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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Folks downtown and across the river in Leland heard another mysterious “boom” this afternoon around 3:30 p.m.

One of our viewers emailed us from Leland to say her dishes shook for a second.

Here at the station it felt and sounded like either someone had hit the building with a vehicle or like someone dropped something huge on the roof.

No one knows for sure what causes the booms. Many believe it’s a sonic boom created by a military jet from a nearby base. Others say it’s something called the “Seneca Guns,” a phenomenon caused by shifting plates out in the ocean.

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  • Guest Star

    I live over in Ogden area and around that time I heard something like a loud pop. I thought it was some type of fireworks at the time.

  • Wade griffis

    I heard it and thought maybe one of my neighberhood drug dealers had blown himself up cooking crack. Wishfull thinking? Wish itcould be!

  • XGTh

    Hey yall, sorry about that. I dropped my wallet.

  • Guest

    U didn’t drop your wallet, you probaly just sat down….BOOM!!!

  • Guest

    people how have money dont need to glot about keep it too your self and dont say i drop my wallet that is stuped to say

  • Thereisnonews

    I felt it too. Coming back from lunch, I saw a small fast moving jet to the south of downtown Wilmington. It was most likely a sonic boom.

  • Guest

    I live in Raleigh and thought I heard a sound around that time like Grrrr! But it might have been my neighbors dog.

  • Guest7969

    down…no worries…it was just Thompson and Barfield opening their mouths in NHC…move along…

  • guesty

    That could conceivably be the source of most noise pollution in NHC.

  • Guest

    What a brillaint thought—barfield and thompson–lots of spending and lots of noise–BOOM???

  • Guest

    given the tone of some posts nice to see some humor–or in the case of these two guys—maybe a bit of truth here too

  • Skulldrag

    Sorry about that. I had lunch at Taco Bell and it didn’t quite agree with me. I won’t let it happen again.

  • My brother who is stationed at Cherry Point said that the Navy was testing a new fighter and it was going to be doing flights all week. He said it had been reportedly flying too close to the coast at super sonic speed. No big deal!

  • Guestasis

    I hope people realize that the military will not publicly announce when they fly near the coast at supersonic speeds. They probably are having a good laugh at all the ruckus it’s causing around here though.

  • Guest

    It was no boom–just a lot of us jumping up and down when we heard that thompson would be leaving-boom goes the awful witch

  • Guest

    Fighters? if that wre the case the navy would acknowledge–there are ways to minimize the inconvenience caused by that

  • Guest

    it wasnt a fighter plane- it was ET–he reads this board and wanted to see for himself what kind of strange people live in Wilmington–the “boom” was him getting out of town asap. smart kid me thinkth.

  • Guest

    I could not have said that better myself! Thank you so much for your insight, your inteligents and you contribution to society… It is intellect like yours that makes me want to keep paying my taxes so your government issued checks will continue to cover your living expenses and allow you the ability to own a computer and be able to afford internet service so you can share with us your opinion. THANK YOU! not.

  • Guest

    You should run for city council… you might teach them a thing or two…

  • Guest

    Why is it we taxpayers pay all this money for the two memorial parks on the north end of third street all year long when they only get used once a year???

  • Guest

    I had to read this a few times to understand it. Obviously the boom was not the sound of a dictionary slamming shut. Oh for the love of the English Language! I really miss it!

  • Guest

    Given what we have their now—I think he is too smart to serve–but since we have an electionn this year–all should run–any would be better than incumbents

  • Guestwit

    the boom keeps coming back just like these guys–i bet thompson will return–or try to but not in 2012- will we miss his voice?

  • Guest

    can any of the science types offer an explanantion as to why this keeps taking place-havent seen anything from them was wondering if they commented yet

  • Guest

    actually the military tends to be very transparent if they are cause- it is better for PR- so I doubt it was a fighter

  • Guest

    hey it wasnt a fighter pilot- it was charlie sheen falling down and shouting “boom” from another wild party–did the film commiassion get us anothet tv show?

  • Dave

    Heard maybe 8 of them from 930-11 this morning. I live over by 17th and Shipyard near the port. Much louder than a shotgun and shook the house….

  • Dave

    Civil War enactment at CAM this weekend. I guess if you hear what sounds like an old canon, it might actually be an old canon.


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