Time doesn’t stop for Teen Mom

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Submitted: Wed, 02/16/2011 - 10:20pm
Updated: Thu, 02/17/2011 - 2:27am

Wilmington, NC (WWAY) — MTV’s “Teen Mom 2″ is at it again. On this week’s episode, Oak Island teen mom Jenelle realizes that life isn’t going to wait on her.

After being kicked out of the house for the second time that we’ve seen this season, Jenelle bunked up with her boyfriend Kieffer at her friend Amber’s house. She seems to still be working to take classes at Cape Fear Community College but like many college hopefuls, money is an issue. Jenelle still needs her mother Barbara’s information so that she can qualify for financial aid.

Barbara gives Jenelle the information that she needs so that she can start college in the fall and it seems Jenelle is on her way to a higher education.

Like many students who are about to start class, Jenelle begins to reflect on the past year. Her son Jace is soon turning a year old and she realizes that time passes quickly.

With her mother’s permission, Jenelle and her boyfriend attend Jace’s birthday party. Jenelle arrives early to help set up the party and immediately pushes her mom’s buttons. The two decide to stop the fighting for the sake of the baby on his birthday.

Jenelle seems to realize that her baby is growing up quickly, while on the other hand, she is as immature as ever. Her priorities are still completely out of whack, but has she realized that yet? We’ll see next week.


  • Guest999999 says:

    Jenelle has no idea about life. She needs to wake up and realize what she has done and deal with the outcome. If she cant straighten herself up and take care of Jace she needs to let her Mother have full custody. She could live at home, go to school and take care of her child if she would just do it. Once you have a child your life has to change to accommodate that child. She needs to stop the partying and step up and be a parent. I have watched the show and I know her Mother is pretty hard on her and could lighten up a little. She probably would go easier on her if she would take responsibility for Jace. With all the money she is making off the show, why does she need financial aid anyway?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    This is EXACTLY what is wrong with this country. The government takes money away from productive, functional members of society and hands it over to skanks like this.

    How much of her financial aid will go to buy booze and pot? How long before another illegitimate child is born?

    You can throw money at these people until crack of doom, it will not help them. Let them live their crazy trash life and die at an early age. That’s the greatest good they can offer.

  • tmad says:

    Are you Kidding me? Financial Aid does not even work the way you are portraying it. Give the girl a chance, she has just as much right to try to get an education as everyone else in this country. Where is your compassion? This is a little boy’s mother, someone’s daughter, and a fellow human.

  • Guest says:

    I never comment on here, but I have read your comments on EVERY story and you once again prove to be a complete d***he. Okay, so call me a ‘bleeding heart” and tell me that the “truth hurts”, but I am the single mother of an “illegitimate” child and I matter to her. I have had my own trials and f*** ups in life and I have worked hard to fix them for the sake of my child and yes financial aid helped me do it. I am by no means trying to coddle this teen mom, but how can anyone get a step up with uncaring d***s like yourself constantly telling them they should just die. I don’t care who or what you are, it is never ok to tell a child they should “die at an early age”. Did you hear that growing up? How did that make you feel? You are creating a destructive cycle. You never know – financial aid may be what puts this girl through nursing school. She may be the only person willing to wipe your a** for you when you are on your way out of this condemning h**l you’ve created for yourself.

  • Guest says:

    Amen. I’m sick of seeing my hard-earned money go to support scum like this person. Centuries ago England could send undesirables to Australia. Instead, the US collects them and charges us (the hard-workers) interest.

  • Guest-OKI says:

    REALLY?????? I totally agree with this poster, it’s amazing what deadbeats will ask for…and actually receive. What about all the money she’s making from MTV?????

  • singlemom327 says:

    Okay, first of all why is she a skank just because she is a young mother? Second of all, I’m not condoning her behavior at all, because I HATE the show, but who are you to say who Financial Aid should go to. The girl is young, and she had a baby young. She’s trying to better her life by a higher education, and she has to grow up fast. Time isn’t going to stop for her, and it isn’t going to stop for her baby. I had my son at 19. I’ve done everything I possibly can to make sure he has everything he needs, but if someone ever said something like this about me, I would S-N-A-P! I hope Jenelle opens her eyes and realizes that it isn’t about her anymore. Good luck!

  • Guest1010 says:

    I don’t think she is trashy because she is a teen mom. It’s her immature attitude and actions that make her trashy. There are many great young moms out there who step up to the plate and take responsibility. She is not one of them.

  • Guest says:

    Yes, financial aid does work like that. You get loans and grants, once your classes are paid for the rest goes to you. You can do anything you want with the leftover money, to buy books or buy drugs.

  • Guest99x says:

    Hey Common, a little advice from me to you. Stick to doing what you do best, demeaning POLITICIANS!

    With this post, you jumped the shark, screwed the pooch and crapped the bed!

    To wish any child of any mother dead is beneath contempt. If you are so set against education, why don’t you retire somewhere else where they really don’t give a *&^% about the well-being of society. Try Belize, Panama or Mexico.

  • Guest Apu says:

    I paid my way through college, no help from my parents, and received financial aid – grants not loans. This “free” grant money covered tuition, fees, and there was usually enough left over to buy books – barely. But when the books were particulary expensive, it didn’t even cover the whole bill. I paid the cost myself to live in the dorm and later, an apartment, by working a part-time job.

    Yes, you can take out student loans and use them for whatever you like; Most students use it for room and board. If they partied it away, chances are they’d flunk out, at which time they’d have to start making loan payments to repay the balance due. They key word is loan. It’s not a gift. You have to pay it back with interest.

    Any benefits I’ve received from these grants have been more than repaid from the taxes I pay now as an adult working at a job I’m qualified to do thanks to college.

    You people act as if these students are sponging off the government. When they graduate, they too will be taxpaying citizens like you. Thier taxes, like mine, will help to pay for future students to have the benefit of an education, and so on, and so on.

    You people who want to cut off all programs for the less fortunate must not have spent time in any third world countries, where homelessness, drugs, and disease are rampant. I have been to poor areas of South America and Africa. If you guys had your way, and the social programs dried up, our country would descend into this realm.

  • Guest says:

    My daughter worked hard through high school taking Honors and AP Classes. She didn’t do drugs, drink, or get pregnant. She graduated with a 4.6 GPA – THAT DIDN’T translate into financial aid or scholarships. She got ZERO. It seems that “no good deed goes unpunished” and screwing up is rewarded in this mixed up society.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Sorry – I traded my compassion for economic reality.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Try READING what I wrote: “You can throw money at these people until crack of doom, it will not help them. Let them live their crazy trash life and die at an early age. That’s the greatest good they can offer.”

    Now, are they talking about throwing money at the child?

    No, they are not.

    They are talking about financial aid to the gutter snipe, and I will repeat it in terms that even you can understand.

    “You can give money to these trashy “grown-up” people in any way, shape, or form, and it is not going to help them. Trash is trash, and it will always be trash. They lead trash lives amd dying early is the best service they can provide to society. Fewer bastards are produced that way.”


  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    You’re 100% correct! The “poor” in this country are totally shielded from their poverty. We simply take money from the productive, successful, working members of society and give it to them to make their life better.

    Ever hear Neal Boortz’s analysis of a two single moms with two kids, one making 24K, the other 67k? Thanks to the government, the one making 24k has more disposable income.

    They get free food, free or subsidized childcare, they get free cell phones, Obama wants to give them free Internet (which will require free computers).

    Now exactly WHERE in the Constitution does the government find that it’s legally authorized to play Robin Hood? How does taxing two Americans at two different tax rates mesh with “equal protection of law?”

    I say let them live the life they can achieve based upon their own efforts and labors. Maybe they’ll be less likely to breed if we stop paying them to breed. The best way to end poverty is to stop subsidizing it.

  • Guest says:

    Don’t you mean that you earned too much money for her to qualify for any aid and you weren’t willing to stop claiming her as a dependent on your taxes?

  • Guest1010 says:

    is it my imagination or does Jenelle have some new charges against her? I don’t remember harassing phones calls being one of her initial charges. Also, there is an injury to real property charge, too.

  • Guest3658797 says:

    Noone is saying she has no right to an education. All we are saying is she should pay for it herself. Just three weeks ago she was out underage drinking again. And from the sound of your post, you still have a lot of growing up to do yourself. Good luck to you miss. You wouldn’t get a dime from me. And for the record, if I needed medical care, I sure would not want this girl administering it to me. I’ll take my chances with the greek hospitals first.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    As the old sweatshirt says, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” I am 100% male and I know what royal pains in the rear we can be. (I have also been married and you will note that I am in no hurry to acquire another boat anchor.)

    Now, get real. You are one out of how many that succeeded in turning your life around? You and I both know that illegitimate births among the poor are financially murdering society. Medicaid is a totally non-contributory “free lunch” that is costing the federal government and states hundreds of billions every year. Throw in TANF, too…and don’t forget WIC. (Our entire tax code is also structured to encourage people to breed irresponsibly.)

    A VERY large portion of all those expensive programs are due to people producing offspring they can’t afford. You KNOW that’s true. How many never stop? We have our own octo-mom up in Craven County, kids-8, husbands – 0. I personally know one who just spit out number five without having a job or any hope of landing a job.

    Even if you stop at one you can’t afford, the vast majority of those women do NOT go to college, and they are behind the power curve in quality of life for many, many years, if not for their entire life. How many potential doctors or engineers get diverted into a career of selling perfume at the mall or slinging hash at the Awful Waffle because twenty seconds of pleasure (for him) turn into eighteen years of responsibility?

    Don’t think that your individual success vindicates a rather foolish lifestyle choice. It’s no different than a drunk driver making it home safetly and then claiming that drunk driving isn’t dangerous.

    The BEST thing that could happen to this kid would be for him to be adopted by a loving, caring couple who can get him away from the trash lifestyle within which he’s being raised.

  • Guest Apu says:

    Don’t waste your breath. This guy thinks all people who are below him on the social ladder are worthless and should just disappear from the earth, just so he’ll have a lower tax bill. He’s a miserable old #*$! who spouts hatred on a regular basis. He probably considers himself a Christian, although his posts are as far from the teachings of Christ as a Satanist.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Let’s see if I understand this…..people like you and this bimbo in Southport think it’s okay to have kids without benefit of marriage or even a shack-up. You suck up TANF, food stamps, WIC, Medicaid, EIC, and student financial aid….but *I* am creating a destructive cycle? Me? I’m the one who is living an irresponsible lifestyle and financially rupturing this country? The guy who has worked non-stop since he was seventeen, and pays in tens of thousands in taxes every year? *I* am the problem?

    You REALLY are kidding, right?

    Do you have any mirrors in your house?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    You want God out of the court room, out of the classroom, out of the bed room, out of the OB/Gyn clinic, but whenever the conversation turns to capital punishment or, as in this case, the redistribution of wealth, you people start reaching for the Bible.

    BTW, the only people I wish would disappear are the worthless sponges sucking society dry….the chronic screw-ups……the incompetent life mismanagers who can’t make it through the day without another goof-up or needing society to help them, again and again and again.

  • Guest says:

    Well, if we’re gonna go this route….I’ve been working since I was 14 and pay my taxes just like you. I graduated high school early with a 3.75 GPA (despite being pregnant) and contrary to the mother who posted below, that does not automatically get you a scholarship. I was lucky enough to have positive people in my life unlike Janelles’ Mom and you. My 2 degrees earned with financial aid have helped me pay even more taxes over the years. I vote and I give back to the community any way that I can. That does not include ranting about how everyone else lives life wrong according to “Commonsenseandlonely”. But what do I know I’m just a “skank” with a degree,but no husband, right?

  • Motheroftwo says:

    I believe this young mother has issues that she needs to work on. But, have any of you even watched the show in question that she is on? I have watched it from the beginning. To blame the girl all the time is wrong. The mother of jenelle is horrible.She is always starting mess with her and talking down to her. She mentally is abusive to her own daughter and does it in front of the child. I can’t believe that social services hasn’t been notified. Because there it is in color video taped for them to see. She calls the jenelle all sorts of hurtful, horrible, nasty names. But, she calls herself a grandmother and a good one? jenellle on the last show made a comment that her mother has never told her that she loves her. What do you all think that does to a child when you don’t show them love, compassion, heart? Kids will make mistakes and as a parent you have to expect them to fall down before they can make the rights choices for their life. If you ask me they all need counseling. The grandmother was able to get exactly what she wanted a new child to mess up. Sad I feel bad for him. Jenelle if you read these comments just keep your chin up and make something that your son would be proud to talk about at bring your parent to school day on. As for your mother she just needs to move on and live out the rest of her life RETIRED. Maybe seek out compassion classes. Because, from what I have seen she has none.

  • Guest says:

    No one uses videotape anymore. Its all digital now.

  • Brandi B says:

    I think Jenelle’s mom pushes her buttons, to be honest. It seems to me her daughter lives down to her mother’s expectations. Barbara is verbally abusive and really no better for Jace than Jenelle, due to her constant screaming, cursing, and constant negativity. I’m not blaming her for Jenelle’s actions, but let’s remember that his woman did raise Jenelle and it seems to me her mother hasn’t been the greatest or most loving person. At all.

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