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WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — For the last several months, state and federal investigators have been investigating the New Hanover County ABC Board, including the activities of its former administrator Billy Williams. Today, this investigation has culminated in an indictment of Williams and the conviction of Lee F. Cowper, a local contractor. The venues for these prosecutions have been dictated by the applicable law and the jurisdictional requirements of both Federal and State law.

This afternoon in Wilmington, Williams was indicted by a New Hanover Grand Jury for the felony offense of obtaining property by false pretense. Williams, who is represented by local attorney James “Buddy” Allard, will be prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office for New Hanover County in Superior Court. Williams is expected to be arraigned in courtroom 403 at 10 a.m. tomorrow.

Also this morning in Raleigh, before the Honorable James C. Dever III, Cowper entered a guilty plea to mail fraud, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1341. Cowper will be sentenced on May 16,2011.

George Holding, the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina commented: “The defendant’s corruption cheated taxpayers of New Hanover County and now he must pay for his crime.”

Ben David, District Attorney said: “Both the state and federal prosecutions came about through the combination of months of effort by many dedicated professionals and great team work by the FBI, SBI, US Attorney’s Office and the DA’s Office. We are pleased that Mr. Cowper took responsibility for his role in the scheme. More work remains in the case against Williams.”

Because both cases are pending, neither the US Attorney’s Office nor the District Attorney’s Office will have any further comment, apart from their respective press releases.

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  • Karonnadonna

    Follow the money-Cowper got a lot more money than just $45,000. Where did the rest of it go? He charged overages on all the ABC work in the hundreds of thousands. WHERE did that money go??? Concerned citizens want to know!Just catching these buggars for $45,000 is a drop in the bucket! The citizens feel sure Williams and his son have gotten a lot more than that from Cowper and those over charges. FIND THE MONEY.

  • crossthread

    You bet 43K worth of Donuts, No lets say a lifetime supply of’ em. Went and Bought the Home in their, in afore-mentioned Neighborhood.
    Does the (Family), Own a second “vacation home” or a Boat?….Somewhere else?

    Hey New Hanover Prosecutor’s, Judges, and Our Attorney General….
    If this Gentleman & Son are “convicted”, I think Just punishment should be sale of the Home, Proceeds taken out of such sale, be reimbursed to the tax payers of New Hanover Co…
    Boat & Cars too….
    This Person’s **PENSION** should be CUT by at least from 200K per year to 25K~30K per year, minus Medical benifits…..

    I think thats fair..
    White Collar crime/Corruption…
    AND start doing this for the REST of the White Collar Criminals in New Hanover and Surrounding Co.’s…
    STOP the CRONYISM, and the Good Ole Boy System…..

  • Beer Drinker

    Getting overpaid wasn’t enough, had to try and steel more money. Six months in prison seems appropiate.

  • Guest99x

    Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. Wouldn’t it be a laugh if Billy winds up housed in a prison built by Cowper!

  • I am so excited to see some of these crooks come to justice. There is much much more than $43K to be accountable for though. Cowper should be jailed and Billy Williams should have to pay restitution and lose his pension as far as I’m concerned. The former ABC board that quickly resigned probably profited as well from the construction scheme that was going on. I would love to see those clowns have to suffer some consequences.

  • Das Weibstück

    $143,148 for a garage? That must be one hellofa garage. Hang the crooks.

  • wellactually1

    You can see it on Hunting Ridge rd, off of St Andrews. Its a two-story, two-car brick garage where he allows someone to live upstairs, contrary to the HOA rules HE enforces. Want proof? Look up his past court cases! He’s an all-around crook and it’s finally coming to light! Amazing!

  • Guest461

    ..with all the braggy, higher than thou posts you’ve had on here, I’d figure your “powder-room” would cost double that.

    YOU surprised? My, my…..

  • thisistrue

    He chose to cheat the taxpayers out of money, and he failed to perform his job so why should he reap the benefits. Crooks go the jail!

  • Guest

    Will a son of a judge ever do time in North Carolina.They take care of their familt and friends.Keep an eye on the outcome of this.


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