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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Elections Director Bonnie Williams is stepping down. Williams announced her resignation just months after she was under the microscope for mistakes made by the board of elections in November.

A county spokesman says Williams turned in her two-week notice Friday.

The county’s election board admitted it sent the wrong ballots to two precincts and not enough ballots to a third in the last election.

State Rep. Carolyn Justice was affected by the mistakes and called for an inquiry from the executive director of the state Board of Elections.

“The errors happened inside the Board of Elections before the ballots ever got there,” Justice said. “That’s what he was going to go through. He was going to follow that through and discover where it happened and what was done. I don’t know if this is the outcome of his investigation, but I do think something has evidently occurred.”

Now it’s up to the New Hanover County Board of Elections to name an interim director or hire a new director.

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  • Guest voter

    Dont let the door hit you in the backside

  • Guest

    oKAY so she resigned before she got fired. She was a cut throat type of person wanting it her way or not at all. She wanted to blame others when it really was her problem. When she took that job she thought it was a slam dunk and turned that place up side down. Well what goes around comes around and she got hers. She can be replaced!!!! now who else can we get rid of that collects a large salary at new hanover county!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    There are plenty of people who just collect a paycheck there and don’t actually work for it. They have achieved their title through time at NHC rather than having actually earned it. This leads to Directors who have NO clue how to do their jobs. Instead, they BULLY employees into doing them for them. Apparently, those who can – DO, those who can’t – DIRECT.

  • Guest

    So she finally gets tossed after being given adequate time to throw her employees under the bus in a desperate and conscionable effort to mask her incompetence. Would somebody at the county please try and figure out how they allowed a Director that has had 5 people quit, yes thats 5 people in an office of 5 staff members, in a little over a year, in a RECESSION, when every other state employee is clinging to their jobs like white on rice, is allowed to continue without the slightest bit of oversight or concern! THANK YOU Carolyn Justice for standing up for COMMON SENSE and seeing this termination through. Oh wait, we are supposed to pretend its a resignation…

  • Guest

    Rumor is that the State Board is trying to pull some strings to get “one of their own the job” Oh yea…with a $15,000 raise…..

  • BOEwatcher

    STATE BOARD… Gary Bartlett, yes YOU, GARY O. BARTLETT, you and your minions, we know about your secret meetings, trying to save and fill county positions. We know the little deals that have been made, we know of your little sect and political agendas. This is not a game, these are real jobs with real consequences for the high tax paying public.
    We know you are watching these posts, IF there is ANY attempt to play any games while filling this position we will not stop until every one of you is not only identified for your unethical behavior and associations but also revealed of you “prestigious” positions and shamed into oblivion.
    I will personally spend my spare time digging up every piece of dirt that you and the State Board of Elections has left behind, and we know there is ALLOT!
    This is 2011, don’t think that the same good ol’ boy system and secret job placements are going to fly within our informational age… We know what is going on, so I DARE you to try.
    This is NEW HANOVER COUNTY, we have plenty of qualified citizens here that can fill this position, you know Bonnie was not qualified, an yet still you hired her, and then after all that happened tried to manipulate and scavenge around to save her job, don’t press any more buttons, promote someone from within or find someone from in the county with enough skill and competence to get the job done, please stop messing around, we deserve better…

  • looking in

    If 5 people did quit………That should’ve sent a clue out! to you backstabbing employees of hers or ex employees. apparently you are now happy and NOBODY in the office there has experience. NHC needs to hire somebody far away from that place who owes no favors and has a personality because as a frequent visitor of that place, i know she did NOT……

    Since all of your comments are so precise, maybe all of you should apply for her job, sounds like you know it all. Elections consists of much more than any of you probably have a clue. And as far as the salary goes, i wouldn’t take it to be a secretary there!!!!!!


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