Teacher accused of ‘sexting’ resigns, gives up teaching license

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Submitted: Thu, 02/03/2011 - 2:22pm

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The North Brunswick High School band teacher accused of sending an inappropriate text to a student has quit his job. Mark Riel submitted his resignation at last night’s school board meeting, according to the school district’s human resources department. As part of the voluntary resignation, Riel agreed to relinquish his teaching license.

Riel was arrested last month and placed on paid suspension during the investigation. Riel had been at North Brunswick since 2005.



  • Guest100000 says:

    I do not have a landline and I receive all my information from my child’s school on my cellphone. If I don’t pick up the call a message is left on my voicemail. There is no excuse for a teacher to text a particular student. If it is the whole band, or the whole team that is a different story. If one student is singled out then there is a problem. It is as simple as that.

  • Guest555 says:

    Coach….I graduated from High School in 1984. We did not have texting, why do you feel the need to text a student?

  • Guest10000 says:

    Well if the information is so important than why don’t you email the students and cc the parents at the same time. This has been done in my school and is very effective. We also use the call system through the school, the teacher does not have to make personal phone calls on their own time, it is a system the school uses.

    Sorry but I do not feel texting students is appropriate, it leaves parents out of the loop, and yes there are a lot of parents that should be more involved in their children’s activities but if you are texting the children and not emailing or calling or coding in the parent how are they even supposed to know what is going on.

    This needs to become a county wide issue where all schools notify parents and students in the same manner. There are to many students who are to vunerable to adults who pay attention to them, especially when it is when it is someone they look up to and trust.

  • Guest says:

    How about the fact that most people no longer have land lines? They have cut them out due to money. So this leaves the basic cell phone. And what efficient, effective way to communicate to your students, in his/her case their athletes, then sending a bulk email to everyone to make announcements or cancel practice, etc. So yes, I can see why a teacher/coach would text a student and/or parent.

  • Guest says:

    Wonder why he’s throwing in the towel? ummmmmmhhh???

  • Joe Dirt says:

    Mr. Riel’s resignation and surrender of his license are not a measure of any liability. Likely nothing more than his individual desire to get on with his life.

  • Guest1000 says:

    I feel so much for the students of the NBHS Marching Band. My son was a student at South Brunswick and part of the marching band. These students really look up to their band directors. A lot of these students do not have great home lives and band is a place they can use their creativity in a positive way and not a negative way. This has got to have shaken them to their core.

    Just remember kids, that just because one person lets you down it does not mean that everyone will. There are wonderful teachers out there that care about their students in the correct way and are willing to help you.

    If a teacher is texting you, whether you accept it or not, it is not appropriate and you should tell someone immediately. Teachers are not your friends, they are your educators. If there is something a teacher needs to discuss with you then they should be contacting your parent. Parents, know who your children are talking to, don’t think it is great that your child has a relationship where they text back and forth with their teacher, it is not right. By Mr. Riel resigning his job and teaching license,there is truth to this story.

  • A Coach says:

    I text my students often. It’s not about being their friend, it’s about communicating information effectively. Not every adult that texts a child is doing something wrong. This negativity caused by a few bad seeds should NOT in any way be used to classify the thousands of teachers that use technology to effectively communicate with their students.

    Sorry, calling parents is not always an option. Alot of parents are just deadbeats and sometimes you have to save the kid one-on-one. That’s life.

  • Guest7969 says:

    I guess that answers the question of whether he was guilty…

  • Guest says:

    Where are the comments from all of you supporters of this sexual deviant now? In the past, the comments were…”he would never do this”….”I support him”….”he has changed the lives of many”….. well, I can say is…TOLD YOU SO!! This man is warped, and he has pretty much said “GUILTY” by resigning! Shame on you Mark Riel!!! Thank GOD my child was not in your class!

  • Guest says:

    Who are you to judge? Do you know what was sent? It could have been just a simple dirty joke, which albeit, dumb, is not what I wouild consider warped.

    I guess it makes you feel better to bash him while he’s down.

    People like you make me sick

  • Lyn says:

    Here’s your comment “Guest”. I’m still a supporter!! He still has not been found guilty. He is still “innocent until proven guilty”. Anybody knows that once a teacher is “accused” of this type of behavior, they never fully recover even if they are found innocent. Too much media damages any change of saving their reputation. Most teachers resign once they are accused because they will forever be known as “that teacher”. So yes, I still support him and believe he’s innocent until a court of law says he’s not. A court of law. Not you and not WWAY.

  • Guest says:

    You are a jerk and very immature! Guess what? We still support him! We still believe in his innocent and if anyone is “warped” its you! You don’t know anything about him and for him to do this it makes since. Get over yourself!

  • Guest says:

    The people who sent out offers of support for Mark Reil are the ones who experienced the positive role that he had in the lives of them and/or their students. While offering this support publicly…they were doing as much so in support of the students who were and are a part of the NBHS Band. Whether guilty or not…his career ended the minute he was accused. His students have experienced a devastating loss that is made even worse by the negativity that people are keeping so fresh because they have nothing better to do than to pass judgement on what they think may be true. If he did indeed make a choice that compromised his position then yes, absolutely he should answer for those actions….but not because YOU say he is guilty. Losing their band director to these circumstances is a tragic blow for the amazing students in this band family… and if you have ever been around these kids that is exactly what they consider themselves to be…a family. THEY deserve our support and prayers. Oh..and as a parent who actively supports this BAND, I thank God your child was not in his class too.

  • Guesttoo says:

    …you get the “honor” of saying; I Told You so! You even get to say Na-Na-Na-Boo-Boo-Boo if you really want to. You win!

    Ah, actually, there are no winners in this at all. A man has given up his livlihood and his means to help support his family, a band has lost it’s leader and a school system has another blemish on it’s record. There are some kids who stay in school and work at their studies only to be in sports, ROTC, band, etc. Often, they see their coaches and teachers as role models. For the students that stay in school for band, this has to be tough for them too…wondering where the truth really is.

    I’m not sure which is worse…those that stand behind a person, blindly, and avow that person’s innocence…or those that take such childish pleassure on being able to say; “I Told You So!”

    Am I looking at this wrong?

  • GuestHahahaha says:

    Hmmm well I support him and I have about 300 people behind me

  • Dawn says:

    Excuse me, “come on now”, but if you believe God will punish him, then you’ve decided Mr. Riel is guilty. And since you seem to believe in God, why don’t you leave the judgement up to him? Your unfortunately right, though. Here’s something for you. The way our legal system is SUPPOSED to work is the person charged with a crime is “innocent until proven guilty”. It’s people with your mindset that are warping our legal system. And here’s another eye opener. Mr. Riel probably resigned because of people like you. My name is Dawn,I am a PROUD band mom at North Brunswick High School, and my daughter STILL loves Mr. Riel. He went into his own pocket this year to supplement the funds to buy a new school Saxophone for my daughter to play. He surprised her with it this past November because her old one was about to kick the bucket. And he recited a poem to his students before every competition called “You’ll never walk alone”. My daughter says he cried when his seniors graduated and left band each year. So whether he’s guilty, had a lapse in good judgement, or is innocent, I STILL thank him for the GREAT job he did with my daughter.

  • Guest says:

    He is “innocent until proven guilty”…really?? NO!! He is either INNOCENT or he is GUILTY! There is no such think as “innocent until proven guilty”…either he did it, or he didn’t. I agree with “GUEST”, I am grateful my child was not in his class. I feel bad for the students. I am sure it is hard to imagine your leader, the one you look up to and respect, has betrayed you. This is exactly what he has done, betrayed his students, his “family” as you all call it. God will punish him.

  • Guest43 says:

    I agree, there are no winners at all here. It is sad that due to one man’s actions, he can negatively affect the life of so many. I feel pain for his wife and children. He however, can rot in HELL for all I care.

  • Guest says:

    Inappropriate… Yes, Intended as sexual flirtation… probably not. Which wouldn’t matter in court, all they need is inappropriate. You would be amazed at how many students have teacher’s personal cell phone numbers. Here’s a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to be PROACTIVE and not REACTIVE. Ask your kids if they have those numbers and DELETE them. Come up with solutions for Field Trip contact systems that do NOT involve sharing the teacher’s phone number. Help reduce the odds that this could happen to your kids or those at your school. BE INVOLVED with your kids school and lives.

  • GuestShsnananna says:

    Okay so I love how it goes from a inappropriate text message. To sexting Mr. Riel was a great man and a family friend he was very important to the eintire band and we will miss him very much. It will never be the same and us nor him will ever walk alone. We will keep are heads up High and we will not be scared of the dark we will walk on because at the end is a great golden sky and the sweet silver song of a lark we will walk on theoug the wind and rain and though our dreams have been tossed and blown we will walk on with hope in our hearts and we will never walk alone

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