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ORANGE COUNTY, FL (WWAY) — He was wanted for murder here in our area. Tonight a suspect is dead in Florida. It all went down at an Orlando motel during a standoff with police this afternoon.

US Marshals and Orange County deputies say 25-year-old Dwayne Moore died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Investigators say they evacuated the hotel after shots were fired from inside Moore’s room.

Moore was wanted for attempted murder after he shot his girlfriend in the chest this week in Wilmington. He was also the suspect in the 2009 murder of Tiffany Dawkins in Pender County.

“I can say this was a different situation than previous incidents, where this was not an interview,” US Marshal Frank Chiumento said after the stand-off ended. “We had information that we believed he was in this room, and we approached it not as an interview, but as a situation where we were going to apprehend a violent felon.”

Investigators say Moore checked into the Palace Hotel Wednesday just one day after Wilmington Police say he shot his girlfriend Kayla Floyd.

Wilmington Police says they’ve been working around the clock with US Marshals to track down Moore since he shot Floyd multiple times and then stole her car.

Floyd was last listed in stable condition at New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

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  • Mike Fitz

    Lets see……………. $.75 for 1 bullet vs $1,000,000.00 (plus) for a trial and subsequent incarceration. Lets see now………. hummmmm. Good riddence to bad rubbish!

  • really

    spooky…….creepy. Looks like this blog is a good way to weed out functioning sociopaths….who are by far the most dangerous criminals….unlike this poor sole…who you can see coming at you a mile down the street…sociopaths do more destruction…because they blend in and have some ability to function. they are cold and have no emotions….but they like money.

  • Das Weibstück
  • chuckie L

    Amen to FINALLY’S Comment. Any other killers want to join in. I,ll furnish the gun

  • Guest

    we still have huge crime issues in downtown-minus one criminal. where is saffo–building his billion dollar bride, enriching his friends the developes. Sure is heck not solving our crime problem. lets send him out to pasture with his buddy Thompson–talk about crap.

  • Guest

    cant we do anything about our own issue–we need to clean up downtown and we need to do it now

  • Guest

    With all the news relating to crime -do we evn have a plan from saffo and council and how we clean up our own mess downtown. probably not–too busy with themselves

  • GuestV

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  • Guest

    Let’s go, cops. Put this career criminal into permanent retirement. Re-load if necessary.

  • Guest

    It says the police have not yet even made contact with him, which means they haven’t even entered the room yet to see if he’s dead or still alive.

    So…why is this story being reported as “HE COMITTED SUIDICE” already???

    Isn’t that putting the cart before the horse?
    Whatever happend to getting confirmation on a story before printing it?

  • Guest

    let’s say thanks to the folks in blue for getting this dude off our streets for good

  • Guest

    Police heard two shots fired and believe the suspect may have committed suicide. It only takes one shot to commit suicide. Who else did he kill?

  • Das Weibstück

    He probably missed…. shot the girl this week 3 times and she is still alive, thank goodness. What a giant p**** he is but I am glad he is dead (if its him) . I hope he left an note and confessed to the murder last year so the family will know. WHAT the h3ll are these girls doing with such a sleazeball anyway?


  • Helixx

    Awwww . . . what a shame.

    He’s a big enough tough guy to shoot 2 unarmed women but cowards out and shoots himself instead of facing men WITH guns?

    Good riddance – though if he did off himself it would have been nice for him to have faced his crimes first.

    And any of you whose hearts will be bleeding for this monster – don’t bother responding to my comment as I will just ignore you.

  • Guest

    Thanks to officers for getting abad guy before he hurt others

  • GuestV

    He did something right! Thank you for not wasting my tax dollars, not putting further stress on this family, and not wasting the justice systems’ time.

  • Guest

    deny him justice and others may lose their rights to. so be careful what you ask for. you might not like what you get

  • Guest

    anything that will send a message to goons that wilmington is not place to be is great for all of us. one less goon to hurt our people

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    (Sniff, sniff) he was a good man and the bible say judge not less you be judge we all make mistakes and kill a few people now and then. What if this was you child.

    love and miss you cuz.

  • guesty

    I couldn’t agree more. I’m sure he was a great guy and ever so helpful to have around. Not.

  • Guest

    would we have these comments if the dead man was a white person. lately we have had some pretty nasty things on posts involving young african americans

  • Guest

    He is still someones son. I hope that you self-righteous people never have a child who gets in trouble!!

  • Guest99x

    Yes, it is evident that he is somebody’s son and it is unfortunate that he took his life but, his victims are somebody’s daughters.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    If my deputy sheriff daughter or career military officer daughter go out to shoot innocent people and steal cars, I’ll say bad things about them, too.

    BTW, the older one DID get into trouble when she was a juvenile. She was involved in the illegal use of a credit card. I found out about it so *I* had her arrested and locked up in the crossbar hotel.

    That seems to have worked and turned her around very nicely. It’s been twenty years since that happened and she’s never been in trouble since then.

    Here’s the important part that most parents miss: She still carries a grudge about my having her arrested and refusing to bail her out, but guess what? Having my daughter’s undying love and adoration is SECOND in importance to having a daughter who grew up into a responsible, law abiding citizen.

  • Guest

    like the killing in wilmingto which sparked a lot of comment this one too–what about innocent unless proven guilty

  • Guest

    Yes, he is someones son. Also Tiffany was a mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, family, friend and much, much more! Tiffany has two daughters that will not never have there mother around to raise them and be there for them. What right does it give anyone to take a life. Attempt murder on an another person, steel there car, leave town and kill his self? What’s up with that! Thank God that the other women didnt died. Why in the name of God that people feel its OK to do things like that. I only know that its all up to God to judge this. Please lets stop killing each other. We need more of Jesus and learn to love. Lets put love back in our life. We need to put prayer back into our life. Family pray together, for we dont never know what could happen to us. If we do our part, then just maybe we can make a different and help our lifes be more rich. Yes, my heart goes out to the Moore Family, for they have lost also. Pray for one another. No one was a winner! God Bless! Peace be with you! Forgive. Love to all!

  • guesty

    I would enjoy meeting you in real life.

  • Guestsense

    Your comments reflect common sense and les emotion and bias than others. Hwoever, you fail to account for the fact that the poor dont have the advantage your family id and the poor often have a missing parent so i am not sure your point is totally right

  • Guest

    however, they got threir info better for all they caught this bad actor sooner rather than later

  • Guest

    Bill saffo should spend more time cleaning up our city than building a convention center or bridge that enriches his pals -but leaves the rest of us to deal with crime in our city. Get real saffo

  • Guest

    key is we got a bad actor before he could hurt others

  • Grand Ole Party

    No one denied him justice, HE KILLED HIMSELF. We are just happy he did.

  • Guest461

    …isn’t that good enough for you, or would you like to see more? Talk about racism.

  • Bill Lemons

    I am sorry I did not get the same version of the report you did. In the version I got race was not mentioned either for the suspect or his victims. YOU brought up the race…who is the racist?

  • Darby Day

    No sympathy for murders.


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