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CAMP LEJEUNE, NC (USMC) — Base commander Col. Daniel J. Lecce issued a base order February 7 placing the following local establishments temporarily off limits to all personnel serving aboard MCB Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River.

1. Coastal Smoke Shop, 214 Brynn Marr Rd. Jacksonville, NC
2. Nash Market, 237-4 New River Dr. Jacksonville, NC
3. Dash-In, 1316 Hargett St. Jacksonville, NC
4. Kwik Stop Mart, 311 Old 30 Rd. Jacksonville, NC
5. CJ’s Quick Mart, 1010 Gum Branch Rd. Jacksonville, NC
6. Tobacco and More, 211-B Western Blvd. Jacksonville, NC
7. Reid’s Mart, 461 Hubert Blvd. Hubert, NC
8. Smokers Post, 1042 North Carolina 210 Sneads Ferry, NC
9. Verona Quick Stop, 2894 Verona Loop Road Verona, NC
10. Discount Tobacco, 331 G & H Western Blvd. Jacksonville, NC
11. Tobacco Leaf, 215-100 Western Blvd. Jacksonville, NC
12. One Stop Shop, 501 Corbin St. Jacksonville, NC.
13. D’s Quick Mart, Richlands, NC
14. Tobacco Club, 487-B Western Blvd. Jacksonville, NC
15. Hip Hop and Hookahs, 311 S. Marine Blvd. Jacksonville, NC
16. Speed Mart, 2601 Piney Green Rd. Jacksonville, NC
17. Moe’s Mart, 2105 Belgrade Swansboro Rd. Maysville, NC
18. Tobacco Alley, 106 Hickory Rd. Jacksonville, NC
19. Belfast Quick Mart, 1500 Piney Green Rd. Jacksonville, NC
20. Tobacco For Less, 439 Western Blvd. Jacksonville, NC
21. Tobacco House Cigarette Center, 1213-C Country Club Rd. Jacksonville, NC
22. D’s Drive Thru, 226 Wilmington Hwy. Jacksonville, NC
23. Kings Drive Thru, 1796 Gum Branch Rd. Jacksonville, NC
24. Express Way, 1261 Gum Branch Rd. Jacksonville, NC

The order, jointly-signed with MCAS New River Commander Col. Jeffrey M. Hewlett, complies with MCIEAST Bulletin 5800 published nearly a week ago. In it, the Commanding General of Marine Corps Installations East directed installation commanders to immediately declare establishments in their local areas who offer certain substances prohibited to military personnel and civilian employees off limits.

“We provided ample warning to these establishments last summer,” said Col. Lecce, “and they have not complied. I sincerely hope this new order sends a strong message to them and anyone else who may be considering selling these harmful substances to our personnel-we will not compromise when it comes to the safety and well-being of our troops.”

According to the order, Marines are forbidden to visit or make ANY purchases at any of the above listed establishments.

Marine Corps Forces Command, which encompasses all Eastern US Marine Corps units, issued an order in January 2010 prohibiting Marines from possessing, purchasing, using, selling, distributing or introducing on military installations a list of these same substances.

Proprietors receiving these notifications may contact the Camp Lejeune Inspector General’s office if they have any further questions or concerns.

A complete list of off-limits establishments can be found on the base command inspector general’s website at http://www.lejeune.usmc.mil/ig.

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2 Comments on "Lejeune commander places two dozen businesses off limits"

2015 years 9 months ago

IF I was a civilian employee..THEY COULD TOSS OFF! Second, while these types of lists are nothing new…from what I remember they usually were lists of adult shops and places you wouldn’t want your troops to be seen. These just happen to be selling some MYSTERIOUS item…

2015 years 9 months ago

These “Mysterious items” just so happen to be drugs and other substances that are outlawed by the US military. There’s a purpose behind the “off-limits establishment” list that Camp Lejeune updates often. It’s not because they want to degrade any businesses, but because they seek to prevent personnel from finding themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. These establishments have been found to be selling illegal drugs to customers, which is the main purpose behind this list being in place. We can’t afford to allow such stupid and immature little things such as this to affect mission readiness. If that doesn’t explain enough, then why are you an American? The very last thing this country needs is for those who are supposed to be defending it getting trashed on drugs. It’s unacceptable.


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