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CAMP LEJEUNE, NC (USMC) — Base commander Col. Daniel J. Lecce issued a base order February 7 placing the following local establishments temporarily off limits to all personnel serving aboard MCB Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River.

1. Coastal Smoke Shop, 214 Brynn Marr Rd. Jacksonville, NC
2. Nash Market, 237-4 New River Dr. Jacksonville, NC
3. Dash-In, 1316 Hargett St. Jacksonville, NC
4. Kwik Stop Mart, 311 Old 30 Rd. Jacksonville, NC
5. CJ’s Quick Mart, 1010 Gum Branch Rd. Jacksonville, NC
6. Tobacco and More, 211-B Western Blvd. Jacksonville, NC
7. Reid’s Mart, 461 Hubert Blvd. Hubert, NC
8. Smokers Post, 1042 North Carolina 210 Sneads Ferry, NC
9. Verona Quick Stop, 2894 Verona Loop Road Verona, NC
10. Discount Tobacco, 331 G & H Western Blvd. Jacksonville, NC
11. Tobacco Leaf, 215-100 Western Blvd. Jacksonville, NC
12. One Stop Shop, 501 Corbin St. Jacksonville, NC.
13. D’s Quick Mart, Richlands, NC
14. Tobacco Club, 487-B Western Blvd. Jacksonville, NC
15. Hip Hop and Hookahs, 311 S. Marine Blvd. Jacksonville, NC
16. Speed Mart, 2601 Piney Green Rd. Jacksonville, NC
17. Moe’s Mart, 2105 Belgrade Swansboro Rd. Maysville, NC
18. Tobacco Alley, 106 Hickory Rd. Jacksonville, NC
19. Belfast Quick Mart, 1500 Piney Green Rd. Jacksonville, NC
20. Tobacco For Less, 439 Western Blvd. Jacksonville, NC
21. Tobacco House Cigarette Center, 1213-C Country Club Rd. Jacksonville, NC
22. D’s Drive Thru, 226 Wilmington Hwy. Jacksonville, NC
23. Kings Drive Thru, 1796 Gum Branch Rd. Jacksonville, NC
24. Express Way, 1261 Gum Branch Rd. Jacksonville, NC

The order, jointly-signed with MCAS New River Commander Col. Jeffrey M. Hewlett, complies with MCIEAST Bulletin 5800 published nearly a week ago. In it, the Commanding General of Marine Corps Installations East directed installation commanders to immediately declare establishments in their local areas who offer certain substances prohibited to military personnel and civilian employees off limits.

“We provided ample warning to these establishments last summer,” said Col. Lecce, “and they have not complied. I sincerely hope this new order sends a strong message to them and anyone else who may be considering selling these harmful substances to our personnel-we will not compromise when it comes to the safety and well-being of our troops.”

According to the order, Marines are forbidden to visit or make ANY purchases at any of the above listed establishments.

Marine Corps Forces Command, which encompasses all Eastern US Marine Corps units, issued an order in January 2010 prohibiting Marines from possessing, purchasing, using, selling, distributing or introducing on military installations a list of these same substances.

Proprietors receiving these notifications may contact the Camp Lejeune Inspector General’s office if they have any further questions or concerns.

A complete list of off-limits establishments can be found on the base command inspector general’s website at http://www.lejeune.usmc.mil/ig.

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  • Joseph DeWan

    Where are all these Dictatorships coming from ? Mini Dictatorships all over America . This is America . Those products are not illegal and no one has the single right to tell people what to buy or where to go in America . I like to see a group of Marines refuse this order and go visit and buy all they want and fight these Dictaorships against our conistuational rights that they themselves swore to uphold and let the Supreme court put a stop to these Base Commanders and hold them Accountable for being un-American in breaking our legal rights and laws .

    • Vog46

      Hey Sunshine
      the Military IS a dictatorship and your dictator is the guy with higher rank then you and his dictator is the guy above him and so on.
      These shops were not picked out willy nilly – they probably have some sort of problem that the BC doesn’t want HIS Marines exposed to.
      I very HIGHLY doubt ANY Marine would refuse this order


      • Joseph DeWan

        Someone needs to tell the base commander to not go somewhere and see how he likes it . do you really believe all Marines are listening to that communist, dictatorship order ! This is America ! Land of the Free until some control freak in power takes it from you !!!!!!

      • Robert O’Briant

        Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve read the words of such a bonafied idiot. 11 weeks at Parris Island? You really are uniquely qualified to comment on the military.

    • Oceanwalk

      the military has long had a policy of declaring places of business off-limits that take advantage of, “rip off”, or otherwise “mistreat” members of the military. No doubt that is what these businesses were doing.

      • Joseph DeWan

        who don’t . The biggest ones are your car lot dealers up and down Lejeune blvd . The biggest liars and con artists in town . You kidding me ?

      • John

        Who don’t? Think that over for a minute

      • Heimie Schmelter

        Car dealers aren’t selling unknown chemicals that make people strip naked, run on highways and chew other peoples faces off.

    • Oceanwalk

      Trying to protect servicemen from unscrupulous businesses, some places will take advantage of naive servicemen. This is nothing new or unprecedented.

    • Heimie Schmelter

      Tell you what Joey, don’t you EVER consider serving your county in the US military! Cowards like you spewing off your nonsense about “rights and laws” would have tour pansy butt kicked out before your second week of boot camp!
      Marines sign up to be MEN! They are essentially government property. They are highly trained in the ability to protect the rights for people like you that say stupid stuff without even knowing what your ranting about. The Base Commander issued a directive to his men to stay away from the middle eastern owned businesses that peddle chemical crap that tends to warp peoples minds. You call it “legal”, we all know they are consistently dodging the “law” with their product.
      Our soldiers need to keep their heads and stay away from this crap in order to protect this country. You, on the other hand are severely challenged with spelling and grammar, don’t know which way to wear your hat and obviously know nothing about the US Constitution! So, you keep on smokin’ your “product” Joey! With only about about 4 brain cells remaining, it won’t be long before someone will be changing your diapers for you.

      • Joseph DeWan

        You spelled country wrong and your wrong about me not serving . I did in the Marines . Parris Island 11 weeks ! They have no damn right to tell there Marines not to buy cigs at tobacco stores . This is America and anyone can smoke if they want to or go where they want to. Period . The hell with the control freaks . There the real problems !!!!!

      • Heimie Schmelter

        It’s your lie, so tell it however you want. I seriously doubt you made it through basic or IF you even made an attempt, much less carried a rifle and got shot at for the sake of this great country. Big mouths like you that spout off about “rights” and diminish military authority don’t know anything about the ways of the military, the ranks or how to be a man.
        Go back to your crack pipe and slither back into your sweaty armchair, Bozo!

      • deminthered

        Honey, you spelled “you’re” and “their” and “they’re” incorrectly, so I would not worry too much about how Heimie Schmelter (great name!) spelled “country.”

      • cheese101

        Actually they have every damn right to tell Marines places they are not allowed to go. And are you saying you served 11 weeks and that is all? I’ll give you a dollar if you to try to walk into the NSA, CIA or Whitehouse and go wander about. After all, you claim anyone can go where they want. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

    • Beanomac

      Wisdom from someone who hasn’t ever served and questions the manner of those that do.

      Enlistments and all jobs are voluntary; they signed a contract that gives their employer to set the terms and conditions of their employment.

    • cheese101

      You must be a snowflake if you don’t understand the basic chain of command structure. Please point out where it is “a right” to shop in these stores?

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