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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick County man charged with murder made his first appearance in court this morning. A judge order James Carson Young, 29, of Leland held without bond.

Brunswick Count Sheriff’s detectives arrested Young Sunday afternoon. They say he shot Michael Shane Poythress, 34, in the chest at Poythress’s home at 741 Heights Place near Leland Sunday. Poythress was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators said an altercation between the two men escalated into the shooting.

Young is charged with one count of First Degree Murder. The case remains under investigation.

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3 Comments on "UPDATE: Brunswick murder suspect makes court appearance"

Amber Paige Mitchell
2015 years 10 months ago

This is my opinion, thier steady sitting here broadcasting the shooting and arrest, but the main person I’m hearing about is James Carson Young and his background and records. I know for a fact Michael Shane Poythress was not a innocent man, he has records on him worse than Young. If you read the artical on StarNewsOnline.com it says “There was a fued going on between them for quite sometime and it reached its climax where Poythress walked over there to confront Young.” Theres alot being said, and alot of stories being told…i believe that Young was only defending himself.

2015 years 10 months ago

…and unfortunately yours fits that definition appropriately! Grabbing a 9mm, walking over and shooting another man in the chest is NOT self-defense, it’s called MURDER. The use of deadly force is only allowed in the case that your life is in imminent danger. Also, the use of deadly force has to be appropriate to the percieved threat. In other words, you can’t shoot someone because they shake their fist at you or verbally threaten you. The victim’s criminal record has no bearing on this incident. He is dead from a gunshot. Both of them are likely a couple of puffy chested, hot-headed redecks that had no self control. Mr. Young should prepare himself for a long stint in a very, very controlled environment! That will allow for him to reflect on his behavior and decide if he REALLY did the right thing by taking another mans life.

2015 years 10 months ago

The reality is that a man lost his life! And regardless of, either one of their criminal history is irrelevent!!! Someone had a Weapon and the other one did not. SO NO, it was not self defense! Shayne had no weapon.. The other man did… it’s a no brainer!! He was murdered.


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