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OCEAN ISLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — A residential road in such disrepair the Post Office refuses to deliver mail. North Wind Drive in Ocean Isle Beach is riddled with potholes and frequently floods after a heavy rain.

According to a letter from the postmaster, distributing mail to property owners on North Wind Drive has gotten so difficult, the Post Office has suspended delivery until repairs are made. This is just the latest issue residents have had with the pothole-ridden road.

Residents say they don’t own any part of the road, but the developer says he doesn’t either.

“He says it’s our responsibility, but when you look at the deeds, it looks like it would go back to the developer, because if it was my responsibility, why wouldn’t my deed include the road for me to take care of it,” resident Michelle Hines said.

Brunswick County says it is possible for no one to own a road, which forces the property owners to pay the maintenance costs if they want repairs made.

“It’s just been on account of the individual neighbors that more or less had to get together and fill up the holes,” resident George Crisp said.

Residents have paid thousands of dollars for upkeep, but every time it rains, it’s back to square one.

Crisp has lived on North Wind for more than 20 years. He says he’s tired of the road’s problems and thinks the solution is collaboration.

“The whole neighborhood, not just the few of us that stays here year round, but the property owners, get them together and come up with some kind of deal where we can make a payment to someone to keep the road up,” he said.

Property owners say they have tried numerous times to get Brunswick County to organize a property owner’s association, which would help pay for the road’s maintenance, but so far nothing has been done.

The road has been so bad for so long, residents say Brunswick County Schools have not sent a school bus there for years.

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  • KrisC

    They ought to try maneuvering on roads in Ohio in the middle of the winter.

  • Guest123456

    if you just can’tstop talking about OH…go back!

  • Rakey

    I can understand not running school buses on a road that is considered unsafe, but there used to be laws requiring the delivery of mail regardless of conditions.

  • Guest

    I do believe that when the developer takes on a project to develope out land, that they devolpe the beginning numerous acres that includes paved roads. The other acreage yes does have the roads showed on the maps due to legal right of accress ways having to be layed out during surveying. However, when a buyer purchases a piece of property that is “backwoods” and they know it is not developed, they also know “WHY” they purchsed this piece of property. BECAUSE IT WAS CHEAPER!!!!! why???? hello cheapie, because you paid a lesser price because it was not paved. Now years later you want the developer to pave at his expense, what you didnt pay for. Thats just robbing someone. My question is… why didnt you pull the money out like the others living on the paved part and buy on paved instead of backwoods if that kinda road wasnt what you wanted. I also looked at property in this exact place several years ago and the property in the back was cheaper due to this, even I wasnt stupid to the way developments work, thats why i paid for what I was looking for and not waited til years later and cry wolf like someone was ripping me off. another thing i see wrong is that people expect stuff to be handed to them instead of getting off their butt any working for it. As far as that road as I recall, one of the gentlemen that lives down there owns a lawncare business and is in and out with his truck and trailers, like that dont beat the roads up to, so have him pull money out his business to pave say half or more of it and then the rest can split the cost of the other half since he is using it as business access. WHY NOT STOP COMPLAINING!!!! Pitiful i say!!!!!DEVELOPER: keep your money, they bought what they paid for, now if they wanna refinance and add into each persons new loan amount the additional pricing, then go for it, its a beautiful development you done a wonderful job.

  • Carl

    This guest hit on many good points. They bought cheaper than the others on paved part, now crying wolf. The business owner that lives on that road, i agree with this guest, he should have to pay for half or more of the paving or upkeep. He is the one using it as a “”business access”” and for business purposes, why should he use it for his business and everyone else have to pay the same price as well? I know those business owners, it is all about cheating someone out of something to get someone else to pay for them. To get something that they dont have to pay for. When standards have been dropped to recieve a free handout, maybe its time the ones thats been given left and right starts to be the givers for once.
    I also agree with the other guest right above. There are ways to handle the postal and school issue. If what the report says is correct and more of the home owners are not permanent residences, then this means not many children go to school on this road. Which means that there can be a bus stop at end of pavement. One of the kids on that road that belongs to the business owner dont even go to a school where a bus runs there. The kid lives there but goes to school outside school disrtict by using address where the parents do not live. (now you wanna talk about wrong? i cant give my address for my grandkids to go to a better school, the parents have to follow law and give theirs, why they different)
    I also take long rides, just sight seeing and have noticed there are many places that have mail box locations that are grouped and not infront of the home. worried about security, do what i do and many others do, GET A PO BOX!!!

  • Guest

    I live on a long dirt road by choice in the back of another development. I knew it was not paved when I bought. My kids have a bus stop at the end of the paved part and our mailboxes are placed at the begining of the dirt road for postal service. It only takes me two seconds to jump out my car to grab my mail on my way home. I didnt need the convience of parking my little fanny at home and having the government to bring me my checks to my door. If not happy sell home relocate.


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