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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — It’s not Monopoly, but Gov. Bev Perdue has a serious game to try your skill at balancing North Carolina’s budget before she rolls out her own plan.

Perdue’s Web site has unveiled an interactive Balance the Budget Challenge that gives computer users the chance to pick and choose between 100 spending and savings options to close what she calls a $2.4 billion gap for the next fiscal year starting July 1.

A player can click on options with resulting expenses or savings, from cutting class sizes and reducing community mental health funds to raising taxes.

Perdue says the choices are among those she considered while preparing her budget, which will be released Thursday. She says the choices are difficult because they affect real people.

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  • Guest CommonTater

    How sad is she? So now she wants to play a game?

    See Perdue play…
    Play Perdue play
    See Perdue lose in next election……..

  • Guest

    And how much state money was used to design this useless game??

  • Truthseeker

    One of the biggest savings is for Perdue to resign, save her salary and bennies which is probably 1,000.000.00 yearly. Secondly, take the rest of the democratic politicians who put us in this mess with her. Thirdly, the only thing the state needs to pay for is services which affect the safety and welfare of citizens. Eliminate the Highway Patrol. County Sheriff’s with a little extra money saved by eliminating the Patrol can easily assume their duties. Purdue influenced promotions for them so she and we can do without them.

  • The Citizen

    Cut the fat! Not just North Carolina but all states, including the US Government.

    They want to cut down on teachers and that is one of the most important departments we need to maintain. It’s not like we are leading the nation in education!

    Teachers go through a four year degree to become a teachers knowing the pay is not that great but they have the desire and determination to become one only to finish school with no future due to possible reduction in the school system.

    The state and federal government have certain USELESS GRANT MONEY available to all areas.

    I know of a fire department that received a $60,000. grant for hanging exhaust hoses from the ceiling that automatically disconnect when the truck leaves the bay. Is that a necessity????
    Sure it is nice to have, but how many years have they survived without them. Not to mention the cost to maintain them!

    How about county parks? A county park was recently built with some state grant money.
    Yes parks are needed, but after some fancy architect draws up some elaborate plans for the buildings you could have built twice that many buildings with the same cost.
    Why do park buildings need split-faced block, laminate wood beams, etc. to be functional?

    I’m sure this is only the tip of the ice burg for un-necessary state funding that goes on fruitless needs. If you think I’m right pass it on so.


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