretta, Dolly. Who the hell is Easton Corbin?

  • Guest

    Wow, for a moment there I thought I was reading a tabloid website. Another reason why I choose to watch WECT over WWAY.

  • Scott Pickey


    Thanks for stopping by, reading our website, and even taking the time to leave a comment – we really appreciate it!

    We love that you chose us to stay informed on local news!!

    Scott Pickey
    News Director

  • Guest

    Scott and Gary,
    Don’t be sore losers….I will never forget the sham of reporting you did on Marines going to bars and how the reporter hid in the bushes trying to set people up…..I WILL WATCH WWAY ANYTIME OVER YOUR STATION. I BET FRAN IS NOT HAPPY RIGHT NOW TO KNOW HER STATION SCREWED UP AGAIN!!!!!!


  • Thereisnonews

    Are you really stooping to calling out other stations on your newscast? Because you are part of the business, you can’t see how juvenile and girlish this makes you seem. Seems like some former WECT employees have an agenda and a grudge. I doubt if you even have the stones to post this without editing it, or at all.

  • Guest

    Not QUITE true. WECT employees don’t leave to GO to WWAY, that’d be like leaving the MLB major leagues to play single A minor league baseball.

    In fact, its just the opposite. Ask the WWAY GM how many employees have gone to WECT in the last 5 years……

  • Teacher

    …THIS is why I choose WWAY! Haha that was awesome.

  • Scott Pickey


    Thank you TOO for stopping by our website to keep up with what’s going on in our local community.

    Appreciate you taking the time to leave your thoughts as well.

    Oh – Mr. Evans spells his name Jon by the way.

    Thanks again!

    Scott Pickey
    News Director

  • Guestc

    I will always choose WECT over WWAy.
    WECT is a much more professional station.
    For starters you dont see John or Fran leaving snotty post like Scott does here.

  • Guest1118

    …WWAY and WECT but WWAY has the courage to cover everything in the news, unlike WECT. Keep up the good work Scott!

  • Guest

    Yeah, I’m not sure WHY WECT is so enamored with WWAY’s rejects!

  • Guest

    Maybe it’s a little juvenile to call out the other station, but I like the fact that WWAY isn’t afraid to post stories that they know they may take some heat over.

    You can always go over to WECT and read that hard hitting piece they just did on Bruce Cavenaugh opening one of his car lots again. No joke, there really is a story over there about it. Heavy hitting stuff, that will surely promote the reporter to that next level market.

  • WX_Guy

    It is a matter of integrity, which WWAY usually exhibits and the other outlets often do not. Report the facts. If someone makes a mistake and wants to apologize, then report that too. But if another outlet reports news as fact and fails to check its facts, then that is newsworthy too.

    One incident may not sway someone to disbelieve everything that is reported by an outlet or a particular reporter but after some time, the cumulative effect may be for the public to ascribe a bit less credence to something reported by that news outlet or reporter. Just like with the old Olympic scoring system: throw out the high score and the low score and average the rest.

    Obviously, WWAY makes the occasional gaffe as well. What separates a credible media outlet from the rest is how that gaffe is handled. I recall Kevin Wuzzardo making a point to report when errors were made. That demonstrates integrity and responsibility, generating credibility and R E S P E C T which sure beats W E C T.

  • Teacher

    Seriously, can you just add a “like” button. This cracks me up.


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