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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — The North Carolina Senate has unanimously approved a bill to outlaw small packets of herbal incense that pack the mind-altering effects of marijuana, but also carry health risks.

The Senate voted 50-0 on Thursday to ban the synthetic compounds sold in gas stations, convenience stores and head shops under names including “Spice” and “K2.”

The products mix herbs and spices that are then sprayed with a chemical compound similar to the psychoactive ingredient in
marijuana. It is smoked from pipes or after rolling it in paper.

The packets of synthetic marijuana sold in stores are usually less than half an ounce, and possession of that amount wouldn’t be punished. Possession of more than a half-ounce would become a misdemeanor.

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3 Comments on "Fake pot bill passes NC Senate, now on to House"

2015 years 9 months ago

Thanks again on wasting tax money on stupid crap who cares if it will kill you and you keep using then that’s you’re decision. Land of the worried about someone else not the free anymore.

2015 years 9 months ago

though I don’t do drugs..even synthetic ones….there is this thing called..the “internet”…it’s this BRAND NEW thing where you can go online and order stuff and have it shipped RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR…I KNOW…RIGHT…I mean who would have thought?! Another DO NOTHING LAW…

2015 years 9 months ago

it is illegal to currently ship Spice or Synthetic Marijuana to 12 states, and if this passes, it will be illegal to ship to NC as well.

Ask Tommy Chong what happens when you mess with Federal Shipping Laws. He got 9 months for shipping a water pipe to PA. So, go right ahead and order Spice online and see if this DO NOTHING law will apply to you.

The only reason Synthetic Marijuana exists is because of the Federal Governments war on marijuana. What makes you think they’d stop at just the plant, and not any psychoactive chemical to get high from?? They want you to get high on THEIR drugs, and if you don’t play by their rules, they WILL get you. Everyone and their mother knows the situation with Marijuana in this country, and the fact that any moron can spit out as many kids as they want, yet mature educated otherwise law-abiding citizens cannot make their own choice to smoke marijuana in their own homes is more than enough evidence that the Federal Government will tell you exactly what to do and where to do it, and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING you can do to change that. They are the enforcers, they are the deciders. You’re opinion and you’re right to choose how to self medicate yourself DOES NOT MATTER! You are under their control.


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