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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — How can Wilmington City Council take $700,000 of bond money earmarked for a natatorium and use it on another project? At last night’s city council meeting, we asked the city attorney how council could shift the funds. She said she was “too tired” to answer our questions.

Carolyn Johnson was rested enough today to talk with WWAY

The bond dollars in question will now be used to finish the Cross-City Trail.

Today we wanted to find out if this transfer of money is legal, since voters approved the money for the natatorium back in 2006.

Johnson said what voters voted on was a broad parks and recreation bond. She admits a natatorium was on a list of projects, but adds that it is legal if those bond dollars are transferred to another parks and rec project.

Johnson said if the city had moved those funds to street improvements downtown, for example, that would be an inappropriate transfer, because that is not a parks and rec project.

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  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Keep an eye on this one, folks! Just wait and see who gets the contract to finish the trail.

  • Guest

    Rule of thumb, ALWAYS vote NO on ALL bond issues! Whenever a politician gets hold of money, the natural order is for them to pi$$ it away.

  • Guest

    Perfect example of how the government can do whatever they please. I agree with another post from now on vote NO< NO, no, no, NOOOOOOOOOO! on bond issues. Thanks guys you have made it easy for the voters. I don’t even know where this trail is so how is my tax dollars being used. AND WHY IS IT THAT PEOPLE STILL WALK, AND RIDE THEIR BIKES ON THE STREET RATHER THAN A BIKE TRAIL…..why spend all that money on something that is so PRETTY MR. SAFFO? Oh forgot it is HIS PROJECT!!! EXPLAINS A LOT. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK WWAY AND KEEP US INFORMED!!

  • Guest

    We are in dire need of water / sewer improvements in Wilmington. We have roads crumbling. . . so many urgent projects that needed attention years ago. To use monies on a bike trail at this point is a waste and more of the usual Wilmington mismanagement of funds. We are just in a mess.

  • Justin

    I’ve got no problem with WWAY ranting in the editorial section, but the sarcastic comments and smarmy headlines on the news pages are getting a little boring. The bond transferrals were discussed at the beginning of the meeting – maybe your reporter should have arrived on time, or done a little research before showing up in regards to the legality of bond fund transferrals.

  • Guest

    I’m willing to bet that the loudest complainers didn’t even vote in 2006 when the bond was on the ballot. And the money needs to go to what the voters approved — parks projects. It’s obvious we don’t have enough for this natatorium but I love the trail, especially now that it’s getting nicer outside.

  • WilmingtonMAJ

    WWAY gets worse each week it seems. Every other article is chock-full of personal opinions or sarcasm. Just shows it’s definitely a local news source with a definite lack of professionalism.

  • Guest

    not all of it – it’s 20 miles long & is done in pieces. part of it was done by stimulus funds.

  • Guest15

    I thought the cross city trail was funded by the American reinvestment & recovery act?!

  • I agree with a previous poster – I have no particular love for the city attorney; and I certainly don’t agree with this money being spent on EITHER project during this time of economic hardship; and therefore I disagree fully with the funds transfer for the CC Trail – HOWEVER, the editorializing and lowbrow tenor that has become a banner feature at WWAY is working against your core mission as a “reputable” news outlet.

    You may bring legitimate concerns and stories to the forefront – but then turn the focus on what a bunch of immature children you are with your whiny potshots at everyone you interview. Your “reporting” has assumed the tone of one with an axe to grind; or a vendetta – but with a very apparent signature self-pitying, contentious, and petulant attitude. It’s getting old, and your board of directors are going to take corrective action when this translates into a downward trend on the bottom line.

  • CM

    I’m pleased to see that I’m not the only one who thinks this way. I was very impressed in the past with WWAY’s exposure of issues like the RC Soles or the nursing home scandal. They investigated issues and wrote in a professional manner and they were rightly commended for it. Currently though, WWAY is making news, not reporting it. They have failed time and time again to reach beneath the surface of issues and instead purvey lies and personal vendettas. I’m sickened by this new tone and take special umbrage at the whiny and petulant attacks on local politicians, businessmen, doctors, et al. WWAY, will you listen to your long-time readers and supporters?

  • Guest

    Excuse me Guest…I did vote and plan on voting again in order to get rid of these idots! Glad you are some of the very few people that even know where it is!


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