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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The ex-boyfriend to the woman who was murdered and left on the side of the road in Pender County in 2009 is keeping his fingers crossed that her case will get some sort of break after a shooting in Wilmington this week.

The Wilmington Police Department is on the hunt for Dwayne Moore after they say he shot his current girlfriend in the chest three times and stole her car Tuesday.

Home videos at a birthday party show Shaun Delancey is no stranger to Moore.

“It was almost surreal to hear,” said Shaun Delancey, who is Tiffany’s ex-boyfriend. “It was like déjà vu all over again to hear those words that Dwayne had shot somebody else.”

Moore, who is wanted for attempted murder in relation to Tuesday’s shooting at Cypress Grove Apartments, is also the ex-boyfriend of Dawkins. In December 2009, Dawkins was shot, killed and left on the side of the road in rural Rocky Point and her car was no where to be found. Delancey says he, Dawkins and Moore all spent time together before Dawkins was murdered.

“It’s too much of a coincidence to go over looked,” he said.

Wilmington Police say this week Moore shot and stole his current girlfriend’s car, which Delancey says is a series of events similar to Dawkin’s murder in 2009. While Moore remains a suspect in Dawkin’s murder, no charges have been filed. Delancey is also Dawkin’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her two girls and believes Moore is responsible for her death.

“He’s definitely a bad guy and he’s not somebody I would want to be standing next to in the grocery store and that’s what scares me the most is somebody like that with such a past, record and history of crime could still be a free man walking among us,” Delancey said.

Moore has quite a past. Charge after charge after charge show Moore has had quite a run with the law including drug charges to possession of a handgun by a minor charges. Moore’s rap sheet is stacked high.

According to Wilmington Police, Moore has not been arrested yet. He was last seen leaving Cypress Grove Apartments in a 1999 blue Honda Accord. Anyone with information is asked to contact Wilmington Police at 343-3600.

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7 Comments on "The suspect in this week’s shooting could be linked to a 2009 murder"

2015 years 10 months ago

I guess before long somebody will write a book about these shananigans. Maybe even a movie??

2015 years 10 months ago

Who’s post are you responding too? Nothing you have said makes sense! Who said anything about a grocery store? Your saying the girls deserved to be shot and one murdered?

2015 years 10 months ago

You actually believe that these girls did something so bad that it warranted them being shot?!? Have you lost your mind?!

2015 years 10 months ago

It does sound like all this is connected, in another article it said that Kayla (the girl reported to be shot Earlier in the week) is the Aunt of Tiffany Dawkin’s nephew so not only is the same guy allegedly responsible for both shootings, the two girls were not family but had ties to the same family. Me personally, if the family was telling me that they think this is the person who shot Tiffany, I wouldn’t want to even try to get involved in the relationship……. It’s unfortunate that another girl had to be shot, but it possibly may have been a blessing in disquise to prove what the Dawkin’s family has been telling the police for over a year now. I pray for both families in this ordeal and hope that they find the peace that they need to move forward. Unfortunatly this person has yet to be caught and in these types of situations alot of times the suspect is usually found dead due to self inflicted injuries…….. May peace be with everyone involved including the family of the suspect because this time is going to be tough for them as well.

2015 years 10 months ago

I would suggest that you dont go to the grocery store then, because there is crime all around us and if you think for one second that Dawkins or Kayla didnt do something to provoke the actions taken upon them than maybe you should go to that grocery store with the convvicts who just might shank you for that last loaf of bread. you insulant prick

2015 years 10 months ago

Some people are just bad to the bone and don’t deserve to be members of society. If/when he is found, will he be forever removed from society? Or, will he be given another chance to shoot someone else?

Shelby Griswold
2015 years 10 months ago

The fact is he has a record a mile long and he while the normal people are sleeping, he is up committing crimes. Both of the crimes were Dawkins 3-5 am. Kayla was shot at 1:40 am. He does all of his activity at night while we are sleep and think we are safe. He is no different during the day a thief, drug dealer,murderer walks amongst us everyday and get by with it. He has a rap sheet a mile long and from his early teens. I hope the system doesn’t let us down with this one.What is it going to take?????


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